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Yang Xi’s face became very ugly. He always thought that he could control Yang Chen and did not hesitate to put up this posture to anger Yang Chen. It was also because he thought that Yang Chen would have nothing to deal with him.

There was no third party in the conversation between the two. Of course, what Yang Xi wanted to say, even he could install even more miserably, Yang Chen’s attitude towards the Greatest Heaven Sect was even worse.

All of this was in Yang Xi’s calculations. Anyway, he had learned from the inadvertent conversations with the Greatest Heaven Sect sect master the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect toward Yang Chen. They let him come to try and see, especially that last sentence, in order to let Yang Chen dispel the psychological pressure of rebellion, they would not hesitate to destroy the Pure Yang Palace.

According to this logic, if Yang Chen does not intend to join the Greatest Heaven Sect, then there was only one attitude estimated above, that was, if they couldn’t get him, they would rather destroy him and not leave him to others.

A master of alchemy such as Yang Chen, which was a treasure to a sect, may be able to make the sect rise. This situation was what all competitors were not willing to see.

If Yang Chen was only engaged in the Pure Yang Palace, it was estimated that there would be no major problems. But now the news from the Greatest Heaven Sect was that there was a deep cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island. As a result, Yang Chen’s role was becoming more and more terrifying.

Sitting there and watching the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect getting stronger and stronger, it was not the style of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Although Yang Xi did not know much when he left the sect, he also heard several stories about the so-called eliminate the demons and protect the Dao from his predecessors. From these deeds, it was not difficult for Yang Xi to analyze the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect to opponents who refused to cooperate.

If he couldn’t get Yang Chen, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely send someone to ruin Yang Chen. They would never wait to see the scenario where under the influence of Yang Chen, the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect would develop more than the Greatest Heaven Sect, especially now that the Greatest Heaven Sect was badly hurt. Under these circumstances, this method of secretly weakening competitors must appear frequently.

Yang Chen was a senior alchemy master, but since he was not a friend, he was an enemy that must be eradicated. If the Greatest Heaven Sect was not the one who could get Yang Chen, when Yang Xi’s feedback was sent to the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen was destined to be a dead person.

The kid from a farmer’s family was also better than himself, then it was not enough for him to die. Yang Xi even enjoyed this process. How strong was he, wasn’t he played to death by him? Yang Xi was prouder, and his mood was good, this good mood continued until Yang Chen gave him the advice.

Yang Chen’s words made him a little panicked. In the case of thousands of calculations, Yang Chen’s cultivation was higher than him. To kill him would require just a little effort. And Yang Xi, obviously had not yet reached the point of ignoring life and death.

“I, I am the messenger of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the guest of the Pure Yang Palace!” Under panic, Yang Xi shouted with a loud voice: “You can’t kill me!”

“So I will give you a day to escape.” Yang Chen replied with a smile, sitting still in the same place, but the opponent has begun to panic, this feeling made Yang Chen also enjoy himself “And send my feedback and my attitude back to the Greatest Heaven Sect.”

“If you kill me, aren’t you afraid of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s revenge?” Yang Xi finally understood that Yang Chen would not move on him now so his panic was quickly calmed down and he asked.

“Whether I kill you or not, the Greatest Heaven Sect will not let me go, isn’t it?” Yang Chen laughed. He did not think that Yang Xi would behave like this now.

In the past, Yang Xi was greedy. In order to snatch his own Ten Thousand Years Vermillion Fruit and his ambition, he would do that kind of thing for himself. This time, Yang Chen confirmed that he did not provoke Yang Xi from the beginning to the end. He didn’t know why Yang Xi wanted to put himself in a deathtrap.

No matter how Yang Chen wanted to break his head and think about it, he would not understand Yang Xi’s thoughts. Just because everyone was a fellow villager and before Yang Xi’s cultivation, Yang Xi’s identity was more noble than Yang Chen’s. Now Yang Chen’s achievements were higher than Yang Xi’s, and he was more able to get the weight of an expert. For this reason, Yang Xi would spare no expense to kill Yang Chen.

However, this was also good, at least Yang Chen does not have to think about any reason and could be justified in the pursuit of Yang Xi.

“Since you understand, then I will not talk anymore nonsense.”

Yang Xi had Yang Chen gave him a day’s time, and he was full of enthusiasm. He immediately began to swell up “I want to see if you die first, or I will die first.” ”

Having said that, Yang Xi already made up his mind. As soon as he leaves, he would rush back to the Greatest Heaven Sect. With Yang Chen’s strength, he would not be able to enter the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Anyway, as long as the time of Yang Chen’s murder has been sustained, he could sway out.

“I will remind you of two points.” Yang Chen still sat still, and he smiled and held out two fingers.

“I want to hear the details!” Yang Xi blew his sleeves, sat upright and put on the elegant posture.

“First!” Yang Chen drew a finger and looked at Yang Xi calmly and said “I am an alchemy master, moreover I am still a senior alchemist master.”

“How about that?” Yang Xi did not know if it was because of the flame of jealousy in him, many things were not considered, and he asked a very stupid question.

“The meaning is that if I am willing to use a Questioning Inner Heart Pill to ask for a reward for your head, I believe that there will be elders in the Greatest Heaven Sect that will send me your head.” Yang Chen still used that calm voice and reminded him, but there was a lot of teasing in the tone.

Yang Xi’s proud face lost its blood, he completely forgot about it. He was eager to burn Yang Chen by this opportunity, but he did not think that Yang Chen could easily kill him even if he didn’t have to do it himself.

“Second!” Yang Chen looked at Yang Xi’s horrified face, and sneered in his heart, reminding him again “I said that I would give you a day, now the amount of time for an incense to burn has passed, but if you don’t want to put yourself under the pressure I am willing to keep my promise, you can spend it here.”

Yang Xi was not the kind of person who would keep his promises. Anyway, if he does not swear by his heart, naturally he would not value it. Yang Chen, who listened to it, said that it was even more shocking. If Yang Chen started here, he would not even have the chance to resist.

This time, Yang Xi no longer dared to sit in front of Yang Chen, stood up and hurriedly fled, he walked anxiously, even the door was smashed by a low threshold, slammed out a few steps after that and stabilized his figure. Without saying anything, he called his flying sword and flew outside the mountain gate.

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