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"How's it going?" This maidservant was brought here by her from the outside. This maidservant had served him when she was at the Yi Residence. Now that he was married into the fourth prince's residence, he naturally had to marry her.

When they returned to the bridal chamber, they were a bit scared. After all, other people didn't know what Yishui looked like, but she knew very well that Yishui wasn't as weak as she appeared outside. If anything went wrong, these maidservants would lose their lives. Who knew how many maidservants died under the young mistress's torture at the Yi Mansion?

"Did you find out?" Yi Shui eagerly asked as she heard the maid enter the room.

In the beginning, Yishui wasn't willing to marry the fourth prince no matter what. She loved Ye Yizhe and wanted to marry him, but whether it was her parents or the current situation, she could not refuse. She hated Shang and An Cang, hated and hated her aunt, and hated Ye Yizhe. She didn't have any other choice but to listen to so many rumors about the crown prince. Therefore, she had set her sights on Huan Mo Che. Since the crown prince had taken away her loved one, she wanted to make the crown prince suffer as well.

Yishui went to find Shang An Cang and told him about it. She had long seen that Shang An Cang was not as invincible as he appeared to be. Indeed, after learning of the matter, Shang An Cang had planned things to be more perfect, she wanted to see Prince Shang in pain on her wedding day.

"Miss, everything in front of us is normal. Nothing happened at all!" If she could have run, then she would have wanted to run out of this room. Everyone envied her for being able to accompany the young miss into the fourth prince's mansion, but only she knew that she would rather be a rough maid than stay by the young miss's side.

"What?" Yi Shui lifted the red veil over her head. The exquisite makeup of the bride made her look extremely charming, but her face was filled with twisted anger. She took a few steps back out of fear, but Yi Shui ignored her fear and continued, "Did nothing happen to Prime Minister Zuo?"

Although the maid didn't understand what Yishui was talking about, she still answered carefully, "Lord Minister of the Left is fine. Right now, Lord Minister of the Left and the Crown Prince have both returned to the Residence!" The maid didn't dare to mention Ye Yi Zhe's name as she was afraid that he would anger Yishui.

"He went back?" Yishui angrily threw everything she had placed on the bed onto the ground. She had thought of so many things, but the crown prince wasn't hurt at all. How could she accept it!?

"Elder sister, are you there?" At this moment, a delicate voice of a woman came from outside.

The maidservant took a look and said, "Young mistress, it seems to be esteemed wangfei." Although there weren't many women in the backyard of the fourth prince's estate, most of them were concubine concubines. Only this secondary imperial concubine had some status.

At first, Yishui didn't want to see the side concubine, but after thinking about it for a while, she became this fourth prince's main concubine, the mistress of this backyard. Even if she didn't like Shang Guansan in her heart and loathed him for his side concubine, she still understood that since she had married Shang Guanyuan, there was no room for regret.

"Aiya, elder sister, why are you like this?" Even the maidservants outside could hear her clearly. "Sister, you can't lift your head until your husband arrives. Although your sister isn't the son of an official, how come you don't even have this much common sense? Didn't the mama tell you?"

Yi Shui heard the mockery and was filled with anger, but when she saw the gazes of the maidservants outside, she became even angrier. These people actually looked down on her. Even if Yishui was the daughter of the Yi family, not to mention the Ye family, the power of the family had already stopped them from interfering. The Yi family was no longer flourishing like before.

"Then does anyone tell my sister that I'm her husband's wife, the fourth prince's first wife, and that I'm just a secondary wife? Don't you know how to greet me?" Yishui snapped. She had been spoiled for so many years, how could this side concubine just let her off like that?

Just now, a boy who helped her tell her that this main wife was currently angry, so she felt that this was a good opportunity to make a joke. She had been thinking about how the position of main wife that she had been thinking about for so long was suddenly taken away by someone else.

"Big sister hasn't even gotten into bed with husband yet and she's already so strict. I don't even know if there'll be any other little sisters in the backyard from now on!" The side concubine purposely spoke sorrowfully. Outside the bridal chamber, there were naturally some concubines. They had only come to see the fourth prince, but upon hearing the side concubine's words, they didn't have a good impression of this main concubine.

