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Chapter 355.1
“Just by relying on a protective array, you don’t even dare to come out?” The sound of the voice was full of disdain, it seemed that the person despised Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling for hiding in the formation . “The coward hide in the tortoise shell but feel smug inside . ”

“As you wish!” Yang Chen took two steps forward and walked out of the scope of the formation directly .

The enemy hidden in the dark suddenly rejoiced . If Yang Cheng and Gongsun Ling stayed in the formation, he really had no way to eliminate them . Even the power of five Jiedan masters’ detonation could not hurt this formation . It was even strong enough to protect them from it . His words were just to provoke the two so they would come out of the formation .

Yang Chen and the two had been in the formation, the enemy was estimated to not be able to harm them but only could retreat .

Now Yang Chen was successfully entrapped as he had come out of the formation . Even if only Yang Chen came out alone, it would weaken the group of two by half which would be worth it .

“You are willing to send yourself to death, I will fulfil that wish for you!” The hidden man snorted and did not have to give any instructions . The two monsters who had been eyeing them covetously, now turned into two black streaks of light and instantly rushed towards Yang Chen .

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Two monsters, two directions, regardless of Yang Chen’s resistance of the other side, he must have been regarded as a dangerous opponent . Moreover, the power of the monsters was secretly controlled by someone who was deeply reassured . After devouring two foundation realm masters’ bodies and a body of a Jiedan master, the power of the beasts had soared to the peak of the Jiedan realm .

If it was not for the fact that for the time being, their power had reached their maximum potential and could no longer be increased temporarily, the owners of the monsters would definitely control them to devour several other bodies of the Jiedan masters lying around . The bodies of Jiedan masters were not few here .

Although Yang Chen seemed to be physically strong, he was only a normal early Jiedan stage master . By relying on Gongsun Ling’s formation could they resist the power of the five Jiedan masters’ self-destruction . At least the owner of the monsters was thinking along these lines, whether it was the Dao or Demon sects, the cultivators’ strength could not be seen by the outward appearance of their bodies .

Based on this point, in the eyes of the monster owner, Yang Chen came out because of his provocation . According to this judgment, a person who can’t control himself and was irked to act with a single sentence was estimated to be immature . Similarly, he was not worried about Yang Chen’s partner Gongsun Ling as well .

At the moment when the two monsters striked, the owner of the monsters even pictured Yang Chen getting torn to pieces by his two pets . One of the monsters had died, but they killed more than one hundred people . His demonic art had also been promoted by a level, so he had even more confidence in his actions .

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When he thought of the benefits of being able to get such a thing, even if the owner of the monster was hidden in the dark, he couldn’t help but raise his mouth and reveal a smile .

The two monsters were attacking from the left and the right . Yang Chen held the blood demon vine sword in his right hand, and he made a random forward strike, which easily pierced the bloody mouth of a monster . His left hand also did not remain idle, when the big hand stretched out, he grabbed the claws of the monster .

Originally these two actions seemed to have no threat to the two monsters and could even be said that Yang Chen was seeking his own death . The claws of the Wicked Beast had already proved in the previous battle that even after facing flying swords they remained safe and sound . But Yang Chen actually used his bare hands to grasp them, wasn’t it to seek his own death?

As for saying that a sword stabbed into the mouth of a monster, was very insignificant . The resilience of the beasts was very formidable, and the defence was also excellent . Even if his mouth was not as strong as the outer skin protection, the flying sword could not easily piece it .

Seeing Yang Chen’s response, the monster owner had confirmed that Yang Chen was a rookie who had been protected by his elders and had just been allowed to gain experience . Even if he didn’t know anything about the monsters, after so many people died in front of him, if he didn’t know how to learn, then death was what he deserved .

The monster owner could not help but once again raise his mouth, revealing a sneer . But this time, this smirk did not even last until his mouth was up to its highest point . Only that it turned to shock .

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The left hand grabbed a claw of one of the monsters but did not get stopped by its strength . The left arm pulled with force, and the monster’s arm was forcefully twisted and turned into a big circle .

The beast that was caught by the claws, with Yang Chen’s hand drawn circular action, also involuntarily rotated and thrown into the air . A bit further ahead, it heavily slammed on the ground .

The process may be very simple, but a monster with the size of many cows gathered together, was caught with one hand, thrown into the air and smash to the ground far away, turned the atmosphere to shocking to the extreme .


The huge body naturally had massive mass . The body of the monster was slammed on the ground, directly compressing the ground into a large pit . The bang came along with a burst of cracking sounds, it was the bones of the monster and it was not known how many roots were broken .

However, with the one hand here, the sound of the monster on the ground was completely different . The beast on Yang Chen’s right-hand side, the blood demon vine flying sword had only the tip of the sword into the mouth of the monster, expectedly nothing should have happened . Even if the sword tip of the flying sword was sharp, it could just make a small hole in the beast’s mouth .

The problem was that the beast that was stabbed stopped in an instant . The huge body suddenly came to a standstill, this strange situation was really impossible to keep calm about .

But this was not the most surprising thing . The most terrible thing was that the monster that calmed down, in an instant, the flesh on its whole body jerked inwardly . In less than a moment, it became as skinny as a skeleton .

The blood demon vine sword was taken out in his hand, and Yang Chen looked down at the huge monster that had been thrown in front of his eyes . He shook his head slightly and stabbed the sword .

In a blink of an eye, the two monsters became two piles of dead bones, and there were no signs of life . Yang Chen lightly pulled out the blood demon vine sword . After taking it, he sneered in the direction of the hidden owner of the monsters in the darkness, “the swallowing of flesh and blood was only this much, their strength is still shallow!”

Yang Chen’s words instantly ignited the anger of the monsters’ owner . His two pets were killed by Yang Chen’s two sword strikes, and the anger of the monster owner has begun to burn . The latter sentence completely burned his anger to the extreme .

Although Yang Chen’s means of killing the monsters was horrifying and he panicked, but the monsters were only a means for him, not his actual strength . Yang Chen turned out to be such a provocative person . Today, Yang Chen must be killed by him in any way possible .

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