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Among the people present at this moment, including Yang Chen, all were eager for Elder Shi to come back soon. At least Sect Master Lu was already unable to bear the ridiculous plot, poor text as well as the incoherent pronunciation. It was an invisible torture if you read more than one word.

However, when Elder Shi went, it seemed that there was something was missing. Elder Shi did not return for a long time. Sect Master Lu could only endure the discomfort, and continue to read on, wanting to see what was inside that could make Yang Chen become so solemn and serious in front of the Sect Master Lu and the two dacheng stage elders?

However, from another point of view, Sect Master Lu Zongzhu and Elder Hua were looking forward to the slow return of Elder Shi, perhaps Sect Master Lu could find some hints before Elder Shi returns.

Now that Yang Chen has revealed so obviously that the secret he found was in this book, if Sect Master Lu couldn’t find it soon, wasn’t it that Sect Master Lu was really too incompetent?

This was not only the problem of Sect Master Lu alone, but the face of the Blue Cloud Sect. You must know that this was a simple story-telling jade slip, and that Yang Chen had acquired it from the Blue Cloud Sect. The things inside were discovered by Yang Chen and the Blue Cloud Sect’s people were not even aware of it. This could only explain one point, that was that from the highest-ranking members to the lowest ranking members of the Blue Cloud Sect, there was no one who knew how to judge quality goods Ah!

If there was such a rumor, it would be a great blow to the Blue Cloud Sect 's reputation. That there was a jade slip in the reading section of their own ancestral hall that contained hidden treasures. Their own people did not pay enough attention and couldn’t find it, instead, an outsider found it. If, after this was revealed, the Blue Cloud Sect wanted to recruit disciples, some people may hesitate.

Therefore, despite being uncomfortable, Sect Master Lu could only brace on to look down on the jade slip, expecting to find what Yang Chen discovered before Elder Shi return.

However, many times, there was a big gap between reality and ideals. Even Sect Master Lu in the late Yuanying stage, after two hours of insisting on reading the hundreds of thousands of words with the fastest speed, still could not find out why Yang Chen would so seriously bring it up to them. At this time, Elder Shi had already come back from the library building.

When Elder Shi came in, Elder Shi's face was very unsightly. There were two reasons for this.

The first reason was his ordeal in finding this piece of jade slip, which was titled «Martial Arts Universe». This piece of jade slip contained one of the many books in the Blue Cloud Sect. This kind of simple jade slip, who knew how many hundreds of thousands or even millions there were in the Blue Cloud Sect. To find one of them, even if it was Elder Shi, had to use all the disciples of the library in order to find it after a period of time.

This was the case with them only looking at the title, if they wanted to check the contents, it was really not known when it would be found. Fortunately, there was only one such title, and the original collection was the one in the library. After Elder Shi confirmed it, it was taken away.

The second reason was basically the same as Sect Master Lu. Elder Shi had planned to delay for a while on the road, and carefully read the contents inside. Elder Shi hoped to find what Yang Chen had discovered, so that the things that Sect Master Lu had worried about would not happen.

However, after a careful reading, Elder Shi felt that being dead was better than being forced to read this script. How was this also called a story-telling book? They dared to call this an afternoon story-telling text? Elder Shi hadn't fully read the novel, but at least the content inside could still be seen. Unfortunately, this book called “«Martial Arts Universe»” was even more sloppy and biased, and the content was ridiculous and difficult to see. After only reading a little more than 100,000 words, Elder Shi was already somewhat unbearable.

This was still the fastest reading speed. If you changed to a careful reading of word by word, Elder Shi estimated that even as a dacheng stage master, she would be driven mad. Unbearable was specifically used to describe this kind of thing.

Just reading this for a while in a rush was more than half an hour. Elder Shi also understood that they could not drag the time for too long. Elder Shi had to come to the courtyard of Elder Hua with the jade slip.

Sect Master Lu got the original text of the jade slip and gave Yang Chen the copy of the jade slip. Sect Master Lu sighed slightly and had to admit that if anything was discovered, it was thanks to Yang Chen. Even if this kind of thing had always been in their hands, it was estimated that Sect Master Lu would not be interested in taking a look at it, she was really unable to see it.

“Yang Chen, what have you found, you can talk about it.” Now that they have recognized this situation, Sect Master Lu had to face Yang Chen and let him point out the problems he has discovered.

Although Yang Chen had already been so obvious, as long as you read it carefully, it was estimated that there wouldn't be any problems at a glance. At most it would take some time and make the person reading uncomfortable.

However, as a predecessor, Yang Chen has already raised the issue to them and he has also complied to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill for them, so Sect Master Lu was also content, and Elder Shi and Elder Hua were also content. There was no need to be cheeky and not recognize Yang Chen's discovery. Simply let Yang Chen point it out on the spot, however it was also necessary to owe Yang Chen a favour in this matter.

“This is very lengthy. Fortunately, there are still chapters to follow.” Yang Chen smiled and did not claim too much credit. It was just a very casual look. Only then did he point out “Predecessors can look at it, The content of the four thousand six hundred and thirty-ninth chapter.”

Even if there were chapters to follow, Sect Master Lu went looking for the position of the 4,639th chapter, and spent almost half a column of incense, before it was found.

Yang Chen reminded him to look at the contents of this chapter. Sect Master Lu swept through it on the spot. There were not many words in this one chapter, that was, two or three thousand words. In a moment, Sect Master Lu finished reading, and in a short time, remembered it in mind and handed it to Elder Shi.

Elder Shi and Elder Hua continued to take turns to look at it, but Sect Master Lu was recalling the contents of this chapter and was very puzzled. There seems to be nothing within it that required too much attention. Like the rest of the story, it is hard to understand, and in this chapter the author of the text had actually made up a story about some wild cultivation method, which was unreasonable and ridiculous.

After thinking about it for a while, Sect Master Lu didn't understand what was in it that was worthy of Yang Chen's attention. At this time, even Elder Shi and Elder Hua had also read the contents of it. After reading it, they were all foggy and confused, just like Sect Master Lu.

“Yang Chen, is the cultivation location that this guy described in this article what you are noting?” Thinking about it, Sect Master Lu could only think of this possibility, and was somewhat hesitant to ask.


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