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Only a few more patreons to reach our first goal.

Yang Chen had been absorbing those fire seeds for more than a year. There were a lot of fire seeds in the third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade, and the time spent was also quite a lot. In one year, Yang Chen had only absorbed all the third-grade fire seeds into the Profound Spirit furnace.

The fourth-grade fire seeds would take longer to absorb, each required at least half a month. Yang Chen now had at least 30 kinds of fourth grade fire seeds. He just absorbed four or five kinds when he received a notice from Yang Xi.

This time, Yang Chen was not in seclusion. He just sneaked into the Immortal’s Cave. The news outside was still sent to him smoothly. Hearing that Yang Chen's old fellows came to visit him, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling did not hinder him, and sent the news directly to Yang Chen.

For Yang Xi, Yang Chen had the deepest hate for him. However, all along, Yang Xi was in the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen did not find a suitable opportunity to take care of him.

Although Yang Chen could sneak into the inside of the Greatest Heaven Sect to kill Yang Xi, but that would lack the feeling that Yang Chen wanted, the open and overboard feeling of satisfaction.

In particular, after Yang Chen detonated the welcoming array of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the tens of thousands of outer sect disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect who died, and many disciples of the foundation stage who were harmed; Yang Chen always thought that Yang Xi had died in that chaos, but did not expect this guy to have such extraordinary luck.

This was better, it was simply that the Heavens was also in line with the meaning of Yang Chen, so that he could have the opportunity to kill him with his own hands, the deep hatred of his previous life. As soon as he thought that he could see Yang Xi, the chief culprit, Yang Chen even had some excitement and trembled a little.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling did not understand him. They thought that because Yang Chen was told that he had a visit from a fellow villager, he was happy. Closeness with hometown people, is human nature.

He went to see Yang Xi, of course, without anyone else accompanying. Yang Chen quickly came to the guest quarters in the Pure Yang Palace. He pondered pondering along the way about what kind of attitude should he show to Yang Xi.

Anyway, now that Yang Xi was in the sect to visit him, he was a guest, Yang Chen could not help but treat him accordingly, and not immediately try killing him. This was the courtesy of being a host. Although Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect had deep seated hatred making them not bear to share the same sky. Now, Yang Xi was the one who made it, so he will let him live for a while.

The other party's arrival to the sect at this time, must have a reason. After all, Yang Chen's reputation had not become this resounding in the previous day or two, how come Yang Xi didn’t come to the sect earlier?

"Yang Xi!"

Entering the guest quarters, Yang Chen saw Yang Xi, who was drinking tea. Although his heart was already angry and wanted to immediately pull his sword and chop Yang Xi into pieces, he still suppressed his impulse, and even faked a look of surprise on his face.

With a surprised voice, he called out, “is it really you?”

“Yes!” Compared with the surprise on Yang Chen’s face, Yang Xi was more like a calm young master; holding the teacup in an elegant position with one hand and with a seemingly noble smile on his face. Then he said very elegantly, “sit!”

Here was the guest quarters of the Pure Yang Palace, but Yang Xi instead put on the posture of a host. This tone made Yang Chen look like as if he wanted to laugh.

“Long time no see!”

Yang Chen seemed very natural to be forward and sit on the other side. Yang Xi had already taken the position of the Lord and the one left to Yang Chen, naturally was the seat of the guest. After sitting, Yang Chen naturally said hello, followed by his previous title, “Young Master Yang!”

“I have not seen you since a long time.” Yang Xi listened to the form of address Yang Chen gave him; Young Master, and his face showed a smile. This was the title that Yang Chen and other farmers called him with in the village. Yang Xi had not heard it for a long time. Listening now, it seemed that he had the feeling of being aloof in the village again.

“I don’t know what Young Master Yang has come to visit for?” Yang Chen was having faint smile on his face, while looking at Yang Xi. He wanted to see what Yang Xi was plotting.

“This martial art sect is a small sect indeed, even the tea is so low-level.” Yang Xi sipped from the cup of tea, then frowned, snorted and spit it out of his mouth.

“This kind of small martial art sect has no financial resources to produce real experts, if you stay here, there is no future for you.” Yang Xi very casually threw the tea cup originally in his hand on the table. Then said to him directly, “come with me and I will give you a good future.”

“A good future?” Yang Chen had been a bit strange about Yang Xi’s attitude. He was a guest at this sect, but he still had such arrogance. What did this mean? Proposing him a good future, didn't mean that he had to point his people and sect in such a derogatory way? Could it be that he really thought that he was still a young master to Yang Chen, and everyone should still listen to him?

“The Greatest Heaven Sect is much better than the Pure Yang Palace.” Yang Xi had a sublime face, “don’t say that I don’t care about you, there is an opportunity to take you into the Greatest Heaven Sect, the world’s number one martial art sect. Go back, pack your things and just come with me!”

Yang Chen seemed to have guessed Yang Xi's intention and he planned to sit in the same place with no intention of moving. Just squinting, looking at Yang Xi with a smile he suddenly said, “even if they allow me to join them, do you think I am a fool, or do you think that the elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect are fools?”

Yang Xi's gaze stared fiercely over, seemingly with some unwillingness, he kept on staring at Yang Chen.

“You didn’t actually want to pull me to the Greatest Heaven Sect, right?” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Yes!” Yang Xi did not expect to have his own mind to be seen through so quickly. Instead, he sat calmly and sneered at Yang Chen, “a little farmer, but still why do you have such achievements? Want to enter the Greatest Heaven Sect too? Dream on!”

“Then what will you tell the people who sent you?” Yang Chen was laughed at by Yang Xi, He had never seen such a person. Even in his previous life, Yang Xi did not seem to be so stupid.

"Tell them?" Yang Xi sneered, watching Yang Chen for a moment and then continued, "It's easy! You don't know how to appreciate good things, not only did you not give the Greatest Heaven Sect face, but also swore and insulted. Everyone in the Greatest Heaven Sect will regard you as their life and death enemy, and a target to kill. Are you satisfied with this account?”

“It sounds good.” Yang Chen nodded and seemed to agree with Yang Xi’s statement. Then he immediately asked again: “However, I forgot to remind you of a problem.”

“I am willing to hear the details!” Yang Xi asked since his position was set.

“I am now a master of the Jiedan stage, you are just a foundation stage junior.” Yang Chen said with a smile: “I will give you a day, after leaving, flee immediately!”



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Editor:  Skizlock

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