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Yang Chen's direction was the room left for the bear head monster and the wolf head monster. That was the room he rented, and he had the right to enter the door, if he could rush in,his security could be guaranteed. Anyway, he had rented the room for a few years, and these enemies couldn’t keep watching him for so many years.

The four Yuanying realm ancestors, who were frightened by Yang Chen's screaming, and even let him flee through their encirclement, were now furious. They didn't think about anything anymore and madly pursued him.

Yang Chen was in front, and the four were behind. However, just after the incident, hundreds of spiritual awareness had swept over them. The masters of the spiritual awareness seemed to have guessed what had happened.

The city was not small, Yang Chen started to run at full speed, but still spent a fragrant time to get there. The four Yuanying realm ancestors behind him could not catch up with him. At most, they could only keep a distance not far from Yang Chen.

They saw that Yang Chen had gone to his other room, when he turned to rush inside, a strange leopard monster blocked the door. The leopard showed a sly smile and looked awkwardly at Yang Chen.

The other party had already considered that Yang Chen would flee to this side, even this step was also considered. However, the Leopard monster was only a master of the late Jiedan realm. Yang Chen bit his teeth, his direction did not change, he continued to rush.

The leopard monster had a relationship with the leopard Yuanying realm master abolished by Yang Chen. Seeing that Yang Chen had come over, he rushed straight up without showing weakness.


Yang Chen while charging had already thrown his fist out with a chilling whistling sound, to the Leopard Jiedan realm master.

The leopard head monster opposite did not want to be outdone. He followed up the same way, but his hand suddenly turned into a leopard claw, a long and sharp tip with nails shining coldly, greeted Yang Chen’s fist.


the fist and the claws collided together and made a clear sound, as if the sound of two metal vessels striking together.

Then, among the surprised eyes of everyone. The sharp claws shattered into several pieces! Yang Chen's fists did not disappear, they pounded directly into the fists of the Leopard monster.


With the sound of broken bones, the leopard’s fists shattered directly. Followed by arms, shoulders, and half of his body.

The contact between the two figures only lasted for a flash. Yang Chen had completely rushed past, and the blocking leopard only had half of his body left.

“Little Leopard!”

Behind Yang Chen’s body, a sudden heart-breaking cry followed. A huge pressure directly enveloped his head. A master who rushed to the front of Yang Chen had stopped him. He did not strike him in fear that he would not be able to abolish him in one strike and he may escape.

Of course, there was another consideration, the master was afraid that he may strike to kill Yang Chen which would violate the city's rule. He positioned himself behind Yang Chen. Once he would be hit, the force will push him into his arms, this would spell the end of the battle. In this way, Yang Chen's retreat was stopped, and he was left with only accepting his fate.

Yang Chen, who was blocked from the road to survival, began to work hard.

Boom! Another punch!

He directly punched the one in front. The one rushing was also a leopard monster. With a bang, the two palms and Yang Chen's fists intersected with an explosion.

The encounter felt as two mountains colliding, it was overwhelming. The Leopard monster did not think that Yang Chen would have such great strength. He screamed, even if he had spirit power body protection, he foresaw his palms becoming flesh and blood in an instant. Just like being smashed by a huge hammer.

Kacha! His bones were broken.

Fortunately, he noticed the danger and immediately retreated. He was able to misdirect a sizeable part of the force, and other parts of his body escaped unscathed. But this time, it directly made him have a cold sweat. This calf unexpectedly had such a formidable strength.

However, Yang Chen had only made two attacks, and had already been rushed up by the three Yuanying realm masters chasing after him. If Yang Chen did not leave now, he would fall into the siege of all four of them.

He didn't think much about it and escaped through a gap. Many people had seen this scene, but no one would doubt that Yang Chen had premeditated everything.

The direction of Yang Chen's escape was the strange waterhole direction in the centre of the city. The four Yuanying realm monster cultivators would not let Yang Chen escape under such circumstances, thus, they chased up without a second thought.

There were no illuminating devices in the night in the city, it was completely dark. Yang Chen was letting go of his spiritual awareness to observe the surrounding environment, and the four Yuanying realm ancestors were obviously better than Yang Chen. They could see everything in the dark with instinct. In some cases, the Monster Race was inherently more dominant than humans.

The city was very big, but Yang Chen let go of his speed and rushed from his side to the pool. It didn’t take too long and in less than half an hour, he had already fled to its vicinity.

Of course, in the process of running away, Yang Chen also showed his strength very well. The fastest guy chasing him had already been abolished by one of his hands. The other leopard monster in the early Yuanying stage was also punched, suddenly turning around after Yang Chen's sudden action. He almost got his sternum broken.

Fortunately, the Monster Race paid more attention to the refining of their bodies when they practiced, which only served to strengthen them further. However, there was still no escape from a bloody injury and vomiting blood afterwards.

A golden calf in the early Jiedan realm, under the siege of four Yuanying and a late Jiedan stage masters, abolished a late Jiedan realm master and injured two Yuanying realm ancestors, was a record too shameful to be taken out for his pursuers. Yang Chen who has been running away had instead gained more popularity.

However, the four Yuanying realm masters, this time must take down Yang Chen, otherwise they could not explain to the companion who was abolished. Many people in the city would also doubt their strength. In turn, it will threaten the living environment of the Leopard race clan. In this case, they would always be treated as a joke with their whole clan.

Running all the way, Yang Chen’s figure had already rushed to the vicinity of the pool. The urgency made the following few monsters not notice this detail.

Suddenly, Yang Chen's figure made an emergency stop. This time, the four masters who chased after him all had their guards up and readied themselves to make their moves. Everyone had to give a hand, but if the attack of four people was hit at the same time, Yang Chen will definitely lose his ability to act directly.

In the face of the attack, Yang Chen did not evade, turned and rushed directly to one closest to himself.

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