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Chapter 348: 348
Because the Green Jade Immortal Island did not deny the involvement of Li Junyu in the issue, the news sent to the Pure Yang Palace from the island master that said that the three masters of the dacheng stage did not encounter Yang Chen was suspicious .

The cooperation between the two sides had a crack because of Yang Chen and lost the foundation of the cooperation . Now that Yang Chen was back, only he knew everything .

“This disciples did not encounter any masters of the dacheng stage . ” Yang Chen answered truthfully “I only met Li Junyu alone . After taking care of her, this disciples went to collect some underwater medicines and was delayed for a period of time, I didn’t expect that so many things would happen . ”

Li Junyu had a little trouble, what kind of little trouble, Yang Chen did not mention . Just like the elder Wan Qian of the Blue Cloud Sect, there were some things that he couldn’t say .

The palace master and elders of the sect also understood this truth, so they did not ask, but nodded with a clear attitude .

He believed that if the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island knew the end of Li Junyu, it was estimated that she would not have any issues with it . This method was the best way to deal with Li Junyu .

Li Junyu did not die, because her life source spirit tablet did not break, so they could not talk about him killing her . As for her going missing, they could not point their fingers at Yang Chen, since the Green Jade Immortal Island could say that the three masters of the dacheng stage did not see Yang Chen, Yang Chen could of course say that he has not seen Li Junyu .

The Island master would definitely take this statement to deal with the dissatisfaction in the Green Jade Immortal Island, with the support of the island master, Yang Chen was not afraid of what they said . Anyway, the Island master lost a person in the sect who would go against her and Yang Chen lost a moment to plan to kill her, this was the best for both sides .

As for what they said in private, it was a private matter . As long as they have been through for a while, those masters of the dacheng stage would enjoy the strength of the questioning inner heart pills and would naturally not ask the island master about it, if a trivial Yuanying stage elder who was entangled with the Greatest Heaven Sect was missing, it was not a big deal .

“Why are you interested in the ocean medicine? Is there any inheritance that you have gained about it?” Zhu Chentao was also worried about Yang Chen’s safety at the beginning, now that Yang Chen was fine, he also calmed down and immediately began to ask about alchemy . In fact, everyone was also interested, but has not said anything, Zhu Chentao asked just at the right time .

“That is really this disciple who wants to study the elixir in the ocean . ” Yang Chen smiled bitterly . It seemed that because of this, many people have misunderstood and thought that Yang Chen had obtained an ancient inheritance or a top grade pill scripture .

The pill scripture was there, but it had nothing to do with the marine medicine and it does not involve anything about the ancient inheritance . But even Zhu Chentao of Pure Yang Palace felt so much, not to mention other people .

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“The medicinal garden in the hands of this disciple can now cultivate marine elixir, so I plan to grow a group of it . ” At this time, Yang Chen had to come up with something to let the high-level members of the Pure Yang Palace relax, otherwise everyone would start to worry, which was not a good thing .

In a single movement, Yang Chen gave a command to A’Zhu and A’Bi to let them move all the herbs in the medicine garden to the second layer . This action was only completed in an instant, then Yang Chen apologised to the palace master and the elders “Palace master, elders, don’t be offended!” After he said this, he waved his big hand, the medical garden space opened and everyone was pulled into the medicine garden .

This was the first time that Yang Chen brought an outsider into his own medicine garden . Before that, even his master and Senior apprentice sister did not come in .

As soon as everyone entered the medicine garden, they were immediately shocked by the vast ocean that stretched for thousands of miles . They have seen much more space of many medicine gardens . The palace master has refined one, but who has seen a medicine garden with an ocean?

At the moment, in the ocean of the medicine garden, there were already many elixir collected by Yang Chen along the road and there were many living creatures on the seabed . They were living leisurely in the ocean and seem to have a lively scene .

When everyone was amazed, they accidentally saw the elixir on land . Although Yang Chen has transplanted most of it to the second layer, there were still countless coveted precious things left behind .

There was over tens of thousands millennium profound yang fruits, now it had almost two thousand years of maturity, dozens of two thousand years ginseng, polygonum multiflorum and other elixirs, other kinds of elixirs were almost everywhere, the people were feeling dizzying looking at almost all the different kinds of spirit medicines .

Even the elixirs that Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan got when they took the Howling Celestial Dog Blood Essence, they were still there . Although the most useful ones has been removed, in addition to the use of these elixir rhizomes, other plants were still there .