To the side, Yi Shui ordered the maidservant, "Teach the side concubine how to salute!" Even if Yishui had some tricks up her sleeve, she had never married anyone and was once protected too well. As long as she provoked them, she would be exposed.

The secondary concubine didn't think that Yishui would be so daring as to make things difficult for herself. If it was any other woman who knew that he was in a disadvantageous position, and more importantly, the fourth prince was fond of a weak girl, so when he thought of this side of the imperial concubine, his heart skipped a beat.

The concubine looked at Yi Shui with tears in her eyes before bowing to her unwillingly. However, anyone could tell that she was being perfunctory. Yishui obviously didn't want to let go, so she went back and forth. The imperial concubine bowed again and again before finally falling to the ground, blood flowing out from beneath her.

When she saw the bright red light beneath her, she almost fainted. She knew that she was pregnant, and this was the fourth prince's first child, but it was all gone just like that. Her hopes had been lost just like that.

Yishui wasn't the only one who was frightened. Even the servants outside were, and the side concubine who fell on the ground knew that her child couldn't be saved. Since that was the case … The secondary wife looked at Yishui who was sitting there unmoving and said in a sad voice, "Elder sister, why did you do this to me? I just feel that I'm overjoyed today and want to tell my sister that I'm pregnant. After all, my sister is the first wife, so she doesn't dare to lie about being pregnant.

Even though he did not know that he was pregnant, the side concubine still pushed all the blame to Yishui. At this time, Shang An Cang angrily entered the bridal chamber, and when he saw the side concubine sitting on the floor with blood all over the floor and Yishui sitting on the bed, the balance in his heart tilted.

He was the bridegroom just now and was entertaining some of the better officials in the front hall, but he didn't expect a boy to shout loudly that something had happened to his new room. When he rushed over, he heard the words of his side concubine. Shang An Cang was very happy that his side concubine was pregnant. After all, he didn't have a child. At his age, he really wanted his own child, a boy and a girl, but now this child was killed by the woman who just entered the house!

"Husband!" "Save our child! Please save our child!" As she spoke, she reached out her hand to grab Shang An Cang, pitiful enough for Shang An Cang to hurriedly pick her up.

She was afraid that there would be some problems with her movement, so she could not bear it. Even if she did not love Shang and An Cang, she could not allow anyone to provoke her into suffering like this on her wedding night. Furthermore, she did not even know that this woman was pregnant.

Before Yi Shui had gotten on the water, he had already prepared to drag the second wife off the bed, but how could Shang An Cang allow that? Before Yi Shui had gotten on the water, he had prepared to pull the second wife off the bed, but how could Shang An Cang, who was sitting on the bed, allow that.

Yishui had never received such treatment before. She stood up and was about to throw a tantrum, but Shang An Cang glared at her coldly, "If you continue making trouble, this prince will send you to the woodshed!" This woman, even if she looked pretty good, was already detestable before Shang An Cang even got his hands on her.

Yishui didn't think that Shang Anshi would say such words. She covered her mouth and lowered her head to cry. At this point, the doctor had already arrived. After taking a closer look at the pulse, he shook his head. "Fourth Prince, the child of the esteemed wangfei is gone!"

Even though she knew the situation was like this, the side concubine still fainted after realising the truth.

Shang An Cang carried his wife back to her courtyard, but didn't go back. The wedding night of Yishui becoming the fourth prince's first wife was actually spent by herself, and her life in the backyard would be even more miserable than she had expected.

As soon as Shang An Cang was done with the matters in the backyard and recalled his investigation, he realized that the servants who had instigated him to spread the scandal had all disappeared. Shang An Cang didn't understand anything; he had just tripped the crown prince, but the crown prince had already given him such a huge counterattack.

"Indeed, I have underestimated the crown prince!" Shang An Cang looked at the broken fragments on the ground and sighed. He had lost this round.

— —

It had already been five days since the fourth prince's wedding and Ye Yi Zhe had stayed for five days. He knew that if he did not leave now, he would anger Shang so much that he prepared to go to the Fog Country today. This life that he once lived had been very normal, but now, Ye Yi Zhe's heart was filled with reluctance and he wished that he could stay by Shang's side all the time.

