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Now these Penglai divine woods demon have just produced their spiritual wisdom and just started to cultivate so if they wanted to master the Great Formation immediately,It would be a delusion and Yang Chen does not have such an expectation.

However, after stopping for a few days, Yang Chen finally understood the power of the Penglai divine wood. In just ten days, the Penglai divine wood monsters reached the foundation stage at the same time. Compared with the monstrous talent Mu Bai, they were dozens of times faster.

This was not the speed of the cultivation of the Penglai divine wood, but the high starting point of their spiritual wisdom . After experiencing the growth of tens of thousands of years, they were made into a wooden crate before the master ascended . He didn't know how much time to stay in front of the temple. They experienced the cycle of incense and decay, plus the natural treasures. Their cultivation started directly from the foundation stage.

Even if there was not Yang Chen’s cultivation method and there was no such first wood true essence spiritual liquid, as long as the Penglai divine woods opened up their spiritual wisdom, then it would not exceed one month at most, they would reach the present realm. What Yang Chen did was only to make their conditions more superior and there was no drawback in instructing them.

A’Zhu and A’Bi could communicate with these plants when they have not yet opened their spiritual wisdom. Now there were twenty-four more Penglai divine woods who could communicate with them, and they were happy and started to jump up and down. For many years, there have been no partners here. The only living creature with a spiritual wisdom was Xiao Tian, they were afraid that it would be too late before they could communicate with Xiao Tian? Now they have more companions.

Looking that everything was on the right track, Yang Chen also left the medicine garden with confidence. However, when he came out of the medicine garden, he noticed an abnormality around him.

His spiritual awareness threads opened instantly, but before Yang Chen could investigate about the surrounding movements, a cold killing intent had already reached his body, and then, a thin black light, quickly descended to Yang Chen’s body.

Kacha, Yang Chen's skin was tight. The Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique in the realm of the Mountain Picking Strength was running all the time. When the external force was suddenly strained, the black light that hits it was blocked outside, and the function of the golden bell was not even triggered.

The black light that was blocked had revealed its original shape,it was a thin long needle. If it’s not because of the flashing light at high speed, people usually wouldn’t notice such a slender little needle. If it was at night, this was  simply an absolute weapon for attacking someone.

When the long needle paused on Yang Chen’s chest skin, Yang Chen’s reaction was faster than anyone else, and the long needle was pinched immediately. Just pinched, the long needle began to shake, seems to want to break away from Yang Chen’s fingers.

The other party used sword controlling technique to take the needle, which was suddenly caught, and suddenly panicked. But no matter how he managed to control it, the black fine needle had been firmly grasped on Yang Chen’s fingertips and could not be recovered.

Yang Chen's spiritual awareness has locked on a cultivator who was more than two hundred feet away from himself. For the time being, he couldn’t  see the cultivator’s sect. He only knew that he was a scholar with an appearance of about forty or fifty years old. He was staring at himself with a sullen look, and there was a burst of hatred in his eyes.

In this regard, Yang Chen was very puzzled, he did not know this guy. It was necessary to know that Yang Chen's memory was very abnormal now. Even if he has only seen the person once, Yang Chen would remember it, but there was no such a figure in his memory.

The scholar was also having a Jiedan stage cultivation base, but it seems that his realm was higher than Yang Chen, he had the appearance of the middle Jiedan stage. As soon as the other party came up, he sneaked attacked him and did not ask for the indulgence, which made Yang Chen very angry.

The only thing that could be used on hand was the First Wood flying sword. Yang Chen's reaction was absolutely not slow. When he found the trace of his opponent, the First Wood flying sword suddenly flew out and cut toward the other side.

The other party seems to have no fear of anything with eight shields flying around him, flying around his whole body, completely blocking his body. Regardless of the direction of the attack, it would be blocked by one or two of the eight shields. It was not known what material the shield was made off, the smile on the scholar’s face showed that he has strong confidence in the shield.

Bang, a soft bang was heard, the First Wood flying sword hit on one of the shields. Originally this was the scene that the scholar had long thought of, but the next situation made him yell.

The shield blocked the flying sword, but it only blocked it for a moment. The First Wood flying sword passed the crazy scouring and tempering of the first wood true essence spiritual liquid. It was already sharp, but it was just a sword. The shield that was in front of it was split into two halves.

At the time of panic, the scholar hurriedly sent the other shields to the front of the blade. The First Wood flying sword flying even opened four shields, this was a little exhaustive. Yang Chen moved to recall the flying sword.

“Dare to pick up my flying needle with an empty hand, have you not suffered?” The scholar was panicked, but he was not confused at all. Seeing that Yang Chen took back the First Wood flying sword, he finally revealed a sneer, with a flash, he flew to the front of Yang Chen ten feet away, facing Yang Chen.

On Yang Chen's finger, there was a hint of itching, and the place that had just been stabbed in the beginning had a little bit of itching. This only shows that the flying needle was hardened in toxin.

However, this degree of toxicity was not even able to enter the flesh and blood through Yang Chen’s skin. The Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique was in the realm of the Mountain Picking Strength, not to mention the strong muscles of his whole body, the skin was not so easy to pierce.

However, since the other party was so proud, Yang Chen does not mind to play with him in order to get more clues. In a flash, Yang Chen's face was covered with a layer of black . He really seemed to be a poisoned. His legs seemed to be soft and could not support his weight. They stepped back two steps and leaned against a big tree, then he went down.

“You used poison!” Yang Chen stretched his finger to the other side, but the arm seemed to be soft, unable to bear the weight of his hand, just clicked, and suddenly put it down.

“Snort, there can never be too much deception in war, you want to be able to blame, who is the stronger?” The scholar smiled and went a few steps forward. Looking down at Yang Chen, he asked coldly, “What is your name!”

“You don’t know who I am?” Yang Chen was a little surprised. The other party didn’t even know who he was. He actually met and sneaked attacked him. When did the Dao Sects and the demon sects generalize?

“I don’t know who you are, but I know that you will be able to set up a formation.” The scholar once again sneered, as if he didn’t bother to answer Yang Chen’s question, but after all, he couldn’t resist the triumph in his heart. He said “It’s the Greatest Heaven Sect's masters who are searching for the formation experts, as long as i catch one, i will have a lot of rewards. You have arranged an illusion array here, it looks good, so when you meet me, you became unlucky!”

“Just because the Greatest Heaven Sect is looking for a master of formations?” Yang Chen now had some understanding of what was happening.

Translator: DonStagy

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