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Lin was a bit impatient, for he didn’t want to fight with Bai Lingshi now. It was not because he was afraid but that the Gang-producing Lake was right in front of him—so who could still have the interest in having a fight?

If Bai Lingshi insisted, Lin was even prepared to refuse her.

To Lin’s surprise, Bai Lingshi shook her head and said, “A challenge doesn’t have to be a fight. We can have a race in the process of breaking through to the Gang Spirit Realm.”

Lin breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “A race for what?”

Bai Lingshi pointed at the Gang-producing Lake and said in a plain tone, “For who can hold on the longer time inside for cultivation and whose Pond of Spiritual Power is of better quality when making the breakthrough.”

This couldn’t be seen as a challenge. No matter whether she made such a proposal, Lin would still certainly do his best.

After all, the Gang-producing Lake came as a godsend for those trainees. Who would reserve potential at this time?

With a little thought, Lin agreed without hesitation.

Without any more words, Bai Lingshi flashed like an ethereal shadow and in an instant, she had already sat on one lotus-shaped stone platform.

With no hesitation, Lin also went straight to the last vacant stone platform in the Gang-producing Lake and sat cross-legged.

Most of the trainees heard their talks, which made them really uncomfortable.

Bai Lingshi should have only challenged Lin Xun. Didn’t it mean that the other trainees were all inferior to Lin in her eyes?

Many trainees gnashed their teeth and unanimously decided to see who on earth could hold on in the Gang-producing Lake for the longest time!

The stone platforms were like lotuses floating on the lake. Wholly jade-like, they sent out a blast of coldness.

Sitting cross-legged on the stone platform, Lin instantly felt a blast of cold pure Gang Qi surging out, getting into his body, and making his skin sting and blood seem frozen.

Gang Qi!

In short, it was a very special kind of spiritual energy with incredible power and fantastic usages.

There were hundreds of kinds of Gang Qi in the world, including Gang of Yin and Yang, Gang of Fire, Gang of Ice, and Gang of Wood.

For practitioners, however, there were very few kinds of Gang Qi that could be used for refining spiritual energy.

The original Gang Qi in the Gang-producing Lake, for example, was of the first class—it was not only pure but also perfectly appropriate to the practitioners’ cultivation.

Thus it was rare and precious, belonging to those accidental treasures that could not be found easily.


Tingling all over his skin, Lin had no more hesitation, held his breath, kept his soul composed and began to run the Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture. The vigorous spiritual energy circulated in his vessels and acupoints, making a roar inside his body.


Almost instantly, streams of pure but icy original Gang Qi were absorbed by his body, starting to sharply refine the spiritual energy all over the body.

Lin only felt as if lying in an ice cellar which was a thousand years old, with all his body invaded by piercing ice.

The original Gang Qi looked pure but held dreadful sharpness, and even Lin felt tides of sting by the physique and cultivation he had already owned.

Now Lin finally believed what Cao Shiliu said three days ago.

Their one year of training in the Bloodthirsty Camp was actually to lay a foundation for them to enter the Gang-producing Lake. They could hardly defend against or refine the crushing force from original Gang Qi without robust physique and cultivation!

Muffled sounds could be heard in every direction. Trainees now sitting cross-legged on different stone platforms all looked pale and were shivering. It was obvious that they were suffering from the same stinging coldness as Lin.

Some trainees even let out a cry, cutting a sorry figure after their cultivation was interrupted.

By contrast, Lin’s performance was not bad. At least, he still kept calm and carried on with his cultivation.

But he had grown apparently more careful than just now. The same time when he ran the Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture with all his strength, he attentively perceived his surroundings.

As time went by, Lin quickly adapted to the intrusive stinging coldness and immersed himself in cultivation.

He sat straight motionlessly like a clay statue, with a composed look and an ethereal air.

Wisps of mists surrounded him, adding an aura of purity and ethereality to him.

Lin just reached the perfection state of the ninth level of Martial Realm several days ago. The spiritual energy inside and outside his body went through a metamorphosis, and he was now at the perfection state of Spiritual Transformation.

Thus Lin didn’t worry about breaking through to the Gang Spirit Realm. His foundation had been refined to a robust level early on and was far superior to his peers.

And with the help of the four spiritual vortexes in four acupoints of his cardiac vessel and Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture, his spiritual energy was even refined to its ultimate, with horrible quality and power.

The only thing Lin was not clear on under the circumstances was which level of Pond of Spiritual Power he would own when reaching the Gang Spirit realm.

Lin was not alone on this point.

