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The last time the Greatest Heaven Sect's welcoming array exploded, and when Yang Chen left the central plains, they did not find a specific murderer. The Greatest Heaven Sect was furious and angry, even disregarding morality. On the spot, the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace were stripped of their Life Source Magic weapons.

Later, under the intervention of the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, the Greatest Heaven Sect ate a loss of face. After the investigation failed, they left, and Yang Chen took advantage of it and received 15 Life Source Magic Weapons.

Yang Chen wanted the Greatest Heaven Sect to face up, and they would erect a target in a short time and annihilate it in order to dismiss the face that was blown up. Unexpectedly, until now, they were still looking for suspected formation masters, and it seems from the stance of the scholar that as long as one had some attainment in formations, they were suspected and must be escorted to the Greatest Heaven Sect to be distinguished one by one.

It turned out that this scholar was seeking the treasure of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and he happened to pass through this side, and found the illusion array of Yang Chen arrangement. He thought that Yang Chen was also a master of the array, so he waited until he saw Yang Chen appearing and just sneaked attacked him.

“You are unlucky for bumping into me!” The scholar did not hear the strong ridicule in Yang Chen's voice. Under the arrogance he was complacent, he thought that his poison was unparalleled in the world. Yang Chen was already the meat on the chopping board, and he was free to take care of himself. Even the minimum preventive measures were not done.

“That is also true.” Yang Chen’s voice, suddenly sounded normal. His body suddenly stood up, and when the big hand stretched out, he grabbed the scholar’s neck and picked it up.

“How is it possible?” The scholar was shocked, the change in front of him made him unable to believe, but the big hand on his neck was like metal tongs, reminding him that everything was true. Yang Chen looked at his neck and he could not speak. It's just that he was still wondering how his own poisonous needles would not work.

“Are you wondering about your poison needle?” Yang Chen saw at a glance what the scholar was thinkingand he smiled lightly and the blue-black color disappeared without a trace.

The hand that had just pinched the poison needle was placed in front of the scribe, and the black fine needle was still pinched between the two fingers. However, Yang Chen's hand did not change. This made the scholar who could not speak, widen his eyes, and once again wondered if he was seeing wrongly.

Holding the poison needle, Yang Chen gripped a few stitches on the scholar’s body. Don’t look at the other side was a master with middle Jiedan stage cultivation base, but he was controlled by Yang Chen with one hand, and his great ability couldn’t be displayed. Watching Yang Chen’s needle on his body, there was nothing he could do. There was a despair in his eyes.

In less than a moment, that was,in a few breathing time, the scholar began to blacken and his gaze began to diverge, which was completely different from Yang Chen's pretentious posture. Even the strength of the muscles on the neck was much smaller. If Yang Chen was willing, he could twist his neck with a pinch.

This was not a fake. Of course, even if it was a fake, Yang Chen would not be afraid. The realm of the Mountain Picking Strength, even if he just pinches, was also about 300,000 jin. The vulnerable neck of the scholar was not able to prevent Yang Chen from taking his life even if he uses a strong body protection.

The scholar’s own poison, if he did not take the antidote. Even he himself couldn’t bear it. This was also the reason why he was confident in the poison. Yang Chen’s realm was only at the beginning of the Jiedan stage, not as good as him, so he always thought that Yang Chen had been poisoned quite deeply.

Just as the vitality of the scholar was in his own acupuncture slowly passed away, Yang Chen's body suddenly found a green rattan, and the rattan seemed to smell something delicious. Suddenly penetrated into the arms of the scholar.

A strong suction came from the rattan, and the scholar felt that his body was relaxed, and the poison that made him weak, under this suction, obeyed the blood of the body. Flowed to the rattan. Immediately, the body was relaxed, as if it had never been poisoned.

This scholar immediately understood it, presumably this was why Yang Chen was not afraid of his poison. Now his life was hanging on Yang Chen's hand. Since Yang Chen detoxifies him, there must be something he wanted to ask.

On the magic weapon, the scholar understood that no matter whether they were poisonous needles or his shields, they were not the opponents of Yang Chen. The poison was not effective against Yang Chen, so the scholar completely gave up any resistance.

“I haven’t been in the Central Plains for a long time, tell me what has changed recently?” Yang Chen did not talk nonsense, directly said his request, and released the scholar’s neck, but his flying sword directly arrived at the scholar heart “Starting from the bombing of the Greatest Heaven Sect.”

The scholar knew that he could not resist, so he cooperated with everything and began to tell Yang Chen.

After the Greatest Heaven Sect was exploded, they found trouble for several sects, including the Pure Yang Palace. However, the Pure Yang Palace had the Green Jade Immortal Island’s support, and all the things were there, they were the first section to clear the suspension on them.

However, there were a few small sects that were not so lucky. Although there was no particularly big suspicion, they were still found to be a few mistakes by the Greatest Heaven Sect. They took the opportunity to attack, either the martial art sect was destroyed, or they joined the Greatest Heaven Sect under the pressure.

As for the big sects the Greatest Heaven Sect did not dare to provoke immediately, but the Demon sects and the monster race would never be let go. It was said that many masters have been dispatched to go to the sites of the Demon sects and the monster race to find evidence.

Later, they began looking for a master of formations. As long as they were prestigious, or from a big sect, the Greatest Heaven Sect would take the initiative to come to the sect to find prove. As for others, whether they have sects or were rogue cultivators, would be ruthlessly brought back to the Greatest Heaven Sect and asked carefully.

Later, the Greatest Heaven Sect did not have enough staff, and even issued a high reward for the outside. As long as they could bring in formations masters for questioning, no matter what method was used, they would give the cultivators who bring them a generous reward, which would cause countless people to covet the rewards. This was one of the hunter’s tempted to help the Greatest Heaven Sect find the target.

Listening to the words of the scholar, Yang Chen began to ponder slowly. The Greatest Heaven Sect did this and forced the merger of the small sects. It was clearly because the outer sects disciples were destroyed, so a large number of reserve disciples were needed to supplement them. This was understandable, but what was the high-stakes rewards for the masters of formations? Was it really for the pursuit of the culprits?

Suddenly, Yang Chen thought of a possibility. Maybe the Greatest Heaven Sect used this method to let the guys who helped the Greatest Heaven Sect for rewards to antagonize people and gain enemies, and finally had to join the Greatest Heaven Sect to protect themselves.

It must be known that there were two kinds of ways that could be used to invite people. This group of people has rich experience in combat, and they could kill without much trouble. It was the talent that the Greatest Heaven Sect urgently needs. Just a little reward, so that many people would have no way out, and finally must rely on the Greatest Heaven Sect for protection, it was simple and effective.

Looking at Yang Chen’s meditation, the scholar who have regained his energy on the ground, the twinkling in both his eyes flashed an alternative light.

Translator: DonStagy

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