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Water pool? No aura? Yang Chen currently was also a bit confused. But immediately waved, “let’s have a look!”


The bear and the wolf were shocked when they heard this. The wolf immediately responded. Yang Chen was a foreigner. He didn’t know the power there, and he may not survive.

“No! It’s too dangerous!”

The wolf seemed to have changed some thoughts because of the foundation he cultivated this year. He immediately shook his head and stopped him; “you haven’t seen it, you don’t know how dangerous it is. It used to have swallowed three Yuanying realm ancestors, no one dares to be close to a hundred steps of it.”

“I don’t want to go in, just take a look around.”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “even if you look at it from a hundred steps, it could serve as good experience.”

When they heard that Yang Chen wouldn't go into it but look around. The two guys had a little peace of mind. They took Yang Chen all the way around several big circles before rushing over.

Without any aura, but swallowed three Yuanying realm ancestors? Yang Chen was more curious about this pool. Until the moment he saw the pool, Yang Chen still guessed what it was, which could lead to such a powerful thing.

The wolf and the bear took Yang Chen and boarded a room in a high place. There was no one living there and there was no spiritual power, but from here one could see the scene far below.

The pool was in their field of vision and could be seen from the window of the room. The wolf was walking in front of the window with the dog’s legs. In particular, he stretched out his sleeves and rubbed the dust. Then he invited Yang Chen and pointed to the pool. “It is there.”

The water pool was not big, only a hundred square feet, the water colour showed a dark green colour. They didn’t know how many years that had not changed. At least three hundred steps away from here, Yang Chen also could not detect a smell.

In other places, there were trees everywhere, but around the pool, there was no tree, it was bare, and very awkward. Not just trees, but no roots as well. It could be considered that it was not a fertile place.

“Don’t use spiritual awareness to explore!”

When Yang Chen’s heart moved, he was about to use his spiritual awareness to explore it. The wolf suddenly said, “two Yuanying realm ancestors, hundreds of Jiedan realm masters, have curiously explored it with their spiritual awareness. The result was that they were pulled into the pool by something, and never got out again.”

Standing at this distance, Yang Chen did not feel any strange aura, it seemed that the two were also telling the truth. However, Yang Chen was still curious, how could it become a slaughter house here?

"Is there anything in the pool?"

Yang Chen turned his face and asked, "is it a sinister beast?"

It seemed that this was the first reaction that anyone perceived of this situation. If there was no beast, how could it be possible?

“I don’t know!”

This time, the bear responded. The continued immediately after, "nobody knows, no one has seen it. When anyone knows about it, they warn that you must not be close, otherwise the consequences will be dire. Many experts have thus, disappeared. No one dares to take this risk.”

“Has anyone seen someone who had not come out?”

Yang Chen asked again. If no one had ever seen it, it was just a legend, and there must be some hidden things.

“Almost every few years. There are guys who don’t believe in this story.”

The wolf stared at the other side and said, “you also know that there are always fellow Daoists who believe that they are the sons of heavens or heaven’s chosen with great fortune. There must be some good things left by a certain predecessor, and they will definitely get it. But they also never come out.”

“How did they get in?” Yang Chen asked again.

“It is so unfathomable to go in. One will disappear while in the water after a while.”

Then the bear interjected, "this pool is very strange. If you walk into the two water lines, you will disappear. It is very calm. No one dares to fish, everyone just looks at it. Anyway, I have seen at least ten little guys go in. They have never come out.”

Even the bear said this, it seemed that this situation was not uncommon. Yang Chen didn’t want to be so shocked, of course, he wouldn’t rush in like others have. He kept on watching it from afar, not talking for a long time.

Yang Chen did not move, the bear and the wolf did not dare to move either and looked at the other side, they did not know what Yang Chen was thinking. But no one dared to disturb him.

“Well, it's a strange place.”

After a long time, Yang Chen was shocked, he then turned and left. Both the bear and the wolf finally breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts. If they didn't go in, there was nothing to worry about. It wasn’t easy to come across a guy who was willing to invest in them.

“There are no more places with strange auras.”

After returning to Yang Chen's rented room, the two men thought about it and decided there was no other place to meet Yang Chen's request.

“Well, it’s okay, if I can’t find it.”

Yang Chen seemed to have let go of this matter, and then began to tell the two people something else, “you have given a look in the market recently, what good materials are there? Tell me more about them?”

This was the best for the two guys. They were more familiar with the market, especially the stall area. Both guys then complied.

“I want to go to a more advanced place to retreat for a while. Here you live first, I have already paid ten years of rent.”

Yang Chen pointed to the room where he was now, leaving the room to the two.

Just like that a treasure just fell from the sky for the two, this room was equivalent to a reward of many spirit stones. The two guys’ happy mouths couldn’t be closed together. Just taking Yang Chen in the city for a few days, there was such a benefit. What if they took him to buy a batch of advanced materials? They felt excited when they thought about it.

For the higher-spirited room, the two had no hope. While building their foundation again, foundation-based cultivation methods now did not require much spiritual power. Instead, the building of foundation was very slow.

As for Yang Chen, this situation was very normal. What was a foreigner coming here for? Wasn’t it for better cultivation, materials and more spiritual power? Yang Chen had already taken perspective of all these aspects. No one would think that Yang Chen's performance was suspicious.

After renting a higher-level room with Yang Chen, the two personally sent him to the room on the second floor of the city, and respectfully bowed. The appearance of Yang Chen, although had given them most profound shock, but also hope. The first thing they did thereafter was to quickly go to the market and let the sellers set up the stalls with good things.

No one knew that Yang Chen was playing with the idea of going to the water pool.

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Editor: Skizlock

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