The most shocking thing was the gathering of the thunder pomegranate trees in a group . Yang Chen’s batch of thunder pomegranates, there were hundreds of them, directly forming a forest . There were huge pomegranates on the trees, it looked more than two hundred years old .

Of course, among the many elixir, a few old tea trees were somewhat nondescript, but everyone knew that Yang Chen loved to drink tea and so having a few tea trees was also a very normal phenomenon .

“It turns out it was like this!” The master of the palace also only glanced at the elixirs planted in the medicine garden . Instead of watching more, he stood on the beach and looked at the creatures growing in the clear ocean .

After watching it for a long time, the master of the palace turned back and did not discuss with the elders . He said directly to Yang Chen “Yang Chen, what kind of marine medicine is needed, pull a list out, I will let the Pure Yang Palace disciple help you collect it . ”

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After telling Yang Chen, the head of the palace turned to other elders and said “This is a medicine garden that can cultivate marine medicine . After thousands of years, it will make my Pure Yang Palace spirit medicines more precious than other sects . The source of the medicine and with Yang Chen training here, plus the study of the medicinal hall and Yang Chen, we will be one step ahead, when the time comes, the ocean elixir may be a good thing for my Pure Yang Palace like the questioning inner heart pills””

This was the vision of the master of the palace . Everyone seemed to have no doubt about this and nodded . In these years, the Pure Yang Palace has received countless benefits from the questioning inner heart pills and everyone was watching it . It seemed now that these marine medicines were also a big step ahead in the future .

There was no one who was tempted by the precious things in Yang Chen’s Medicine Garden . After coming out of Yang Chen’s medicine garden space, everyone’s face also had a layer of brilliance .

This disciple Yang Chen was simply the lucky star of the Pure Yang Palace . Whenever it seems, he could bring a surprise to the sect . Just in alchemy, there was a constant surge of surprises .

Cooperation with the Green Jade Immortal Island was naturally a matter that the palace master and the elders would think about seriously, Yang Chen could just explain things clearly .

However, with this opportunity, it was necessary to repair their relationship with the Green Jade Immortal Island and explain the misunderstanding so that they could continue the cooperation between the two parties .

Anyway, everyone has already set an excuse, that was, the Pure Yang Palace had no knowledge of this, Yang Chen has been collecting submarine medicine and has not met Elder Li Junyu .

As for the whereabouts of Elder Li Junyu, no one knew now, but since there were rumors, it could be said that those who spread the rumors would be clear about it . To this point, Li Junyu also made an attempt to murder Yang Chen .

Anyway, the Green Jade Immortal Island has now removed Li Junyu’s eldership status . For a missing Li Junyu, the Green Jade Immortal Island would never be in conflict with the Pure Yang Palace . Moreover, the root of the cause was still Li Junyu, it was not the Pure Yang Palace and it was also not Yang Chen .

The elders here were discussing how to deal with the relationship between the two sides . Wang Yong then stood and went straight out, bringing Yang Chen to Gao Yue’s residence . He wanted to thoroughly understand what Yang Chen has experienced . Nothing could be done about it, this was his favorite grand disciple, Wang Yong wanted to always hear news of everything about him .

His Senior apprentice sister, Gongsun Ling, also got the news and has been waiting here for him . She knew that Yang Chen would definitely come here . Although she already knew it was only a rumor, when she saw Yang Chen, she still couldn’t repress her joy .

“What the hell is going on? Where is Li Junyu?” Wang Yong sat down on the main seat and waved to place a few restrictions around them directly, Then he asked majestically “And don’t think about hiding anything . ”

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“Li Junyu wanted to kill this disciples and she was trapped by this disciples . That’s it . ” Yang Chen’s explanation was too simple and the people simply wanted to slap him .

“Where is it?” Gao Yue’s sharp eyes stared at Wang Yong as she rushed to ask and also gave Yang Chen a meaningful look .

“Here!” Yang Chen reached out and added a quaint painting axis to his hand . It was the geographical map of the mountains and rivers .

“What is this?” When Yang Chen took it out, Wang Yong stood up in shock . Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were in low realm so for the time being, it was impossible for them to see how extraordinary the geographical map of the mountains and rivers was, but Wang Yong was different . The realm of the dacheng stage allowed him to instantly discover the strength of this map .

“This mountains and rivers geographical map is a very strong array map and a high-level magic weapon . ” Yang Chen smiled and explained: “This time, I found the life source magic weapon for my senior apprentice sister!”

