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Yang Chen practiced First Wood True Secret Art, and even let go of the casual absorption of the First Wood True Essence. The absorption was only necessary to let him adhere to the spiritual power quantity of one year.

Now, with this vast First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake, even if 18 Great Principle Golden Immortals practiced the First Wood True Secret Art, it could still fully support them.

Penglai Divine Wood needed a lot of First Wood True Essence to irrigate. Was this not a big opportunity?

In addition, the First Wood True Essence was also a rare thing for the medicine garden. In particular, he could take advantage of so many First Wood True Essence and thoroughly sacrificially refine the medicine garden.

Of course, the most important First Wood flying sword embryo also needed further sacrificial refining. However, what was sacrificial refining? Was it not that many True Essences were refined little by little inside the sword embryo? Now Yang Chen wanted to use the sword embryo to absorb the First Wood True Essence. Wasn’t it the logical process?

The sword embryo had restored to its original size, and Yang Chen could even sit on the top and practice easily. The huge trunk was an excellent platform for this purpose.

The vast First Wood True Essence Lake, along with the First Wood flying sword embryo, entered Yang Chen’s body, and the medicinal garden. The essence was first extracted in a clean bottle and then absorbed by the Penglai Divine Woods.

Also, fortunately it was the Penglai Divine Wood, if replaced by any other kind of First Wood tree species, First Wood True Secret Essence liquid would have destroyed them in the end.

In the process of slowly absorbing the First Wood True Essence, Yang Chen was also distracted to observe the changes in the bottle of the medicine garden. He took care not to accidentally ruin the treasured garden bottle of the medicine garden.

Seeing that the already liquefied First Wood True Essence entered the medicine garden, it was directly sent to the Fifth Earth layer at the foot of the Penglai Divine Wood Forest.

Subsequently, a strain of the Penglai Divine Wood, like a living being, began to grow wildly at the speed visible to the naked eye. It was clear to see as day and night, the Penglai Divine Wood became a layer thicker.

This was the Penglai Divine Wood. When Yang Chen used the Fifth Earth layer to sacrificially refine the medicine garden the last time, he was only able to make the Penglai Divine Wood root more stable. As for growth, it could only be promoted at occasional sacrificial refining of the medicine garden.

Usually, even in the past few decades of Yang Chen’s retreat, the Penglai Divine Wood had not changed in the medicine garden, even if there was any, it simply couldn't be perceived.

However, under the irrigated nature of this pure First Wood True Essence, the trunk was clearly thickened by a finger length. Although it seemed that the change was not big, but when normally the Penglai Divine Wood wanted grow this much, a hundred years of effort was not impossible.

The First Wood True Essence also slowly nourished other First Woods in the medicine garden.

The Thunder pomegranate tree, which had stopped growing since a long time ago without the power of thunder, once again begun to grow wildly under the nourishment of this powerful First Wood True Essence.

Almost every day and night, the thunder pomegranate tree would experience a cycle of growth, increasing year over year. More than 20 strains of Thunder Pomegranate also began to slowly become thicker and taller at a visible rate.

For both First Wood flying sword embryo and the garden bottle of the medicine garden, this was not a complete sacrificial refining process but just a simple spirit power polishing process.

The spiritual power of the garden bottle had already been filled up inadvertently, even the Portal that has been looming in the medicine garden had changed a little.

However, Yang Chen did not pay attention to this now. He had been immersed in the pleasure of practicing the First Wood True Secret Art. The main purpose of coming here was to practice it, and to condense the First Wood Dan. Other matters, no matter how many, were extra gains.

Autumn transitioned to winter, Yang Chen had been practicing the whole half of the time on the top of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake. There was no day or night here. No light at all, Yang Chen had to judge the time by relying on his biological instinct.

He had already cultivated the Yin-Yang Five Elements Secrets Fifth Earth, Seventh Metal and Tenth Water and now he was cultivating the First Wood True Secret Art, moreover the place of cultivation was in this liquefied First Wood True Essence, even if Yang Chen was a non-wood attributed cultivator, it was still enough to give him a glimpse of the Dao. Not to mention that Yang Chen was the monstrous talent with all complete postnatal attributes.

The completion of the First Wood True Secret Art could only be successful when all the conditions were met. When the whole First Wood True Secret Art finally completed a Heavenly Circulation, Yang Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, his sea of consciousness had doubled again. Penglai Divine Wood, although still maintaining its original shape, now had the aura of the First Wood True Essence completely.

The towering pillars of the Penglai Divine Woods were now more than a few times thicker than the original ones. The hard-earned Yang Chen's sea of consciousness was up to a hundred feet high. Although the size of the sea of consciousness had not grown, the height was still at least doubled.

The change of wood fire, the Penglai Divine Wood directly triggered the change of the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire, Two Fire Dragons. After all, this change occurred with the change of the pillars of the First Wood. The length of the two fire dragons was also extended from the original hundred feet to two hundred feet. The flames on the body were raging, but there was no change to the shape.

His spiritual awareness once again began to ascend, until the peak of the early Dacheng stage and stopped there. However, Yang Chen had not had time to feel the change. Then, the First Wood spirit power, which was already at the peak of the foundation stage, began to smoothly enter the early Jiedan stage.

In his body, First Wood spirit power rushed to the Dantian place, and the meridians were instantly empty, but they were quickly filled up by the influx of First Wood True Essence.

Condensation was a process that required a lot of spiritual power, so it took at least half a year to absorb the spiritual power needed to meet the spiritual compression needed for Dan condensation.

But for Yang Chen at this time, could use the inexhaustible lake of First Wood True Essence for spiritual power at any time. With all the absorption, the lake level had not even fallen three points.

The time needed to make Yang Chen absorb the First Wood True Essence spirit power was several times faster. It was like free wind, madly rushing towards Yang Chen. Of course, these essences did not need any effort to make use of.

Originally it took at least half a year for condensing Dan. But with this vast lake of First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, it took only one month to complete the process.

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