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This row of jade slips was the catalogue of all the cultivation methods in the book building. Of course, every kind of cultivation method was accompanied by introductions, classifications, and so on. At least one could see whether it belonged to advanced cultivation methods or foundations laying cultivation methods, and how it worked after cultivating it.

The book building was also the same as the name of each person. In fact, it was still necessary to test the students' own vision. If one was not sure about their own vision, whether a high-level offensive power was needed or not. If one accidentally chose a defensive method, then only spend a lot more to buy another could correct the problem. This was also a way of making money in the book building.

However, these arrangements had basically no effect on Yang Chen. With Yang Chen's knowledge, after knowing the approximate cultivation methods' effect, he was basically able to judge the merits of the cultivation methods. Such mistakes would basically never be made by him.

Yang Chen began to explore the contents of the jade slips one by one. There was a doubtful look on his face. It seemed that he was too choiceless to decide, but his heart was blooming happily. There were not many opportunities to understand the characteristics of the Monster Race’s cultivation methods, and he must grasp them anyway he could.

The old man was already unaltered about this situation. How many monster cultivators were almost ruined while buying a suitable cultivation method. When choosing, they were all as cautious as Yang Chen. Sitting on the side, the old man was not urging, but his eyes were closed slightly, as if he was maintaining mental tranquillity with his eyes closed.

Yang Chen looked very slowly. It was just the foundation of the foundation laying cultivation methods. It took almost a whole hour, and he finally picked out three kinds of methods.

Looking at the cultivation methods chosen by Yang Chen, the old man did not have many reactions. These kinds of foundation laying methods were actually the same for everyone. It was just that when one practices, he would have to hold his breath and be calm as one couldn't surmount the sky with a single step.

Yang Chen had chosen these three exercises. They all belonged to the stable type, and the speed of practice will not be too fast, but it would have a good effect. Absolutely for the two, the bear and the wolf, he didn't know how to improve their Jiedan realm cultivation base by a lot of methods.

The foundation laying cultivation methods here were actually priced a jin of top-grade spiritual stones each, it no wonder that those monster cultivators who were seen by Yang Chen did not have a solid foundation. Those whose foundation was really good, were not many among them. It was estimated that few could have good cultivation methods, but they had practiced some incomplete cultivation methods from the outside.

Of course, even so, it was much luckier than those who had no cultivation methods. Do not say anything else, even if it was a broken incomplete method, the speed of practice was several times faster than the ordinary monster cultivator. With the cultivation, you could earn more spiritual stones and then buy the better cultivation methods in turn.

As for the those who were crawling outside, they were better than the monster cultivators here. The people outside, like She Kui, Xie Sha and old tree demon were relying on instinctive little practice in all kinds of difficult environments, and the time spent was almost several times faster than here.

A foundation that was not sturdy must not be relied upon. Outside the city, there were different benefits. He just didn't know the principals here. It's so expensive to lay the foundations. It was necessary to cultivate the demon cultivation, or to abolish the layers altogether.

As for Advanced cultivation methods, Yang Chen chose them even more patiently. Almost one word at a time, it seemed that he must look at all the cultivation methods to determine which one he wanted.

This slow and boring process took several hours. The old man had been keeping his eyes closed and then open, he hadn't moved much while sitting there.

Meeting this time, was obviously due to the bear and the wolf not being sufficiently patient. The two began to sit up and down restlessly. It seemed that there was a needle in their buttocks. They jumped up and stared at Yang Chen, then irritatingly walk a few steps. After a while, they sat down again and scratched their ears for a moment.

Such a heart, even if there was a good cultivation method, it was not necessarily possible to cultivate with good results. Yang Chen certainly knew this. In the same way, the old man sitting there, also clearly saw the performance of the two. For Yang Chen, he was willing to spend two jin of top-grade spiritual stones to purchase two cultivation methods for them, which he really couldn’t figure out why.

This were two jin of top-grade spirit stones, enough to rent the most abundant room in the city for a long time. Practice in that kind of room with the effect better than the lowest floor room by how many times, didn’t Yang Chen understand this?

Yang Chen naturally did not know the criticism in the old man’s heart. He continued carefully reading the jade slips one by one, it took a whole day and night to read all the contents of these dozens of jade slips.

Then Yang Chen sat down, remembering the cultivation methods he had seen in his mind, combined with the characteristics of the old tree demon, She Kui and Xie Sha. Three of the most suitable cultivation methods were selected. In fact, this method had a large class suitable for monster cultivators, if one chose among this category it would not be too bad.

Of course, Yang Chen did not forget to pick the spiritual awareness cultivation method. However, there were very few cultivation methods to cultivate spiritual awareness. They all had similar effectiveness. Yang Chen randomly selected a Spirit Controlling Secret Art.

The old man picked up his eyelids and raised his eyelids. He was surprised and asked, “why did you choose this one?”

“This Spirit Controlling Secret Art is the one this younger generation junior uses.” Yang Chen smiled and answered the old man’s question.

After the old man looked at Yang Chen’s body up and down, he nodded slightly and said, “your Body Refining Technique's cultivation is good.” Then he stood up and walked straight to the back, thinking that he would give Yang Chen the method.

The bear and wolf monsters looked at the old man who had disappeared behind them. Almost at the same time, they brushed up to Yang Chen's side. They were anxiously asking Yang Chen what choices he had chosen, but they were yelled upon by Yang Chen, "be calm! These will be given to you because these are for you, it is useless to be so anxious!”

The two didn’t dare to talk any more, and they sat next to Yang Chen. Although their body did not dare to twist, but the anxious expectations on their faces could not be concealed regardless.

After a while, the old man took out seven pieces of jade slips, came out and placed them in front of Yang Chen. Yang Chen took them piece by piece. He verified them all. After confirming that everything he got was correct, all of them were stored, and then he thanked the old man.

“There is no need for you to thank me.” The old man smiled, “It is good to take care of this business.”

“This is already all the savings of the younger generation and a few friends.” Yang Chen was not afraid to say a few more words to the old man, "after you have taken care of your business, is there any advice you have for this younger generation junior and his brothers.””Well!”

The old man nodded and said, “Although, most are not so easy, I still will give you some advice. Even if you have good cultivation, don’t be too high-spirited, being down-to-earth is the correct way to practice.”

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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