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The strange waterhole was absolutely weird. There was no aura from it, but it also illustrated another problem; there must be something that could isolate the aura below the pool.

Unfortunately, the people who went on did not have any results, no one knew what was going on below. It may already be known, but it was controlled by the city’s managers and thus, was censored for the general public.

But in Yang Chen's guess, the aquatic pool had no water attribute aura; maybe it had been absorbed by some other. First Wood True Essence was really the most likely.

However, if he wanted to know if there was a First Wood True Essence in the pool, Yang Chen had only one way, and that was to go in and check by himself. However, this required dealing with a lot of risk. The bear and the wolf could not become a part of this. The pool of water that had swallowed a few Yuanying realm ancestors, would pose mortal danger for them.

The First Wood True Essence was very important for Yang Chen. Only this area had been left in the city that could have it. No matter how he must go in and check.

There was such a strange waterhole in the city. If no one paid attention to it, then it was even more suspicious. It was almost impossible to want to explore it with spiritual awareness without others knowing it.

If Yang Chen inverted the sea jasper, he could isolate his spiritual awareness and explore it, but he could not stop the visual observation of others. And around that pool, there were definitely some people keeping watch day and night.

In this way, entering the water pool had become a conundrum. Yang Chen was sitting in the room, but he was thinking about how to find an excuse that would not be suspected.

Amid these difficulties, Yang Chen's heart suddenly moved. He placed his spiritual awareness threads around the room, and suddenly noticed a few unusual movements, it seemed that someone was close.

After a while, the people came closer, Yang Chen was completely certain that someone had secretly traced him. It was not one person either, but four, and these four people were all Yuanying realm masters.

The four-monster race Yuanying realm masters, had secretly traced him and encircled his room, Yang Chen could not think of the reason. However, since the other side visited his home, he suddenly thought of an excuse to enter the water pool.

There was a strange noise coming from the door. Getting up, he opened the door and strode outside. Looking at the empty surroundings, his face exposed a suspicious and confusing expression.

In the air, he sniffed a few times, as if to smell something. He finally frowned and said nothing. He was about to turn back to the room, but the door behind, suddenly shut by itself.


Yang Chen shouted, the door of the room would not shut itself down, there must be someone who had played a trick.

“This kid is still very alert.”

A voice rang from Yang Chen’s head. He seemed to be suddenly scared, he turned back to look at the empty surroundings around.

“Predecessor has come to this younger generation's dwelling, what does the predecessor want?”

Although Yang Chen seemed to be shocked, but he did not panic, remaining very calm.

"You dare to abolish the cultivation base of our brother and dare to saunter in the city! You really are too carefree!”

Another voice shouted from the left side of Yang Chen, to which he suddenly turned. He could see at the same time in two directions.

“If you had been in the room for a long time, we really can’t do anything.”

There was a strange voice suddenly sounding behind him, “however, you have been sauntering in the city these days, is it because you think we are all furnishings?”

Yang Chen's body had begun to turn around, the three guys seemed to have surrounded him, but his gaze was scanning another direction.

“The leopard got abolished that time; how do you want to be scrapped today?”

In another direction, another strange voice was heard.

“A leopard? Are you the brother of the waste in the city?”

Rotating, Yang Chen put on a posture of alert, but his mouth continued, “why didn’t the two tell me?”


The guy in front of him sneered a little, “those two wastes don’t even know that we are also a group. A square market is not worthy for five Yuanying realm masters to come out together”

That was quite reasonable. The district had set up a stall area. In fact, if the chief of the wolf and the bear didn't always appear, they had been able to keep the upper hand. Most of them were the monster cultivators in the foundation realm, and the two Jiedan realm masters were enough to manage the scene. In addition, making the leopard in the Yuanying realm angry could almost be said to be very unprofitable.

Abolishing the cultivation base of a Yuanying realm ancestor, although it was for his prestige, but it also offended these few Yuanying realm masters. Switching to the general Jiedan realm monster cultivators, this was already a terrifying trouble.

Once the leopard leader was abolished, Yang Chen immediately bought something in the market and went to the bookstore, he then closed to practice in his own room and never came out. These masters had received news that they had missed the opportunity to block Yang Chen outside. The rules in the city stated that no one must hurt the people in their cultivation room. These masters thus, had to wait.

Not to mention the four Yuanying realm ancestors, even if forty Yuanying realm masters were add up, they did not dare to easily challenge the rules of the city. The master of the Dacheng realm sitting in the town and the restrictions of the city itself, could not be broken so easily, even if it was a master of the Dacheng realm.

Yang Chen did not come out after a few days but undertook several retreats for a while. Someone told them the news. Unfortunately, when they arrived, he had already bought and entered room again. They could only provoke him out.

If Yang Chen was not allowed to return to the room, then everything was fine. Except for not killing Yang Chen, they could do whatever they wanted. Now that this plan had been successfully realized, a Yuanying realm ancestor had blocked the door of Yang Chen’s room. In their eyes, he could never return, and was destined to be a waste.

“I heard that you were very wealthy, it seemed that we have to thank you in advance.”

The master who spoke last, slowly walked forward. Every step further seemed to bring a heavy pressure on Yang Chen. The master in front of him and the other also began to slowly come closer. Four people, from four directions, surrounded Yang Chen in a vague way.

“You want my wealth? How about exchange my life for it?”

Yang Chen to have been forced to the death's door. He suddenly began to burst out with laughter and screamed! It was like a thunderclap in the surroundings, not knowing how many people who were closed around woke up.

Countless spiritual awareness swept over. It seemed that they have not expected Yang Chen to make such a big movement. It startled the four. In the meanwhile, Yang Chen’s body suddenly turned into a great crane, rushing toward a gap that the four people inadvertently made due to the shock.

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Editor: Skizlock

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