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Chapter 334
In Yang Chen’s memory of Yang Xi’s savvy and insidious character, he would never make such a low-level mistake . Strictly speaking, he could only say that Yang Xi, now, has not grown to the point of his previous life .

However, in the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Xi was by no means popular . At least Yang Chen knew that before Yang Xi’s condensation of his golden Dan, he was squeezed by a group of people and they oppressed him . This led him to seek for a higher status and cultivation base at all costs, even giving his sister to the Young Sect Master as an acolyte .

Later, for reasons unknown to him, Yang Xi even killed the Greatest Heaven Sect Young Sect Master and blamed it on Yang Chen . His series of means was so fascinating, even the Sect Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect was deceived by him . Whereas today, even if the cause and effect were not completely considered, he came to the sect and wanted to set up a trick to kill Yang Chen .

Yang Chen would not care about why Yang Xi has not yet grown up . He just wanted Yang Xi starting from today to live on in fear . In the past life, when Yang Chen was chased, there was no shortage of such a day for him .

It was too cheap to meet him with a sword and hack Yang Xi to death . At least let him be scared for hundreds of years, then Yang Chen would start to deal with him . He wanted Yang Xi to taste the pains he has suffered in his previous life before he could dispel his hate .

Yang Chen always fantasized about how many times he would have to destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect to kill Yang Xi, but never thought that one day Yang Xi would have thrown himself into his net, he ran to Yang Chen to let Yang Chen plant a seed of fear in him .

Perhaps this was the arrangement of the Heavens, since the Heavens has let Yang Chen come back once again, and in this way, took the initiative to send Yang Xi over, this was the fulfillment of the Heaven’s will!

For the threat of Yang Xi, Yang Chen did not pay attention to it . If they wanted to kill Yang Chen, it was definitely not just the Greatest Heaven Sect . This was something that everyone was aware of .

How many genius disciples occasionally perish due to an accident during their cultivation, many of which have become unresolved deaths . Usually they are nothing more than the enemy’s hands, the demon hands, or the internal pressure of the Dao Sects, it was commonplace in the previous life of Yang Chen .

Anyway, if Yang Chen stayed in the Pure Yang Palace, it was absolutely safe . In his previous life, the Pure Yang Palace would be destroyed . However, there were now two dacheng stage masters and ten Yuanying stage ancestors residing within, along with the cooperation with Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect, the two major sects would never allow the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen to face any accident .

If Yang Chen was afraid of death, then he would be shrinking in the Pure Yang Palace, and many people were expecting it . But in this way, Yang Chen would actually be discarding his cultivation . From ancient times to the present, there has never been a timid guy who could make a positive result . Who could cross his tribulation and ascend and has not killed in a battle before?

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Even if there was no courage to face some enemies or villains, how could they have the courage to face the tribulation, not to mention it as a series of three kinds of Heavenly Tribulations .

There was only one result behind closed doors, and that was no longer having the inspiration for breakthroughs . No matter how many books you read, how many seniors’ insight are read, it was useless . It was better to travel thousands of li than to read thousands of books . This was the truth that the bumps are not broken, and the paper has to come to an end, knowing that this matter must be carried out .

Hiding in the Pure Yang Palace, perhaps Yang Chen could refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, maybe also refine the second grade Inner Sensing Pill, but that was all . If this was the case, for the Greatest Heaven Sect and other sects, the threat was still limited .

The Greatest Heaven Sect sent Yang Xi to come over, certainly for the sake of winning him over, when they were unable to win him over, it was estimated that this was the idea, to scare Yang Chen, and then he would not dare go out . If Yang Chen was not afraid and went out alone, they would always have the opportunity to seize or kill him . In any case, it was a good calculation .

When he scared away Yang Xi, Yang Chen did not care about the results, he directly went to the head of the palace to report to the palace master what had just happened . For some things he had to let the sect make a response plan in advance, otherwise it would always suffer if it was rushed to face battle .

Listening that the Greatest Heaven Sect even sent a kid who was at the foundation stage to go to the Pure Yang Palace with the identity of the same villager to calculate and try to win over their most valued disciple of his sect, the palace master lost his self-control and yelled abuses directly, there was no demeanor of the Yuanying stage ancestor on him now, not to mention the temperament of a master .

After the shouting, the head of the palace assured Yang Chen, he has absolute certainty . Among the entire sect, the disciples who were most relieved other than the palace master was estimated to be none other than Yang Chen .

