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In this state, Mu Bai has been going on for half a month. Next, Yang Chen gave him a cup of four seas mysterious coral liquid, letting Mu Bai enter this state again, and discharge more gum. These gums were impurities in the cypress. After removing these, Mu Bai suddenly discovered the changes in his body. Although Yang Chen did not explain to him the preciousness of the four seas mysterious coral liquid, Mu Bai also understood that this was not something that was easy to get. For the love from his master, the cypress felt inexhaustible. Once again, he answered a question about the cultivation of the cypress demons and finally the time arrived when Yang Chen was leaving. Although Yang Chen came here in a very unreasonable way, but after a year of getting along, these cypresses still had some reluctance with parting ways. “Intensify your cultivation, wait until the achievement of the demon body, thirty years later, I will personally bring you back to the sect”.” Yang Chen once again made a promise to the group of cypress trees to say goodbye, driving his flying sword, embarked on his return to the central lands. It was very rare for people to come here, even the monster race rarely come here, the cypress demons were very safe. For thirty years, for the cultivators, it was just a blink of an eye. He believed that everyone would be able to meet again soon. Although these cypress demons have been inferior in strength, he believed that after coming to the Pure Yang Palace, the spirit power was abundant there and the old tree demon could give them pointers. They would definitely be the best “serving” guardian of the mountain gate. Not only that, if they could keep up with Yang Chen, a fast-moving master, and overcome the shortcomings of their slow action, even if they attacked the monster race Immortal’s Cave, they could also become the main force. Now he had completed the First Wood True Secret Art and won the inheritance of the second city lord of the monster race. He has also conquered such a group of cypress demons, and received the future monstrous talent Mu Bai as his disciple, and also accidentally practiced the body refining technique second layer to success, for Yang Chen at a glance, it was really rewarding. Calculating the time, he seem to have not been with Sun Qingxue for more than 30 years and have not seen her for forty years. With Yang Chen's understanding of Sun Qingxue cultivation, this time, Sun Qingxue must have already condensed her golden Dan, it's time to take a look at this little girl. When Yang Chen was chased by Luo Yuan, there was no news of him. Everyone thought that Yang Chen had already faced misfortune so Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan went into mourning for him. This kind of affection, Yang Chen had no idea how to repay it. Even if there was a last hurdle in his heart, it doesn’t stop him from feeling a little bit of gimmicks, and it doesn’t prevent him from going to see the little girl. The hurricane area was also able to quench the body. Yang Chen just flew in the right direction and waited until the hurricane area was reached, only then did he call the shuttle and flew in the direction of the Blue Cloud Sect. From the Pure Yang Palace to the Ten-thousand Trees Forest, just on the road, Yang Chen took a whole year, looking for Mu Bai, there was a year spent on the road, but in the following year, Yang Chen was refining his body mostly. This return trip did not take such a long time, just one year, he returned to the central lands. Originally,A’Zhu and A’Bi estimated that under the direct soaking of the first wood true essence spiritual solution, the Penglai divine woods would open their spiritual wisdom after one year and could enter the cultivation state. However, it was clear that both A’Zhu and A’Bi have underestimated the power of the Penglai divine woods and underestimated the conditions that the Penglai divine woods needs to open their spiritual wisdom. Although Yang Chen has been cultivated in the most powerful way, these Penglai divine woods did open their spiritual wisdom one by one after Yang Chen returned to central plains. Feeling the movement in the “medicine” garden, Yang Chen hurriedly stopped the shuttle found a safe place and directly went into the second layer of the “medicine” garden. A’Zhu and A’Bi came to see him at the first time, and then stood with Yang Chen on the side of the first wood true essence spiritual solution, waiting for the spiritual wisdom of the Penglai divine woods to open. Soon there was a change in the Penglai divine woods. On the straight and smooth trunk, suddenly there were two more things like tree shrews. Then the thing moved, and Zhang opened it. It showed a pair of huge eyes and it looked around. Later, at a glance, Yang Chen was seen, and in the eyes it showed a happy light. In Yang Chen's sea of consciousness, there was a sudden increase in consciousness and a feeling of joy. Yang Chen was also happy, directly passed on his thought, let him enjoy the full drink of the first wood true essence spiritual liquid. At the same time he passed on the three secret arts, the ones that were also passed to the cypresses of the cypress demon family. Those were the foundations of their cultivation, some of the advanced cultivation methods that Yang Chen knows were all from the spiritual world. At least they must be able to cultivate to the Yuanying stage to be able to practice it. Although the Penglai divine wood was powerful, but they have just opened up their spiritual wisdom, it was better to use these foundation laying cultivation methods first. Naturally, they had absolute trust in Yang Chen. This Penglai divine wood demon immediately began to practice according to Yang Chen's instructions. Soon, the second Penglai divine wood opened his eyes. In this case, Yang Chen would not be so thick skinned to favour one above the other, all the cultivation methods were passed down,still soothing, pointing to practice. Next,was the third, the fourth, it continued to the twenty-fourth. Each one was treated the same. These Penglai divine woods open their eyes to see Yang Chen, there was Yang Chen's aura in the heart. It was natural to regard Yang Chen as theirs master. “Master, the rest of these, would not open their spiritual wisdom again.” A’Zhu saw that Yang Chen was still waiting, and gently reminded him. Not all Penglai divine woods could become monster cultivators, and the rest of them were the corners of the box that was made of the land at that time. There may be some damage, so there was no way to cultivate them. Among the first wood true essence spiritual liquid pool, there were still seven Penglai divine woods that were growing vigorously, but they could only be Penglai divine woods, and it was impossible to become a Penglai tree demon. This result would inevitably make Yang Chen somewhat regrettable, but Yang Chen also knew that the sky was still incomplete and he couldn't demand too much. There were twenty-four Penglai tree demon, which was unbelievable to the extreme. Especially when these Penglai tree demons began to practice the foundation laying cultivation methods in the first wood true essence spiritual liquid pool, the speed of their advancement made Yang Chen stunned. It took more than a year to rebuild cultivation base of the monstrous talent Mu Bai who was in the Jiedan stage,it took more than a year to build the foundation. However, these Penglai tree demons in front of them only broke through the qi refining early stage in just two days, they entered the middle of the qi refining stage. Being connected with the consciousness of the Penglai Tree Demons, Yang Chen certainly knew that these Penglai divine woods had no problems at all. However, the speed of their advancement was too much shocking, it was indeed a powerful tree named after the gods. In Yang Chen's mind, he suddenly thought about the «Heavenly Cycle Constellation Great Formation» left by a Divine Immortal in the Immortal Executioner Stage Divine. It seems that this array was to be used by twenty-four masters who were quite versatile and tacit and had the same cultivation base. Twenty-four Penglai tree demons, they took the same day to open their spiritual wisdom, while simultaneously cultivating, the nature of their cultivation was quite similar. As for the tacit understanding, because of the communication with Yang Chen, the twenty-four Penglai tree demons could almost be said to be a conjoined body, and their mind was intertwined. This Great Formation was simply tailored for them.  

Translator: DonStagy

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