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“A few jin of top-grade spirit stones?”

The voice hesitated, and then did not say anything. It seemed that the richness of the wealth had a similarly rich and powerful atmosphere, at least to make certain rules less important in an instant.

Although the bear and wolf did not know how much spirit stones the Leopard had, but they knew that there were no such top-grade spirit stones. Listening to Yang Chen's yell had both sweating in secret. But no one dared to say anything, whether it was Yang Chen or the book building, they could not afford to offend any of them.

An old man with a long beard slowly walked out from behind, holding a cane in his hand like he had been walking with it for a few years. The walking stick should have been made from a tree stalk, it wasn't even trimmed, and still kept its branches. However, the place where it was held was already smooth, no one knew how long it had been held to become like that.

Seeing this old man, Yang Chen's gaze fell directly on the walking stick. It seemed to be an ordinary walking stick, but he found it to be a branch of ironwood. It was a good thing for refining wood attributed magic weapons. It was almost equal to Penglai Divine Wood.

The shape of the cane was the natural shape of a branch, but whoever believed that the wood had not been sacrificial refined was a fool. However, unlike the human cultivators, the monster cultivators were more willing to retain the natural form of the iron wood, rather than having them as flying swords after refinement.

“There is a big sale?”

The old man shuddered and sat down. He glanced at Yang Chen in the front pocket and asked him. The sound was not loud nor harsh but very peaceful.

“The younger generation wants to buy the highest level of cultivation method you have.”

Yang Chen was impolite. Among the Monster Race, politeness was meaningless, but they were more straightforward.

“Do you have the recommendation of the city lord?”

The old man’s eyelids did not lift, and he inquired directly.


Yang Chen shook his head, “This younger generation junior has just arrived in the city to broaden my horizons.”

This statement was very common, most of the foreign monster cultivators were directed by someone. They came here to seek better development, environment, cultivation methods, artefacts, etc., here is where you could find the best of the monster cultivators.

“Oh!” the old man sighed, nodding his head slightly. He continued, “If you don’t have one, it is a bit expensive to buy a cultivation method.”

“Predecessors, feel free to name the price!”

Yang Chen had thought that with no city lord recommendation, he wouldn't be able to buy the best method but in reality, it only served to lower the price a little. The problem that could be solved with spirit stones was not a problem for him.

“Are you going to use these?”

The old man raised his head this time and looked at Yang Chen. Even his spiritual awareness rushed out and touched Yang Chen.

“For this younger generation junior, I also want to buy some of it for my younger brothers at home.” Yang Chen did not hide his appetite, or how to count on as big business.

“The calf, let me think about what is appropriate.”

The old man closed his eyes and began to ponder. After a long time, he looked up and said, “What do you need for your friends?”

“An old tree, a small tree, a python and a sand Scorpion.” Yang Chen regarded the old tree monster Gui Shanyou, She Kui, Xie Sha and Mu Bai, to be drawn in the future. Finally, he added two more, “Also the two behind me.”

The two never dreamed of buying the highest level of cultivation methods in the library. Listening to Yang Chen's words, their bodies were twitching.


The old man glanced at him and shook his head, “their foundation is too bad. In order to improve their cultivation base, they took a lot of ‘chaos’ items. Too bad, their realm has also consolidated. Just find someone who would be able to kill them. Advanced cultivation methods, they are not suitable.”

The old man's words were like scoop of cold water, poured directly on their heads. They thought that they were arrogant in the stalls side. In the eyes of the old man, they were simply two wastes, and were not suitable.

“Then find the best foundation laying cultivation methods, if repairing it is a big deal, then they would start from the beginning. What do you say?” Yang Chen said without hesitation. The two were originally doing his dirty work for him, giving them some benefits, in order to let them do their work in a desperate manner, and not to cheat him.

“Just these?”

The old man asked again.

“If there is, it is best to have the spiritual awareness cultivation methods.” Yang Chen finally added another sentence. Even if it was a Monster Cultivator, it was good to have a strong spiritual awareness. Of course, such a cultivation method was necessary.

“Old trees and small trees can use one kind, but since they are old and small, there are foundations with advanced cultivation methods. Plus, a high-level cultivation method of a python, a high-level cultivation method of a scorpion, two kinds of foundation laying cultivation methods of wolves and bears. Altogether three high-level cultivation methods and three foundation laying cultivation methods." The old man quickly quoted Yang Chen, “add another spiritual awareness cultivation method, seven cultivation methods, advanced cultivation methods and spiritual awareness cultivation method. That is five jin of top-grade spirit stones, the other three kinds are each one jin, totalling to twenty-three jin of top-grade spirit stones.”

Listening to the old man’s report of this price, the bear and wolf monsters directly became stunned. Such a high price, even if they sweep all the goods in the stall area, it was not necessarily able to afford so many cultivation methods. They couldn’t help but become four eyes turning towards Yang Chen. On the one hand, they were expecting Yang Chen to buy them, but on the other hand, they were worried that Yang Chen could not afford it.

Yang Chen almost never lacked spirit stones. From the last time he was chased by Luo Yuan, Yang Chen almost spent three pieces of top-grade spirit stones. After returning, he added a large number from Shangguan Feng. Not to mention killing so many cultivators, they had the same number of spirit stones. Twenty-three jin of top-grade spiritual stones, although was a big amount, in the eyes of Yang Chen, it was nothing.

Of course, it was not impossible for Yang Chen to pay all the top-grade spirit stones right then and there. Soon, a Qiankun bag filled with various grades of spirit stones would be ‘handed over’ to the old man.

The old man did not think that Yang Chen really came to buy the cultivation methods at such a high price. After taking over the Qiankun bag, even he became stunned. The monster race rarely had such a large amount of wealth. Even if someone had it, he would not be a calf in the Jiedan realm, more of a Yuanying or a higher realm master.

However, no one will ask the origins of these spiritual stones. Since the spirit stones were enough, the old man quickly picked them up and then stood, “Follow me.”

The three followed the old man and soon came to the inside of the book building. Not the reception hall for the guests, but this was the real book building. Of course, it was still not the place to store the cultivation methods, but the place for the guests to choose.

A row of Jade slips was neatly placed on the table in the middle of the centre, the old man pointed to the other side, “go and pick what you want, just say which you want, and someone will send it to your hand.”

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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