The sect must of course respond, but it could not make obvious signs for the Greatest Heaven Sect . Otherwise, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely use this to act against the Pure Yang Palace . What they were now scolding was not the Pure Yang Palace, but the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect who were rising with the Pure Yang Palace . For a reasonable reason, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely seize the Pure Yang Palace into the abyss and destroy the entire alliance .

Yang Chen still returned to the Immortal’s cave as if nothing happened . Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling saw that Yang Chen had nothing suspicious in his appearance and did not ask and let Yang Chen continue to absorb the fire seeds .

Before, Yang Chen said that he would continue the spiritual awareness double cultivation with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, this time was not wasted . Every other month, Yang Chen and the two women practiced the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra . The heart could not only reconcile the spiritual awareness, but also greatly enhance the conciseness of the two sides’ spiritual awareness . It was an excellent spiritual awareness double cultivation cultivation method . It was a pity that this kind of cultivation method was at hand .

For more than a year, the two women could feel their spiritual awareness condensed at a rapid pace . Because the spiritual awareness of Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were now in a relatively balanced stage, the total quantity of spiritual awareness was only growing step by step . But after every spiritual awareness double cultivation, everyone’s spiritual awareness was more concise and more and more stable .

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He didn’t know how Yang Xi would respond to the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect when he went back . At least so far, the Greatest Heaven Sect had made no signs of doing anything . Of course, it was impossible to start this time . It would be too obvious, and Yang Chen has not come out of the Pure Yang Palace . Even if they wanted to do it, they had no chance .

But Yang Chen knew that the Greatest Heaven Sect must have listed himself as a key concern . Before he had not shown the effect of changing the strength of the sect . Now that he has such a big role, he had to bear such a big risk . If he wanted to go out in the future, he would have to be careful about the sneak attack of the Greatest Heaven Sect or some other sects . It would not be as easy as before .

He didn’t talk about it to his Master and Senior Sister, Yang Chen was afraid that they would be worried . In Yang Chen’s heart, regarding this matter, he didn’t care much about it . The direction of his cultivation was actually doomed from the moment he stepped into the Immortal Executioner Stage, it was a road full of killings .

Regardless of the wind and waves outside, Yang Chen still acted according to his own pace . In the blink of an eye, another year had passed and the remaining fourth grade fire seeds were all absorbed into the Profound Spirit furnace . Yang Chen has already planned to start absorbing fifth grade fire seeds .

So far, the Profound Spirit Furnace has absorbed hundreds of mortal flames and the entire pill furnace has changed from a crystal clear state to another .

It was a kind of change to it’s simple natural state, after absorbing hundreds kinds of fire seeds, combined with all the Cyan Crystal Profound Gold of Yang Chen and many carefully selected materials by Yang Chen . After absorbing countless potions, now looking past it, the profound spirit furnace was like a medicine pot that was used by ordinary people . It was ordinary, simple and unremarkable .

But this profound spirit furnace, it was not known how many times the effect was compared to when it was crystal clear . As long as Yang Chen holds the profound spirit furnace, even if he does not practice alchemy, he could feel that his alchemy skills were improving .

The ability to control the flame was also more and more sophisticated . No matter which kind of flame, Yang Chen felt like it was like controlling his arm . Associated with this, Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire seems to be a bit active .

There were also four kinds of fifth grade fire seeds in his hands . Yang Chen was hesitating about whether to absorb these fire seeds first or to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pills of the Blue Cloud Sect .

When Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling knew why Yang Chen was hesitation, they were speechless . In the end, Gao Yue helped Yang Chen to decide to absorb the fire seeds and then refine the pills later . Anyway, it was only a year away from each other . For these cultivators, it was not a problem at all .

In accordance with his Master’s instructions, Yang Chen continued to absorb these fifth grade fire seeds . The fifth-grade fire seeds were the same type of fire as the True Sun Fire and True Moon Fire, and it was also the highest grade of fire seed in the current profound spirit furnace . It would take longer to absorb these kinds of fire seeds .

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Fortunately, now the profound spirit furnace has absorbed hundreds of kinds of flames, including several kinds of fifth grade fire seeds, absorbing a fifth grade fire seed would take about three or four months, compared to the previous speed, it was simply several times faster .

One year passed in a hurry and four kinds of fifth grade fire seeds have also been absorbed into the profound spirit furnace . At this point, Yang Chen’s fire seeds he received from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island and have all been absorbed into the profound spirit furnace .