“Is it for me?” Gongsun ling was surprised as she took the geographical map of the mountains and rivers and she felt a little unbelievable .

“I have already removed my spiritual awareness imprint from it so you can be recognized as the master as long as you put in your spiritual awareness imprint . ” Yang Chen indicated that Gongsun Ling should immediately mark it with her spiritual awareness imprint .

Gong Sunling was a little disbelieving and she couldn’t help but glance at Wang Yong, who had the highest cultivation base there . Wang Yong could not conceal the shock on his face, but he nodded at Gongsun Ling . Nearby, Gao Yue was also looking forward to seeing Gongsun Ling complete it .

Everyone supported it, so Gongsun Ling sent her spiritual awareness imprint into it with some embarrassment and immediately her face changed when she learnt the strength of the mountains and rivers geographical map .

Yang Chen has always carried the geographical map of the mountains and rivers . In addition to the East China Sea, the geography of the mountains and rivers hundreds of miles around the road that he has passed back to the Pure Yang Palace has entered the geographical map of the mountains and rivers . The current geographical map of the mountains and rivers was much larger than the original one, but it was limited . After all, the geographical area of ​​Yang Chen’s road was not comparable to the East China Sea .

“There is a Yuanying stage master in here?” After she became the master of the magic weapon, Gongsun Ling immediately knew everything in the map, Li Junyu certainly could not hide her body shape from her .

In fact, Li Junyu has now completely fallen into the illusion of the geographical map of the mountains and rivers and could no longer recognize the difference between reality and illusion . In the few months, she had only one thing on her mind, that was, chasing the spiritual awareness of Yang Chen in front of her, and constantly chasing it without stopping . Her mind has gradually been tempted by the map, unless Gongsun Ling was willing to let her out, otherwise she could only live in this array map .

Before Yang Chen confirmed Li Junyu this point, although she was already a master of the Yuanying stage, but because of the influence of the array, plus her own anger and smug double emotions, she could not calmly think about it, so the formation was getting harder and deeper .

Yang Chen even allowed the map to allow her to absorb the spiritual power of the outside world to restore her strength . All the spiritual powers that Li Junyu used in the map were equivalent to indirectly cultivating the geographical map of the mountainsand rivers .

Now that Gongsun Ling has gotten her hand on it, she still was only recognized as the master, but she already had a master of the Yuanying stage who was constantly sacrificially refining it for her .

“That is Li Junyu . ” Yang Chen was in front of Wang Yonggao and Gongsun Ling, of course he would not hide the truth “I think she will live well in this array map, the Green Jade Immortal Island is looking for her, but she will never appear . ”

“That is Li Junyu?” Hearing Yang Chen’s introduction, Gongsun Ling’s eyes immediately emitted a bright glint .

Li Junyu wanted to kill Yang Chen and everyone knew this . When Gongsun Ling learnt the news, her beautiful face was eclipsed and almost collapsed again, but finally knowing that Yang Chen would not be so easily killed, she had a strong endurance . For her to be merciful to the murder of Yang Chen, it was better to believe that the sun was going to come out from the west .

Gao Yue and Wang Yong were shocked . A Yuanying stage master was actually trapped in the array map . Wang Yong could still accept it in an instant . After all, he has vaguely discovered that the geographical map of the mountains and rivers was definitely not so simple . However, Gao Yue had no concept about it at all and she was shocked and stunned .

A master of the Yuanying stage was easily trapped in the map by Yang Chen, a Jiedan stage junior and it was said that hundreds of tenth water divine thunder were used . Even if this number was exaggerated and they were to narrow this number to dozens of pieces, it was still not something a junior generation Jiedan stage master could do!

Moreover, listening to the explanation of Yang Chen, it seemed that he just imprinted his spiritual awareness into it so that he could use . Without any sacrificial refining, it could actually trap a Yuanying stage ancestor, How strong was this array map?

This kind of map was also an earth attribute, to become Gongsun Ling’s life source magic weapon, it was absolutely more than enough . No wonder that Yang Chen’s words were so confident before, the magic weapon was on him . It turned out that there was such a foreshadowing .

Gongsun Ling was excited beyond measure, an unrefined array map life source magic weapon and it was accompanied by a Yuanying stage master to help with the sacrificial refining, it was like a precious material just falling from the sky, how could she not be overjoyed?

Especially this was what her own lover gave to herself, Gongsun Ling could not help but sneak a glance at Yang Chen full of joy .

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