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Chapter Twenty Four Imprisoned

"Yes, this kuang cao is very wild and bold. It seems to grasp the gorge between the heaven and earth in its hands. A bold and tyrannical method, these are good words!" Gu Weiyi paused for a moment and seemed to change her tone of voice, "But, ah…"

"But what?" Stepping forward, the man asked full of interest. This woman really couldn't be underestimated. Such trifling words, but it let her realize his deeply hidden, ambitious goals.

"Heng [1], but these words are the swords side stroke. Showing off one's ability is rarely a big accomplishment! Don't even talk about using the characters "Searching Fragrance Garden", such a distasteful name. Unexpectedly, seventh prince's opinion and insight is only like this?" With keen eyes, Gu Weiyi closely watched him, her tone was filled with mocking.

"Shut up! Unexpectedly, you dare to humiliate our Master!" Ya'er's face changed colors, quickly moving, her head was just about to land on Gu Weiyi's pure and angelic cheek.

But just as her hand streaked across, Ya'er was shocked into taking a few steps back, with a face of disbelief, she looked at her own Master.

"Ya'er, you must not be rude. Xue gongzi is a visitor here, how can you act so wanton!" Lan Sheng Ling languidedly opened his mouth, but he didn't even cast her a glance. Ya'er tightly closed her mouth and her face held a wronged expression. Angrily, she cast a glance at Gu Weiyi and retorted with unwillingness in her tone, "It was Ya'er that was reckless, requesting Xue guniang to forgive me!"

Gu Weiyi listened to this conversation, both people seemed to be singing a duet, it was merely a farce. "I can't dare to accept Ya'er guniang's apology, I can't afford it."

She was so angry, her face turned white, but Ya'er didn't dare to act wanton. But Lan Sheng Ling still held on, his profound and handsome face held a smiling expression as he said, "Xue guniang, don't tell me that you want to eternally stay in this doorway? How about we go inside and talk?"

"I never said this!" She turned around and entered the room. Gu Weiyi sat down on one of the chairs, her face was solemn. "Let me get right to the point Seventh Prince, why did you capture me and put me here?"

"He he, is there any need to be so anxious?" Lan Sheng Ling languidly opened his mouth, "Ya'er, go prepare a cup of top-notch biluochun [2]."

"Master!" Ya'er was somewhat willing in her heart. What need to prepare good tea, it was nothing more than excuse to get rid of her. Did Master still not trust her? She disappointingly turned around, she couldn't disobey Master's order.

"Okay, don't keep your act up. Seventh Prince, haven't we already agreed to work with you? Why are you doing such actions now, don't tell me that you wish to destroy the contract? Don't forget that we've already signed our names on the contract, you can't go back now!" Gu Weiyi looked straight at him, her voice was unyielding. Even though she had no bargaining chips on her currently, she could never take something lying down. This was a lesson that Gu Weiyi learned in her previous life.

"Since it's already like this, I'll tell you the truth. As you think, cooperating isn't my idea, nor is merging my purpose. What I really want is for everything to be in my control, all for my use!" The languid male's tone of voice suddenly turned tyrannical and rude.

"Your purpose of capturing me was to threaten Xiu Luo villa, to make my gege submissively hand Wan Li Mountain over to you?" This sickening male, how very despicable and lowly! Such a grand prince, unexpectedly, he has lowered himself to using such methods. It really made people feel contempt for him!

"You dream!" How could gege's strengths be so easily defeated. Gu Weiyi calmed herself down, they would definitely think of ways to save her. She didn't need to lose her head and randomly kick.

"He he he…"

"What are you laughing at?"

The handsome and bold man suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Gu Weiyi's chin, his cold eyes held mock in them. "Little guniang, you're truly too childish! Such an insignificant Wan Li Mountain, how could it enter this* prince's eyes."

What? Gu Weiyi's eyes were wide open with astonishment. What did he mean with these words? Don't tell her that what he wanted was Xiu Luo villa? This male had such large ambitions. Never, never satisfied as just a prince. What he wanted most was tens of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, boundlessly beautiful and the allegiance of the whole world!

She heard gege say that this Seventh Prince had immense power in the imperial court. He had nearly two-thirds of the court councilors' support, and now, he even had one-fifth of the country's wealth in his hands. Adding onto this was the power of the jianghu [3]. Wouldn't all the land under the heaven be easily earned!

Jianghu was filled with two powers, black and white. The easiest to control ought to be the upright and influential families. Moreover, Xiu Luo villa was the overlord of the black side. If he was able to gather it in his hands, the result could already go without saying.

Her brain rapidly analyzed the information and went around in a circle. At last, Gu Weiyi finally understood the basics of this man's thinking, but she couldn't help herself and sucked in a cold breath. This man was truly too terrifying! If one had him as an enemy, one would get no benefits. Would gege be able to deal with him?

"What are you thinking about? I can see the astonishment in your eyes. Little jiahuo, what have you thought of? It seems like you really aren't a simple, little servant girl, ah!" Lan Sheng Ling captured Gu Weiyi's lower jaw, he carefully looked at Gu Weiyi's expression and his eyes held a trace of admiration, but it quickly disappeared. Intelligent people, ah. They would never live a long life, especially intelligent women. But he, Lan Sheng Ling, refused to believe that he couldn't settle an insignificant woman. Soon, everything would be in the palm of his hand. The net has already been cast, before long, his fisherman would come to collect.

"Okay, you'll stay here in your future days. If you find that Searching Fragrance Garden is a distasteful name, I'll change it into Matchless Garden. In addition, Ya'er will serve you in the future, she'll be your personal slave girl." Releasing Gu Weiyi, Lan Sheng Ling returned to his seat and resumed his languid posture again.

Rubbing the pain away on her lower jaw, Gu Weiyi disdainfully glanced at him and coldly said, "What personal slave girl, she's nothing more than something used to monitor me, timely reporting my every movement to you. It was said so nicely!"

Lan Sheng Ling wasn't angry that his thoughts had been exposed. He stood up, as if he was going to leave.

"As long as you know, it's good. So, don't vainly attempt to escape. Aside from Ya'er, there's also my secret guards posted all around. Don't say I didn't warn you, Xue guniang, ah!"

Looking at his departing back, Gu Weiyi was angered to the point that her teeth itched!

[1] heng – the sound of someone snorting
[2] biluochun – a type of green tea that's grown in the Dongting Mountain region near Lake Tai, here's more information on it
[3] jianghu – refers to the martial world, but the literal translation is "rivers and lakes"
*i'm now translating 本 (ben) as 'this' instead of 'ben'

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