It was no exaggeration to say that almost all of the fire seeds below the fourth grade have been covered by the profound spirit furnace . The fire seeds of more than the fourth grade has also fallen into the hands of Yang Chen . At this time, if there was someone who wanted to compare the person with the most fire seeds, Yang Chen would definitely be the victor .

The absorption of these kinds of fire seeds was equivalent to the compensation paid by the Blue Cloud Sect in advance and Yang Chen was also asking for refinement in any case .

When Yang Chen used the profound spirit furnace to start alchemy, Yang Chen really discovered how powerful the current profound spirit furnace was .

Once the medicinal herbs was put into the profound spirit furnace, even if it was not controlled by Yang Chen, it would be automatically refined and the heat was always just right, it was just like the profound spirit furnace had a consciousness and could automatically control the fire .

What made Yang Chen unexpectedly add to the surprise was that when he began to control his own refining process, he started directly with the second refining system, and even did not need to go through the refining method of the first grade .

This also means that if the alchemy was carried out according to the normal method, the profound spirit furnace would directly come out with the second grade pill, all the medicinal pills were upgraded by a grade .

If Yang Chen wanted to carry out the second refining system of the medicinal herbs in the profound spirit furnace, it would probably turn into third grade medicinal pills . When Yang Chen was building his foundation, he could refine the third-grade foundation stage pills, which indicated that Yang Chen was already a third-grade alchemy master . Now counting the efficiency of the profound spirit furnace, Yang Chen has actually become a fourth grade alchemy master because he could now refine the fourth grade foundation stage pills .

The fourth grade alchemy master, who was already the top alchemist in the mortal world, he has never heard of an alchemy master who could break through from the fourth grade alchemist master realm in the mortal world .

In the past, the main force of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill was Deng Yiya of the Heavenly Lake School and was just a fourth grade alchemy master . It was estimated that if Deng Yiya could cross the tribulation and ascend, then before crossing the tribulation, Deng Yiya could only be a fourth-grade alchemist master and it was impossible to improve .

You must know that Deng Yiya was a Yuanying stage ancestor and Yang Chen was still only at the early stage of the Jiedan realm . With Yang Chen’s growth rate in the Dao of alchemy, it was a certain thing for him to become a fourth-grade alchemist master without using the profound spirit furnace when he reached the Yuanying stage .

At that time, when Yang Chen used the profound spirit furnace again to refine a fifth-grade medicinal pill . It would definitely be an alchemy record of anyone who has come before . No one in the mortal world would have a higher achievement than Yang Chen in the Dao of alchemy .

For Yang Chen, this was definitely good news, but at the moment, Yang Chen was in amazement and also had some helplessness .

Now the Questioning Inner Heart Pills that he was refining was for the Blue Cloud Sect . When it comes out, it would be at the second grade . Doesn’t it mean that the Questioning Inner Heart Pills that Yang Chen would give to them would all be second grade pills?

This was obviously impossible . Yang Chen should consider the balance between the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . Once Yang Chen let the two sect masters think he was unfair, it would not be good news for the Pure Yang Palace .

Therefore, this alchemy furnace that was close to the immortal tool pill furnace, Yang Chen was not only unable to exert all the power of the profound spirit furnace, but he also must suppress it to control the profound spirit furnace not to make second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills .

Refining the first grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills with this furnace was even more difficult than Yang Chen refining the second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills . Fortunately, after all, the quality of the furnace was improved and the time for refining was greatly shortened .

Originally, refining it took a year and ten months, but this time, after Yang Chen completed the steps to receive the pills, it was only a year later .

This was already the fourth refining Yang Chen had done, and it has become more and more sophisticated . In addition, the strength of the profound spirit furnace had increased, although he has tried hard to suppress it, but the Questioning Inner Heart Pills were better than ordinary Questioning Inner Heart Pills . According to Yang Chen’s own judgment, it should be between the first grade and the second grade .

The Questioning Inner Heart Pills of this quality, it was completely possible to cross, even if the Green Jade Immortal Island had some doubts, after all, refining techniques are more and more sophisticated . If the Green Jade Immortal Island wanted it, they could continue to cooperate with the Pure Yang Palace . Yang Chen could provide the same quality of pills .

At this point, Yang Chen’s need to stay in the sect has been completed . Next, whether he was to gather the Seventh Metal True Essence or Tenth Water True Essence, he needed to go out .

Yang Chen arrived at the days when he needed to leave the Pure Yang Palace again .

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