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"In order to study the art of controlling fire, this younger generation junior deliberately consulted the cultivation methods of other attributes. Simply put, this younger generation junior deliberately practiced and experienced it personally.” Yang Chen smiled and replied “I just happened to have a wood attribute magic weapon, and by chance, the spiritual power was absorbed, and then it became like this.”

Strictly speaking, Yang Chen did not lie, but some things were ambiguous. Yang Chen's deeds of being a disciple in the Ye Xiu Manor, with thousands of disciples and servants, it was impossible for everyone to have the same secrets as the head of the palace, and naturally could be passed outside.

The wood attribute magic weapon was not the most unreliable, but if you really take out the First Wood True Essence Spir​i​tual So​lu​tion, wouldn't the wood attribute magic weapon be the most powerful?

The explanation could only be explained by this point. Yang Chen would never tell the people of the Blue Cloud Sect that his entire attribute was post​na​tal spirit root full value, and he also intends to fully condense a golden Dan for all of it.

The three predecessors of the Blue Cloud Sect naturally could not ask the question of what Yang Chen was cultivating or what kind of magic weapon it was. It was not that they didn’t care about the younger generation or were not curious, but they couldn’t force the confession.

For Yang Chen’s explanation, Elder Hua was also satisfied for the time being. At least Yang Chen did not conceal too much from her. He even told her that he had practiced the cultivation methods of other attributes. In fact, Elder Hua had already learned from Sun Qingxue that Yang Chen’s wood attribute spirit power was pure, and that it had already reached the foundation stage.

In fact, this question was purely a curious one. The high-level members of the Blue Cloud Sect only cared about Yang Chen’s alchemy ability. As long as he could refine high-grade medicinal pills, or could refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, other things didn't matter much. After all, Yang Chen was not a person of their sect. Even if they were optimistic about this young man, there was no need to pay special attention to it.

On the contrary, for Yang Chen, because Elder Hua asked this question, he remembered a matter regarding a cultivation method. «Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art» was obtained by Yang Chen from the Blue Cloud Sect in a jade slip that recorded a story-telling script. At that time, Wan Qian had copy of it, but not the original one. It must have been in the Blue Cloud Sect’s collection.

In the next few decades, there would be disciples of the Blue Cloud Sect who would be minding their own business, only to discover this piece of merit from the collection, and then make great contributions to the sect. Since then, the Blue Cloud Sect would also possess the original Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art cultivation method.

It was almost impossible to destroy the original from the library of the Blue Cloud Sect and he couldn’t stop the Blue Cloud Sect from discovering this method to strengthen their sect, so why should Yang Chen not push the boat along?

Since this matter would be discovered by a disciple who was not doing sect business, Yang Chen pondered about it for a moment. he could give the Blue Cloud Sect a big favor, then maybe this favour could be exchanged for some unexpected benefits.

For this kind of benefit, with little cost to himself, Yang Chen does not mind, the more the better. The last time he saved Elder Hua under the entanglement of the bloody vines, this Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art was also one of the reasons.

After coming to understand this, Yang Chen's mind suddenly had no more ex​cuses. Anyways, it was only that the Blue Cloud Sect was getting the Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art several decades earlier and wouldn't really change anything. He could however make the Blue Cloud Sect owe him a big favour. Yang Chen would definitely not let this opportunity pass.

The cooperation had been finalized. The Sect Master Lu and Elder Shi were planning to leave with a few words, but Yang Chen suddenly had this idea, how could they be allowed to leave; here he said “Several predecessors, this younger generation junior found one thing, I would like to ask the seniors to take a look at it.”

Listening to Yang Chen, Sect Mas​ter Lu and Elder Shi couldn’t just leave without considering it. Elder Shi was straightforward and immediately ask “What is it?”

Yang Chen's face showed a hint of hesitation, but after all, he said it, "This is one of the books that this younger generation acquired from the Blue Cloud Sect last time. I also ask Sect Master Lu to find this piece of jade in the sect library. Take a look, this younger generation junior has something to say.”

As he said, Yang Chen handed over the piece of jade he had in hand. Sect Master Lu was very puzzled and took it and explored it with spiritual awareness, and immediately knew the contents inside.

In this novel of millions of words, it was of course impossible for Sect Master Lu to read it all at a time, but probably explored the beginning, looked at the title, and then handed it to Elder Shi Yanhe.

Elder Shi took it, and her spiritual awareness swept through it, and her brow immediately wrinkled: „«Mar​tial Arts Uni​verse»? What does this mean?” After asking this sentence, she directly handed the jade slip to Elder Hua next to her.

Hua Wanting took it, and also had a glimpse of it with her spiritual awareness. She laughed when she saw it “This is actually called «Mar​tial Arts Uni​verse», huh, huh.” Looking up, looking at Yang Chen, she was also very confused and asked “Why did you let us see this book?”

“This younger generation junior has made some important discoveries.” Yang Chen looked serious and didn’t seem to be joking. He just insisted on his own requirements: “I also want to ask the seniors to bring the original jade slips, so I can compare them.”

Seeing that Yang Chen's performance was very serious, the three of them looked at each other. After Sect Master Lu made her decision and decided to believe Yang Chen's words and nodded to Elder Shi.

Elder Shi went directly to the sect and told a disciple who accompanied them to go to the library to bring this jade slip of the «Mar​tial Arts Uni​verse».

The disciple was going to do it right away, but Elder Shi thought about it, and ultimately decided to do it personally. The disciple was not insured after all. Once there was any trouble, it would be hard to say.

The reason why it was treated so solemnly was still because of Yang Chen. The last time Yang

Chen and Sun Qingxue went to explore the secret land, the content on the secret key was learned by Yang Chen through reading some miscellaneous books, and it was the same with Shi Shanshan when finding the Howl​ing Celes​​tial Dog Blood Essence. Although Sect Master Lu and others did not know what Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were looking for, they had also heard that Yang Chen had found a clue from a miscellaneous book before they went.

There were two things back to back, which was enough for everyone to be interested in a miscellaneous book that Yang Chen attached great importance to. However, there was only one piece of jade slip, for Sect Master Lu, or the Elders, with the contents of millions of words, even if they were to scan it with their spiritual awareness, it was still not a complete reading.

This was a compilation of words to tell a story in order to let cultivators pass their time, if they were to use spiritual awareness to scan through all of it, then what was the meaning for it. It was necessary to read it one word at a time. This was what made it wonderful.

The problem was that the level of this book was really bad, and even the desire to read it was not there. Elder Hua just looked at the beginning and almost never looked at it again. However, she would not say it clearly. She also did not express it on her face. She only respected the lord and handed it back to Sect Master Lu, so that Sect Master Lu would take a quick look.

Sect Master Lu also felt the same. While he only looked at a small section, it felt ridiculous. Sect

Master Lu really had a feeling of not wanting to see it. But this was what Yang Chen insisted on, and could only brace on to look through it.


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