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It was the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect who made the move. He used his own magic weapon, just to resist an unconscious eruption of the elder.

The elder saw the sect master make a move and realized that his attitude was problematic. The target he was looking for was not here. Yang Xi came to the Greatest Heaven Sect with Yang Chen that year, and it was not his fault that Yang Chen was thrown out.

“Who threw Yang Chen out?” The elder once again asked, this time, the sound was a little gentler, but still full of anger.

“This disciple does not remember!” Yang Xi seems to have been frightened and just said this, then dared not say any more.

It's no wonder that it's been forgotten, having been more than a hundred years ago, who would have thought that this was a big deal. Who would deliberately remember those who throws people out.

“Check, when did Yang Xi joined my sect? In that year, for all the disciples responsible for recruiting outer sect disciples, give them all to the law enforcement elder. They will have a penalty of facing the wall for ten years for each person. If you find out who threw him out, let him face the wall for twenty years, plus one hundred lashes!” The sect master whispered a sentence, and immediately there was the master of the law enforcement hall who went out to make arrangement.

Although the voice of the sect master was very light, but at the same time everyone could hear some dissatisfaction. Such an excellent alchemy genius, because he cried out after he looked at the beautiful scenery, he completely lost the opportunity and was pushed out, how could he not be angry?

“Speaking of this, this Yang Chen, that is the little guy who Li Qingchen instructed the Pure Yang Palace Chu Heng to deal with, is that right?” Another elder also remembered a lot of things “There was a duel with Li Qingchen, killing Li Qingchen was done by him right?”

It was impossible to notice these little things with the identity of the great people present. However, Yang Chen was now famous for his reputation. Secondly, Li Qingchen was considered an excellent disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Everyone was somewhat impressed.

“So, it seems that if I want to pull him into my Greatest Heaven Sect, I am afraid it will be a little difficult.” The group of people were discussing here, not to confirm who Yang Chen was, but thinking about how to pull Yang Chen to the side of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Originally, they discovered that Yang Xi was a fellow villager of Yang Chen, this relationship may be of use. But if you count Li Qingchen’s things, then it was hard to say. You must know that Li Qingchen had offended Yang Chen at the time, and he even did not hesitate to move Chu Heng to rebel. Even though Li Qingchen died in Yang Chen's hand, who knew if Yang Chen still remembered?

“In any case, let’s try it first.” The sect master finally decided this, and he directed at Yang Xi, “Yang Xi, Yang Chen has been in the Pure Yang Palace recently. You are close to him as a fellow countryman so see if you can try to pull him over.”

After a while, not waiting for Yang Xi to reply, the sect master directly gave the bottom line to Yang Xi “As long as he promises to join us, everything he wants, we can give him. cultivation methods, Magic Weapons, pill recipes, spirit stones, medicinal materials, Beauties, what he wants is what we will give him, in short, what the Pure Yang Palace can give, we can also give, even exceed them. As long as he can join my Greatest Heaven Sect, all his wishes will be granted.”

“This disciple understands!” Yang Xi's eyes lit up and immediately realized that this was an unprecedented opportunity. After he bowed to express his agreement, he seemed to think of something again. He once again asked “Sect Master, if Yang Chen asked about the pressure he will face for leaving his sect, how should I reply?”

“As long as he is willing to join my Greatest Heaven Sect, if there is any opinion from the Pure Yang Palace, we will take the opportunity to destroy them and will not give them a chance.” The sect master gave this answer without thinking about it.

“This disciple understands!” Yang xi knew that he should leave. This is not the place where he could stay. However, it seems that because of Yang Chen, he has also fallen into the eyes of the high-level, as long as things are handled beautifully, there was no need to worry about his future.

After retiring, Yang xi did not even return to his place of residence. When he left the hall, he went straight to the mountain gate and flew in the direction of the Pure Yang Palace.

His action let a few of thehigh-level members who had been observing his actions nod slightly, this person's attitude was fairly correct.

It was only after a hundred miles from the sect of the Greatest Heaven Sect that Yang Xi's face showed a strange smile. One of the guys who was responsible for picking out the outer sect disciples was oppressing Yang Xi. Yang Xi just used this opportunity to honestly tell the fact that Yang Chen was expelled, and the guy would immediately face retribution.

Although it hurts a lot of innocence people, Yang Xi would not have a little bit of guilt, they were unlucky, who let them be so close to the guy that year.

However, in the eyes of Yang Xi, there was still a thick ripple of envy. Yang Chen, the muddy leg of the country, even had his reputation being loud and unsound, was even stronger than him. How could this be accepted by Yang Xi, who has always been arrogant?

From infancy to maturity, Yang Xi was the best in the village, including his younger sister, no one could compare with him. No matter what, Yang Xi wanted to occupy the best position and he even became the disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the biggest martial art sect.

Within a short period of 100 years, Yang Xi has cultivated to the late foundation stage. Although it was not comparable to the discerning disciples, he was also a rare outstanding child.

But what Yang Xi never imagined was that Yang Chen, who was originally a waste in the village, had already cultivated to the Jiedan realm, and he became a master of alchemy. If this were someone else, perhaps Yang Xi would feel a little better, but it was Yang Chen, which made Yang Xi almost crazy.

This time, he had to follow the orders of the sect to win over Yang Chen. It was inconceivable that Yang Xi had to put on a low-pitched attitude in front of Yang Chen, which made him angry.

If the deal was not successful, how would the sect deal with it? From the answer to the last question that the sect master gave him, Yang Xi had already guessed some of their attitudes, since he was not a person of the Greatest Heaven Sect they must cut short his growth, they couldn’t see Yang Chen grow up. Otherwise the Greatest Heaven Sect was confident that it would be a big problem.

After thinking about this, Yang Xi suddenly understood how he should do it. Yang Chen, this guy, he would let him be proud for a few days, then there will be days that he would be crying.

Yang Chen, who was absorbing fire seeds in the sect, has received a notice from the sect that a former villager of his was here. Yang Chen was very surprised, he never thought about Yang Xi.

Later, when he heard that Yang Xi of the Greatest Heaven Sect came to see him, Yang Chen suddenly stopped and immediately laughed. He thought that this guy had died silently in the explosion of the sect so he didn't expect him to be alive.

This was the opportunity from the Heavens to avenge Yang Chen's personal revenge. How could it not let Yang Chen laugh happily?.


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Editor:  Mike

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