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"Crown Prince, a letter from the Duke of Qing!" Without fear, he stepped forward and presented a letter.

The fearless night had made it clear to him that something was definitely wrong. He just didn't know what role Fang Donqing was playing here. However, at this moment, he knew that regardless of how fearless he might be, in the hands of the Duke of Qing, his fate would not be good. Thus, he felt a wave of worry in his heart.

Shang was not in the mood to sit in the main hall. Below stood Lin Jia Er and a few other leaders of the Blood Shang Army. Upon hearing that Fearless had been captured, everyone was furious. Dauntless was the manager and leader of the Blood Shang Army. The unity of the Blood Shang Army was not something others could understand. A single person being bullied could anger the entire Blood Shang Army.

Shang Tong was not in the mood to read the contents of the letter. He quickly destroyed the letter in his hand, but even so, Nangong Qian who was sitting beside Shang could clearly read the contents of the letter. He disagreed and said, "A very obvious trap!"

Shang mama reached out his hand to touch his temple and said to Steward Hai, "To see if Auntie Yi Yin is in the courtyard." The moment Shang Guan's words left his mouth, Steward Hai and the rest almost cried out in shock. He rushed to Madam Ye's courtyard and saw the unconscious Chun Er and a few guards on the ground. However, Madam Ye had disappeared from the courtyard.

Steward Hai fell to his knees as soon as he entered the hall. The guards in the mansion were all responsible for Dauntless and Steward Hai. Now that a person had been quietly taken away from the crown prince's residence, no one could avoid their responsibility. Only then did they realize that they had been careless. They thought that the crown prince's residence was too arrogant, but they had forgotten the principle that there was always someone stronger than them.

"Crown Prince, Madam Ye has disappeared! The guards in the yard have fainted!" Steward Hai's voice was filled with guilt. Now that Madam Ye had disappeared from the Crown Prince's Palace, the Crown Prince's Palace had suffered an unprecedented blow.

Shang Bin picked up the teacup casually and threw it towards the kneeling Head Steward Hai, but whether it was done intentionally or unintentionally, no one knew. "Master Hai, do you remember what I instructed you to do?"

When Steward Hai saw his teacup that hadn't touched his body break into pieces on the ground, he didn't show the slightest fear or evasion. "We must protect Mistress Night at all costs!" This was how the crown prince had ordered his men, but something had happened.

"Go down!" Shang unwittingly waved his hand, and then ordered Lin Jia Er, "Prepare yourself, I am going to meet the Duke of Qing!" At this point, whether it was for Yiyin or Dauntless, she had to fall into this trap.

"Crown Prince!" Even Lin Jia Er and the rest were kneeling there. "Although Madam Ye and Fearless might be in danger, the safety of the crown prince is more important. I hope that the crown prince does not run into any danger!"

Lin Jia's second kneeling posture had already been tempered to an even sharper aura. He advised, "Crown Prince, this subordinate is willing to save Madam Ye and Fearless. I hope that Crown Prince can wait patiently at home. This subordinate will not disappoint you!"

"Alright, I will make my decision! Go down and find out the reason for your aunt's disappearance! " They all knew that even though the crown prince was not someone who was a professional decision maker, if the crown prince really decided to make it, no one would be able to change it.

When there were only two people left in the hall, Nangong Qian directly carried Shang Dong, even though he did not like this method but he did not reject him. The relationship between the two of them was unclear, but both of them were aware of each other's intentions.

"Xin Er wants to go?" Nangong Qian understood Shang's lack of heart, this kind of woman was terrifyingly stubborn, once she puts it in her heart, everyone would get her protection. Although he was very worried, but he knew there was no point in speaking any further, so he could only sigh, "This is a very obvious trap!"

Shang's eyes turned cold instantly, "Even if it is just a trap, I have to go!" It wasn't that she was fearless, but it was because her subordinate would care about her. Just saying that Yinyin Shang really liked her from the bottom of her heart and was even treating her as her mother was enough for them to appreciate each other's fate. And Yinyin was also Ye Yizhe's mother, so she had to go for all these reasons. Of course, Shang did not know that whatever the Duke of Qing did would be a tough battle, but he did not know that whether he lived or died, he had no choice but to back down.

"I'll accompany you!" Since he could not allow Shang Tong to be like a normal girl in the mansion, waiting for him to fight for her, then he would accompany her to fight in this world, and that would be enough.

Shang didn't reject her offer. Of course, she knew that she could not reject this man's special support and care. The two of them remained in the main hall without saying a word, but each of their hearts were filled with doubt.