As it was known, the Pond of Spiritual Power was the sign as a practitioner in Gang Spirit Realm. It was produced in the practitioner’s Ocean of Qi, agglomerating all of the practitioner’s cultivation power.

The quality of Pond of Spiritual Power was directly related to the practitioner’s cultivation later on!

The practitioner’s fighting ability, power and prospects for cultivation were almost all connected with the quality of Pond of Spiritual Power.

No one would not care in this situation.

Trainees like Bai Lingshi, Shi Yu and Ning Meng all suppressed their level of cultivation to refine the most perfect Pond of Spiritual Power when breaking through to the Gang Spirit Realm.

And cultivating in the Gang-producing Lake was a godsend to shape the quality of Pond of Spiritual Power. Who could make a satisfactory Pond of Spiritual Power in the end would be determined by the practitioner’s root bones, potential, foundation and talent.

Three days had ticked away.

The thirty trainees meditating calmly in the Gang-producing Lake were like thirty statues of one thousand years, with special scenes around them.

Bai Lingshi, for example, was shrouded in mists which brightly glowed like stars and whirled around her, and presented an extraordinary air.

Lee Duxing’s breath rendered the mists around him sharp as arrows, which made stirring sounds of wind and thunder.

While Shi Yu was cultivating, the white mists around him circulated like tides with a particular rhythm full of mysteriousness and naturalness.

In comparison, Ning Meng seemed rather dominating. Torrents of mists around him dashed upwards as if a large number of soldiers were ready to fight, making the clanging sound.

Lin Xun, however, was quiet as unstirred sea, striking people as nothing special.

These special scenes differed from person to person. Different features were showed due to different kinds of martial arts they cultivated. But still, these scenes could tell a lot when compared carefully.

In the central camp of the Bloodthirsty Camp, a huge optical screen presented all scenes in detail.

A group of drillmasters including Shu Sanqi stared at it silently, analyzing each trainee’s performance respectively in mind.

Suddenly, Shu Sanqi said, “There were trainees breaking throughsessions in at most three days in previous sessions. Judging from this, someone may break through to the Gang Spirit Realm today.”

The other drillmasters all nodded.

“Judging from only the scenes each trainee showed, I can already draw a rough conclusion that trainees including Bai Lingshi, Lee Duxing, Gong Ming, Shi Yu, Meng Shiulin, Ouyang Zhun and Ning Meng will surly generate a first-class Pond of Spiritual Power.”

One drillmaster said casually, and many drillmasters echoed.

“It’s a pity that Zhao Yin was eliminated. Or he will also surly do it by his talent property “Purple Sun,” some drillmasters felt sorry for Zhao Yin.

“It was Zhao Yin who provoked Lin and was defeated by Lin. He can only blame himself for being overconfident; it’s not Lin’s fault anyway,” Young Ke said plainly.

“Speaking of Lin Xun, his present performance is a little bland. Maybe it’s just because his cultivation foundation is not solid enough. If I remembered clearly, he only reached the perfection state of the ninth level of Martial Realm several days ago.”

Many drillmasters were curious. Lin Xun’s previous performance had exceeded their expectations again and again, and no one would underestimate him now.

But he really looked somewhat mediocre now in the Gang-producing Lake. It was easy to make people think that Lin did lag behind other trainees on cultivation foundation.”

Young Ke frowned but said no more. She was dubious, too.

It had already been proven beyond doubt many times that Lin was fast in cultivation and his fighting ability was extremely powerful.

But cultivation foundation, different from fighting ability, was strongly connected with practitioner’s potential and root bones, and it needed to be refined and consolidated day after day, instead of being one day’s work.

For instance, the other trainees had been hardening their foundation since childhood, and they even suppressed their cultivation level for years in order to enter the Gang-producing Lake. It was easy to know how strong their cultivation foundation was.

Compared with them, Lin obviously had few advantages.

“You looked down on Lin so much. How about having another bet?”

Young Man suddenly said, looking smilingly at the otherspresent.

Instantly alert, they remembered losing the bet to Young Man last time in the quarterly assessment and shook their heads subconsciously.

But they still were a little unreconciled. Someone already couldn’t help but say, “Young Man, you are so confident in this lad?”

Young Man said, “Of course.”

“Then which grade of Pond of Spiritual Power do you think Lin could generate?”

Young Man answered without any hesitation, “It must be the top grade!”

Everyone was amused by her words and could not agree with her, thinking she was acting on impulse.

They didn’t keep arguing with Young Man any more. It would be clear when the result came out.

Watching everybody’s expression, Young Man couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. She even strongly wished Lin to break through now and to convince these guys with facts.

Suddenly someone yelled, “Someone breaks through!”

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