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Wang Yong was happy with this, but Yang Chen still had something upsetting him. Soon, Wang Yong discovered this.

“Was there any trouble recently?” He was promoted to the master of the dacheng stage and Wang Yong was shocked by his sensitivity and asked immediately.

“The disciples do have some troubles.” Yang Chen did not hide at all. He replied directly “Master and Senior sister both had spiritual awareness double cultivation with me, now there is the Fairy Shi of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Snow Fairy of the Blue Cloud Sect, this disciple does not know how to treat it.”

“How difficult is this?” Wang Yong listened and almost blurted out “The people who cultivate are not necessarily trapped by etiquette. If you have the heart for it, you will accept all of them. If you don’t, then you will refuse. Today, My Pure Yang Palace is not the Pure Yang Palace in the past. You are not an insignificant disciple of the younger generation. Why bother with these things?”(now we are talking)

These words have already explained the confidence and status of Wang Yong. After all, he still had to look at Yang Chen's own thoughts. Even if he refused Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect would not get angry because of this matter with the Pure Yang Palace. The Pure Yang Palace now, as Wang Yong said, was no longer the Pure Yang Palace of the past.

The interests of the sect were no longer the shackles of Yang Chen, which made Yang Chen's choice more out of his own heart. Wang Yong's words had thoroughly demonstrated his attitude towards Yang Chen. As long as Yang Chen was willing to do so, he would fully support it.

In the discourse, there was some other content that was intentionally or unintentionally revealed. It was not necessary to be trapped by etiquette. It seems to be reminding Yang Chen that there was no need to care about his master and disciple relationship with Gao Yue. There were many people cultivating, and the master and disciple double cultivation was not starting from Yang Chen and Gao Yue, and it would never end with them.

Many times, cultivators would try their best to find a suitable Dao Companion as a double cultivator. In most cases, it was quite normal to train one from scratch. Therefore, the relationship between mentoring and apprenticeship should not become an obstacle between Yang Chen and Gao Yue. Even Wang Yong was not opposed to it. What other reasons and identity do others have to be against it?

“I don’t have to bother?” It was also the first time for Yang Chen to hear someone say this to him. There was a feeling of seeing the clouds on the road, but after all, there were still some concerns, so he seemed to be somewhat unconfident.

“Of course!” Wang Yong laughed and said “At this time, who can stop what you from what you want to do? A yuanying stage master? Or a master of the dacheng stage? Unless it is the power of these several big sects, but would they do that just to stop a pair of master and apprentice from having double cultivation, don’t their sect disciples have double cultivation with each other? Or have they rejected their disciples? Don’t forget, my Pure Yang Palace is always standing behind you.”

Although Yang Chen was still only a small Jiedan stage master, only a few yuanying stage masters were his opponent. Even if Yang Chen was willing, the masters of the dacheng stage would not be able to defeat him. This point, whether it was Luo Yuan or the second city master, had already set an example.

“Do what you want to do, don’t worry about anyone, or anything.” Wang Yong’s voice was like it was coming from the clouds, filling Yang Chen’s ears “Don’t say that you are just overcast, just a few times, even if you smashed into the gates of the Greatest Heaven Sect tomorrow, there would be the sect behind you. Even if there is a war, the whole sect will not hesitate.”

After being promoted to the dacheng stage, Wang Yong seemed to have thought about a lot of things and saw a lot of things. So when he spoke out, it was even more passionate.

“Yes.” The voice of the head of the palace who he did not know when he had been there was heard. Yang Chen began to think with fascination so he did not find the arrival of the head of the palace.

Hearing the voice of the head of the palace, Yang Chen raised his head and looked at the palace master with surprise.

The head of the palace master nodded slightly to Wang Yong, then turned to Yang Chen and said with a smile “Everything you do is in consideration for the sect. There is absolutely no reason for the sect not to support you. The Fairy Shi of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Snow Fairy of the Blue Cloud Sect, if you like to take them together then do it, if you don’t like it, you will refuse all, no need to consider other things.”

Yang Chen was a calm person, and with the memories of two lives he had experience in dealing with his feelings. However, in the words of Wang Yong and the head of the palace, he was so proud. As a real man, if he wanted to do it, why would he think so much.

The advice given to him by Wang Yong was not only emotional, but was also a daily conduct. The previous few small plots against the Greatest Heaven Sect were basically hidden in the dark, so that the Greatest Heaven Sect could not grasp the handle of it. Speaking of it, there was no such thing as a face-lifting knife.

Within Yang Chen’s mind, he just wanted to scruple the power contrast between the Pure Yang Palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect, fearing to implicate the Pure Yang Palace. However, Wang Yong let him know that the sect absolutely supported him. The idea of the ​​master of the palace was also the same. Needless to say, other elders must have the same mind.

Yang Chen was in the Pure Yang Palace, which cannot be erased. Therefore, as long as it was Yang Chen's accident, it would definitely be related to the Pure Yang Palace. Yang Chen suddenly understood this point, and the long-standing worry in his heart seemed to have been thrown into the air.

He felt loose in his whole body up and down, which was very refreshing, even his spiritual power seems to have let go of its bondage and was swimming in his body.

The already condensed third fire, fourth fire and first wood spirit power, the three most primitive spiritual powers of the Fifth Earth True Essence, Seventh Metal True Essence and Tenth Water True Essence were madly surging and impacting.

In Yang Chen's mind, there was a little bit of enlightenment. It seems that as long as he could get more Fifth Earth True Essence, Seventh Metal True Essence or Tenth Water True Essence like the first wood true essence spiritual solution, these three spiritual powers could immediately condense Dan.

The Seventh Metal True Essence left by Golden Star of the Sun, he was definitely going to have a look at it. The Tenth Water True Essence was also convenient, but it only needed for him to stay at the sea for a long time and the sea jasper would naturally condense some. At that time, there would be two more spiritual powers to condense Dan, and maybe it could drive all the spiritual powers to condense.

Even Yang Chen did not think that this consultation with Wang Yong could have such benefits, it was unexpected. After silently controlling his spiritual power to calm down, he heard that the head of the palace was discussing with Wang Yong the method of handling the second grade Inner Sensing Pills.

“Since we can monopolize it alone, then we can’t let go of this kind of benefit.” The master of the palace had already learned from Wang Yong the difficulty of refining the second grade Inner Sensing Pill “The alchemist masters can crack it in two hundred years, then we will with the two hundred years, collect the biggest benefits.”

“We can provide even the second grade Inner Sensing Pill. These second grade Inner Sensing Pills can be the same.” The master of the palace seems to have a draft in the blink of an eye: “If you want, easy, take things to trade for it!”



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