"Let's go take a look!" Just who is it that can take him away from my mansion! " Shang didn't have the heart to hold Nangong Qian's hand as they walked towards Yi Yin's courtyard. She believed that her subordinates would thoroughly investigate this matter in such a short amount of time. Even if Shang was not angry, he could not deny the Blood Sang Army's ability.

Indeed, when Shang Xin Xin and Nangong Qian arrived at Yi Yin's courtyard, they had already found out the reason why Yi Yin was taken away. At this moment, there was actually a tunnel under Yinyin's room, and this tunnel was not actually dug here, but it should have existed since the time the crown prince's mansion was built. Shang was furious that there was actually a tunnel under his house, but luckily this tunnel did not lead to his sleeping hall, otherwise he would have been decapitated by now.

He did not dare imagine that if this tunnel was used properly, if the secret guards of the crown prince's residence were not so powerful in martial arts, perhaps, when he was unaware of the situation, something would have happened to Shang that he could not reverse.

"Fill it in!" How could he not be angry? At this moment, Nangong Qian was relieving his anger on the people in the Illusory Mo Che's group, but he had been in the crown prince's mansion for so long and he did not even discover such a dangerous matter.

Shang unwittingly nodded his head. Since this kind of tunnel was already known to others, one must not leave it behind. This was a disaster!

"Crown Prince!" Chun'er woke up to the fact that her mistress had been snatched away. She was extremely furious and now she saw Shang Wuxin kneeling down all of a sudden. Although Chun'er was just a servant, Shang Wuxin and the others respectfully greeted her as "Auntie Chun!"

It was normal for Yinyin to be sad when her loyal servant girl, Aunt Chun, was taken away. However, Shang did not know that people would always implicate innocent people at this time, or vent his anger on innocent people, but Shang did not think that he would be so good-natured to let Aunt Chun use him as a way to vent her feelings.

"Aunt Chun, what are you doing?" Shang asked, puzzled, but his eyes were cold.

Auntie Chun did not get up. Although she was more worried and puzzled when she saw the crown prince standing there and thought of his wife's orders, she knew that his wife truly treated him as her own child. Besides, she had followed her wife for so many years, and it was rare for her to see a person who was so pleasing to the eye.

"Crown Prince, please do not take the risk. Madam will be fine!" There were too many selfish people in this world, but in the face of life and death, there was actually someone who thought this way for another person. At this moment, Nangong Qian finally knew why he always received news from the State of Nangong that Shang had a good relationship with Madam Ye. Such an elder was indeed suitable to be by Shang Wuxin's side and give Shang Wuxin a missing maternal love.

She would never have thought that Auntie Chun's words would be like this. Since Auntie Chun had said this, it meant that Yinyin had said something when she was taken away, but she was still worried about him at such a moment. How could such an elder not be called her mother?

Auntie Chun's words made Steward Hai and the rest treat her in a different light. Perhaps previously, Steward Hai thought of Yi Yin as a guest residing in the crown prince's residence, but from now on, they considered Madam Ye as a master, not just because of the crown prince's orders.

Leaning down slightly to help Auntie Chun up, Shang Tong tried to comfort her, "Auntie Chun, don't worry, I'll definitely bring Auntie back! Auntie Chun is a capable person by Aunty Chun's side. Auntie Chun should control her emotions right now, so Auntie Chun won't have to worry about that when she comes back! "

"Crown Prince, no!" She knew that these people had taken her away for the sake of the crown prince. She might not be in any life-threatening danger, but if the crown prince were to go, it would definitely be dangerous. If the madame knew that the crown prince had done so, she would definitely worry and disagree.

"Director Hai, bring Aunt Chun down to rest!" Shang unintentionally left the courtyard as soon as he finished speaking. As for Aunt Chun's worries, Shang did not care about them at all. Yi Yin's mother was definitely going to be rescued.

"Are we going now?" After all, the time given by the Duke of Qing was almost up.

Shang Bin nodded his head as he looked at the man beside him. Suddenly, he extended his hand to grab Nangong Qian's big hand. "No regrets?"

"Never regretted it!" Perhaps he once thought that life was the most important thing, but now he found someone who was even more important than life. He clearly knew how he could let Shang go alone, even though he wished that he could go and take care of her, but this woman was so stubborn that it made people feel helpless.

At this point of time, Shang Wuxin felt that this man might have truly fallen into his heart. If he did so, he wouldn't be able to ignore him. If both of them were safe and sound this time …

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