Shang unintentionally went to Yi Yin's courtyard before Ye Yi Zhe left. He saw Yi Yin sitting on a stone chair in the courtyard. No one knew where she was looking, but there was a deep sense of longing in her eyes.

Shang Wuxin had long since heard that the Ye couple's love for each other was extraordinary, and regardless of how happy Yi Yin was usually, her heart had withered a long time ago. Although Shang Wuxin didn't understand the feelings of the couple, she felt that if all the men around her left, she wouldn't be as sad as Yi Yin, but she would let everyone die with him!

"Auntie!" Shang Chen had no heart to sit by Yinyin's side. Because he knew Shang's identity as a heartless woman, the two of them became even more intimate. This intimacy not only made Ye Yi Zhe jealous, it also made even Huan Mo Che jealous.

When Yinyin saw the sadness and longing on Shang's face, she pulled on his hand and began to nag, "Hey, I didn't know that Yizhi gave you so much food, but you still don't grow any meat?"

Ever since his relationship with Ye Yi Zhe, Shang Wuxin had been eating medicinal cuisine every day, and there were so many kinds of medicinal cuisine that Shang didn't reject it. Although he didn't know what these medicinal cuisines were made for, Shang Wuxin didn't question Ye Yi since he knew Ye Yi Zhe didn't harm himself, and now that Yinyin mentioned Shang Wuxin, he still felt like he had to ask.

"Auntie, you are becoming more and more biased!" The relationship between the two was like that of a mother and daughter. No matter how cold and aloof Shang Tong was when he was outside, even when he was in front of Emperor Shang, he was still just like an intimate little cotton jacket. Fortunately, Emperor Shang did not know, otherwise he would definitely be angered to death. His beloved daughter was on guard against him, but was warm to others.

Yi Yin laughed along with him. Thinking of her son's appearance, she was even more elated. "Me? I'm biased!" "Wu Xin, when I was young, I always wanted a daughter, but I didn't expect to be born with such a child. Forget about it, but this brat has never given me a good face ever since I was young!"

Shang could not imagine that Ye Yi Zhe must have been very beautiful when he was young, but his face was expressionless. No wonder Yi Yin was so distressed.

"Then from now on, I will spend more time with Aunty. However, Yizhi will be leaving today, shouldn't Auntie come and take a look?" Shang didn't have the intention to come here to tell Yiyin about this, he definitely wouldn't come according to Ye Zizhe's character.

"Where to?" If he had gone to an ordinary place, Shang would definitely not say such words.

"Go to Fog Nation and ask Yizhi to do something for me!" Shang didn't hide anything, and Yi Yin understood what he meant. She wasn't angry at him for using her son so inappropriately. Perhaps Yi Yin was already used to her own son coming and going without a trace.

"I, this old man, won't go and cause trouble. Go send Yi Zhe off!" As Yinyin spoke, she pushed Shang Wuxin out of the door. How could she not understand her son? The one she wanted to see now was not herself, but Shang Wuxin. She was too lazy to look at her son's eternally unchanging face.

As soon as Shang Xin walked out of the courtyard, he saw Ye Yi Zhe standing there waiting. Ye Yi Zhe hurriedly took a few steps forward and stood beside Shang Wuxin, holding his hand. Everything was ready, they were about to leave, and Ye Yi Zhe was not happy at all, he even felt a little wronged.

"Why don't you go in and take a look?" Shang was not in the mood to ask. She could see that Ye Yi Zhe still had feelings for Yi Yin.

Ye Yi Zhe shook his head, not knowing what to say even if he went in. Now he only wanted to look at Shang unintentionally, but did not expect Shang unintentionally to ask, "Oh right, what's the use of the medicinal food you make every time?" Ye Yi Zhe, who was originally stiff and unwilling to part with his words, immediately panicked. He stammered as if he couldn't say anything.

"This... It's just some body nourishing medicine! " Ye Yi Zhe started to leave but did not expect Shang to continue asking, "Recuperate?" "What do you mean by nourishing the body?"

"It's getting late, I should go!" Ye Yi Zhe kissed Shang Wuxin on the lips and quickly left, leaving Shang Wuxin behind to become even more curious.

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