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Chapter 361.2
Madam Fanghua only needed Yang Chen to insist on it . In this way, once Yang Chen was enchanted, he could be firmly controlled by her and he could no longer escape .

The reason why Madam Fanghua did not use force was to avoid the legendary old devil who was about to ascend . The second reason was that she wanted Yang Chen to be willing .

With so many means, it was this kind of willingness . As long as she was not actively using the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance to enchant Yang Chen on her own initiative, even if the old devil wanted to find her trouble, there would be no justified reason for it .

Now Yang Chen actually offered to watch the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance, this was him courting his own death and Madam Fanghua could not help but become tempted . Even if the old devil look for trouble for her in the future, she could use Yang Chen who would be willing to step in to help her .

“Aren’t you going to get ready to begin?” Yang Chen turned to stare at Madam Fanghua and said with a smile .

“Yes, young master!” Madam Fanghua looked at Yang Chen’s expression and determined that he was not joking . She finally said “This slave, will go and prepare . ”

In less than a moment, in front of Yang Chen, there were more than a dozen young women who seemed to be ordinary people . Compared with those women who wore tulle before, these women were almost not cultivators, and the makeup on their faces were also very delicate . In both of their eyes, a childish light that showed that they did not have any experience in the world, they were not experts .

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The string and woodwind instruments sound changed, they haven’t waited for these new women to start dancing . Those who had stayed here to serve, they all hurriedly bowed to Madam Fanghua, then turned around and went out of the hall .

In the room, only Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling and the original five female slaves were left, as well as Madam Fanghua and those new women . The dinner table has also been withdrawn, revealing an empty hall .

“Please we ask young master to appraise!” The more than a dozen women dancers bowed and saluted Yang Chen and then they occupued the position in the hall, with the sound of silk bamboo and slowly began to dance .

These new women dancers, unlike the women in the past who had only a veil on their body, these women were tightly dressed, the dance that jumps out was very pleasing, but there was no such thing as a sly taste .

It was not known where the sound of the string and woodwind instruments resounded, it seems to be very peaceful, it was a dance that could be enjoyed in it’s elegance .

Just looking at it for a while, Gongsun ling’s face showed a confused look . She didn’t understand how everyone talked about the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance, it turned out to be only this .

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If they dared to call it a sensuous dance, then what are the young girls who were barely able to jump, what was it?

She just wanted to ask Yang Chen, if Madam Fanghua had made a mistake, Gongsun ling suddenly found out that Yang Chen was watching the dances with relish, and his eyes did not blink a wink .

Yang Chen was someone who Gongsun ling was willing to absolutely trust, she was even willing to entrust her life to him . Yang Chen’s performance showed that this Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance was not simple . Gongsun ling also suppressed her doubts and began to pay attention to those dancers .

After jumping for the time for half a column of incense to burn, the sound of the string and woodwind instruments began to slowly change, the dance also had a little warmth in the hall, the women began to breath heavily, it seems that they were very tired to dance this dance .

After a while, the dancers seemed to be more tired, and their breathing sounds were more heavy . The face on their head began to show some fine sweat and their cheeks had some blushing .

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The atmosphere seemed to change at this time . The dancers were tired and they felt a little hot . The tightly covered robes that had just been covered were also quietly pulled over at the neckline, revealing a touch of white skin of their crispy chest and the corner of the apron .

The body fragrance of the women also spread slightly with the sweat of their body, slowly filling the hall . The scent of the women were spreading and there was a bit of an enticing aura in the hall .

Even though she has been staring at these dancers, Gongsun ling did not notice when they secretly pulled their neckline . As the dance was getting better, the dancers’ neckline exposure seems to be getting bigger and bigger, almost half a chest was revealed .

Suddenly, a dancer seems to have stumbled for a moment and her body began to tremble . A dancer next to her may have been too tired and stepped on her clothesline hanging down on the ground . With a bang, the tripping dancer’s clothes were directly torn open, almost revealing half of her body .

The poor dancer was almost in a hurry and wanted to pull the only half of her clothes to cover her naked body, but the remaining half of the clothes was too small to be used . The most embarrassing thing was that in the cover of the mess, she has to dance with everyone’s dance, and suddenly a beautiful scene flashed by .

The dancer was soo anxious that she almost cried out, the deep feelings was on her face, everyone felt pity when they saw it, may be she was afraid of Madam Fanghua’s reaction, so the dancer did not dare to pause, she could only secretly cover up . But the more she did, the more people look at it .

When a person moves in a mess, it immediately affects other people .

Scoffs, another dancer’s clothes were torn apart, the overall movement was a big mess .

In the blink of an eye, all the dancers’ faces showed a terrifying look, and it seemed that they would face horrible punishment after the dance for the mess . It has begun to be chaotic and no one could restore the original neatness . After a few movements, the third dancer was smashed by the cloth on the ground, and her body fell to Yang Chen’s side, she just happen to fall on Yang Chen’s foot .

“Young Master, save me!” When the flustered dancer looked up, she was presented in front of Gongsun ling, she had a pear of rainy eyes and an anxious expression, her mouth opened a few times but did not dare to make any noise . Gongsun ling still relied on the mouth shape to be able to guess the dancer’s words .

In time, Gongsun ling’s sympathy rose and she couldn’t help but reach out and pull the woman up . The woman may have sprained her ankle when she fell . Just as she landed, she was soft and rushed to the arms of Gongsun Ling .

Gongsun ling’s hand was fast and she helped the woman and she breath in the aura of the woman’s body . She seemed to be enchanted and she took the initiative to hold the woman’s waist . She reached out and wiped the tears on the woman’s face, she gave a kiss actively on the woman’s lips and she softly comforted “Don’t be afraid, I am here . ”

“ssshh!” Yang Chen’s sighed heavily in the ears of Gongsun Ling . Gongsun ling’s brain trembled and she suddenly woke up .

The poor woman was still in her arms, but Gongsun ling had no such sympathy anymore . She only felt that she was holding a beautiful snake, and she used force to push the woman away .

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