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Chapter 361.1
Madam Fanghua did this for her own sake . The higher the cultivation base of Yang Chen was, the higher the benefits she would get . Similarly, Yang Chen would also get more benefits .

The cultivation of the jade law was one of the demon path cultivation methods and it was rare to be able to get such a cultivation method that could benefit others as well . However, it was not easy to cultivate it, it was not easy to find such a treasure so Madam Fanghua could not afford to leave Yang Chen for even a while .

The reason why she chose to be Yang Chen’s slave was so that she could be to be able to stay on Yang Chen’s side, she could say that she didn’t care, but she was still afraid of Gongsun ling not waiting and having sexual intercourse with Yang Chen in advance . If this happened all her plans would be thrown into disrael .

Madam Fanghua was a person who liked luxury . Everything here was very elegant . After a series of arrangements, even if Yang Chen has seen the gorgeousness of the Heavenly Court, he was still full of praise for this place .

“Young Master, please eat!” At the time of dinner, a pretty little maid came to Madam Fanghua to indicate that Madam Fanghua immediately lined up to send the dinner .

The dinner that was sent was also gorgeous and the mountain and sea foods were all complete . It was rare that in this small town, Madam Fanghua could actually get so many ingredients .

What was even more rare was that every kind of delicacies seems to contain a strong force of Yuan Yin, which seemed to be a nourishing meal specially prepared for Yang Chen .

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Madam Fanghua, like a dedicated slave, kept all the dishes in front of Yang Chen in the same way, with a sacred expression on her face, but the words in her mouth was that of a slave “Young Master, please have a meal!”

“Em? The power of these Yuan yin?” Yang Chen of course tasted the taste of the dishes, and he become suddenly surprised . Even if he had the experience of a Great Principal Golden Immortal, he did not know how to contain the power of the Yuan yin in the dishes .

“These are prepared by virgins who have cultivated for a hundred years, after taking special medicinal pills, they have cultivated a unique cultivation method . When they cook with spirit power, this is the effect . ” Madam Fanghua explained on the sidelines .

“It tastes good!” Yang Chen nodded and gave a chopstick to Gongsun ling, then he brought out a wine jar from his Qiankun bag and said “poure it!”

“Yes, young master!” Madame Fanghua did not disobey,she opened the jar of wine, it was not known where she found a jade cup and she poured the wine into it, then she placed the jade cup in front of Yang Chen, then she stood on the side of Yang Chen .

There were at least twenty of the original subordinates of Madam Fanghua who have been waiting here . They have never seen Madam Fanghua making such a posture . One by one they were bearing the shock and the stood there not moving, even Madam Fanghua was like this, let alone them .

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Gongsun Ling grabbed the jade cup and took a sip of it . Then she took a look at Shao Fanghua who was next to them and she used her mouth to feed Yang Chen the wine .

Even with the memory of his past life, he doesn’t remember when the cultivation genius of the Pure Yang Palace behaving like this? Even before when the two of them showed affection towards each other, it would be just a hug, plus some small movements, there was never such directness like today .

After swallowing the wine from Gongsun ling’s mouth, Yang Chen’s heart was almost intoxicated . This was what Gongsun ling took the initiative to send to him, Yang Chen was almost reluctant to let go, he just wanted to taste the wonderful taste of his Senior apprentice sister’s lips .

There were dozens of people around watching it now, even if Gongsun ling was daring, after a sip of the wine, she dared not do anything more . However, Yang Chen’s reaction still made Gongsun ling very happy . After their lip split, she still carefully and unconsciously glanced at Shao Fanghua, full of provocation .

Madam Fanghua did not seem to see anything that went on, she stood on the side with a calm face, but her heart has once again began to despise Gongsun ling .

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After Yang Chen drank a few mouthfuls of wine and ate some delicacies, Madam Fanghua finally made a move . During the time, a melodious silk bamboo music began to play . Then, woman with only a veil on her body

entered and began to dance in the wide hall .

Every woman who danced was in perfect shape . She was only wearing a transparent gauze on her important parts . With the movement of the dance, from time to time, there would be snow white curves exposed in front of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling, making everyone who looked at it blood boil .

“Young Master, for your Jade Law, you also need to maintain your mood from time to time, this is a little dance to help you improve it, l ask the young master to give your opinion on it!” Madam Fanghua waited until the dancer had begun to dance until she said this . Everything was like a loyal slave trying to please her master .

The need to maintain the jade law was always to maintains the mood from day to day . In fact, the person who wanted to practice this cultivation method was always full of desire . This was definitely a painful suffering for those who really practice the cultivation of jade law . They always had to keep to themselves, there were a lot of women around him who he couldn’t unleash his animal intent on them, it was just torture .

If it was just forbearing for a while then that would be fine, but to cultivate it from the first layer to the second layer and finally to third layer would require more than hundred years, not to mention the people in the demonic sects, even if it was people in the Dao Sects, It was not necessarily possible for them to persist under such circumstances .

It was a miracle that Madam Fanghua found Yang Chen, which was simply a miracle that was comparable to finding a needle in a haystack . How could she not attach great importance to him?

Now Yang Chen has not eaten the things brought by her and everything he has Gongsun ling acting for him . Whether it was eating or drinking, Gongsun ling was caught in Yang Chen’s mouth, she uses her mouth to feed him, there was a beauty singing and dancing in front of him, Yang Chen eating this meal was simply refreshing .

“Fanghua, I heard that the Yin-Yang Demon Sect’s Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance is unparalleled in the world, I don’t know if you can open my eyes today?” After watching it for a while, Yang Chen became less interested . It’s just that some of the slightly open dances were not enough to make Yang Chen’s heart move, so he simply made this suggestion to Madam Fanghua .

“Does young master want to see the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance?” Madam Fanghua made a stunned look . This day, the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance was the treasure of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect . It was not easy for it to be used in front of people, but from the past history, as long as you watch the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance, no matter if you were a man or a woman, they would be enchanted .

Yang Chen actually asked to see the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance, not only Madam Fanghua, even Gongsun ling was shocked . Even if she hasn’t seen the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance, but in addition to the Eliminate the Demons and Protect the Dao to gain experience, Gongsun ling has also heard of the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance, even Yuanying stage ancestors could not help but become indulged in the face of the Heavenly Demon’s Alluring Dance .

“Don’t!” Gongsun ling directly smothered Yang Chen’s mouth, showing a worried look in her eyes . She shook her head at Yang Chen and dissuaded him “No!”

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