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Chapter 362.1
If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s sigh, Gongsun ling would even have unknowingly, because of the sympathy for this dancer, made something more outrageous .

Fortunately, it was just a kiss . In time, Yang Chen called her back to her consciousness, Gongsun ling still had a red face . She did not resist the temptation in front of Yang Chen, and kissed a woman in the demonic sect . When she thought of this, Gongsun ling even had an urge to die .

Even if she was defeated by the enemy, revenge was hopeless, Gongsun ling was not so desperate . She was so shameless in front of Yang Chen, how would she face Yang Chen in the future?

“Don’t be discouraged!” Yang Chen’s voice seemed to be in the heart of Gongsun ling’s “The heav­enly demon’s al­lur­ing dance is a test of people’s hearts . Even the ordinary masters of the Yuanying stage are not willing to try it easily, You have done a good job . ”

Although Yang Chen’s comfort was timely, Gongsun ling still blamed herself and her urgent tears still fell down her cheeks . She actually made such a shameless situation in front of a group of demon sects women, How would she look up in the future?

“A’Ling, this is a rare opportunity to hone your mind, don’t let it go waste!” Yang Chen’s voice, this time was a bit serious, the voice also carries a faint majesty “If you trust me as your husband, then obsessive!”

This sentence was more useful than any comfort . Gongsun Ling thus had the courage this time to converge her own demeanor . After concentrating again, she once again looked at the hall .

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Yang Chen said that he would marry Gao Yue and herself, then Yang Chen was naturally her husband . Gongsun ling could ignore others, but Yang Chen’s words must be heard . In her subconscious, Gongsun ling thought so .

Moreover, what Yang Chen said was also very reasonable . The heavenly demon’s alluring dance was not something that anyone could see at random . Although she has just been entrapped by it, but she has to be more careful . It was an opportunity to hone her mind .

The woman dancer laughed and returned to the ranks of the other dancers . The sound of the bamboo changed again and the whole dance style changed again .

The dancers all brushed up their bodies and it was not known where they picked up a pink pill and they sent it into their mouth . After swallowing, the girls quickly changed .

The sound of the bamboo was full of temptations and the mouths of the girls have begun to moan, with their moaning, their mouth has exhaled a touch of pink smoke .

The mist quickly filled the entire hall, making the female dancers in the middle look awkward . Gongsun ling took an inhale of a little of it and suddenly felt a mourning in her heart, knowing that this mist was not a good thing, she rushed to exhale it .

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After paying a little attention to Yang Chen, Gongsun ling found that Yang Chen was still having the kind of expression that looked at it with relish, it seems that there was no movement from him . Yang Chen’s eyes seemed to be constantly sweeping over the naked places of the dancers and this made Gongsun ling unhappy .

Yang Chen’s hand seems to have once again taken over the weight of Gongsun ling’s waist . At this moment, there were some irregularities . His fingers were stroking at her waist, so that Gongsun ling felt a burst of redness on her face and her heartbeat became faster .

However, when Gongsun ling was being held by Yang Chen, she accidentally saw the face of Madam Fanghua standing next to them . On the face of Madam Fanghua, it seems that there was a scornful smile, Gongsun ling’s heart was shocked and her mind was restored to sober again .

At this moment, Gongsun ling really calmed down and her sea of consciousness stilled . Although the dancing of these people outside was moving, the air was filled with obscenity, but it did not affect Gongsun ling anymore .

After the spiritual awareness double cultivation with Yang Chen, the powerful role of the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra was finally reflected . Her spiritual awareness was much stronger than that of her own cultivation base and after the condensing of the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, her sea of consciousness became powerful and unmatched .

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After several times of stimulation, Gongsun ling finally woke up from the state that was easily tempted and began to clearly understand herself . Know who you are, what you are going to do here, what was the situation now . When she understood this, everything outside would naturally have no effect on Gongsun ling .

It was only the sentiment of this meeting that made the spiritual awareness of Gongsun ling promote to a small level, and the spiritual power of her whole body continued to circulate non stop .

In the eyes of outsiders, it was like Gongsun ling has mobilised her spiritual power to compete with the heavenly demon’s alluring dance . Seeing this situation, Madam Fanghua was even more secretly laughing . How many people have wanted to rely on this method to resist the heavenly demon’s alluring dance, but no one could succeed . The heavenly demon’s alluring dance was not aimed at the other’s cultivation base, but the other’s state of mind, relying on spiritual power, how could it resisted?

On the contrary, Yang Chen, who has been holding on to the waist of Gongsun ling, has not been swayed by desires, he prefers not to let go of Gongsun ling’s body, but still insists that there was no loss, which made Madam Fanghua desperate .

It was a normal performance for a person who cultivated the jade law for at least a hundred years to endure the pain of his burning desire and not to vent it . Even in this stage of the heavenly demon’s alluring dance that they have started to use some simple aphrodisiac drugs to enhance the power, but they have not reached the strongest moment, she believed that to that point, let alone Yang Chen, even if the old devil himself came, he would have to suffer the same outcome .

“Fanghua, their strength is not enough, this is a little regretful!” After a little thought, Yang Chen suddenly opened his mouth and directly talked with Madam Fanghua .

“This is already all the disciple of this slaves who are best at the heavenly demon’s alluring dance . ” Madam Fanghua finally revealed her dilemma . It was not that she does not want to do better . She was really limited by the strength of these disciples .

“The best?” Yang Chen smiled slightly and meaningfully said “Not necessarily!”

“Who is there?” Madam Fanghua smiled and was about to refute . She suddenly thought of something, she turned her eyebrows and turned to Yang Chen and She asked “You, you, you will not want this slave to do it personally!”

Yang Chen stared at the noble face of Madam Fanghua and did not speak, he just nodded silently .

“Why is the young master mistreating this slave!” On the face of Madam Fanghua, she suddenly screamed and pleaded softly “Dancing the heavenly demon’s alluring dance, taking the pill to my strength, but also to swallow the enchantment pill . I will have to wear cheap clothes, does young master really wants to let thus slave do this low level thing?”

A high-ranking Yuanying stage ancestor, to take the scattered power pill, temporarily limit her spiritual power, and then swallow the charm pill, wearing a sexy dress to dance, it was hard to believe .

At the moment, Madam Fanghua looked at Yang Chen’s gaze, full of enthusiasm, she looked at Yang Chen earnestly, just wanting to ask him not to let her do the dance .

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