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The wolf head was secretly complaining now. Yang Chen was very casual and took his hand to his shoulders. It suddenly felt like a mountain had fallen on his body. The huge pressure directly made him unable to say a word, and he could only use all his strength to resist the pressure.

The shoulder blade held by Yang Chen’s hand made a burst of sound as if it was about to break, as if the next moment, the entire shoulder blade would be shattered.

He didn't know why, he couldn't employ any of the demon power of his body. It seemed to be locked firmly by something. At this moment, let alone counterattack with demon power, even if it was moving any part of the body would become a burden.

The wolf head had no doubt that if Yang Chen was willing, he would be dead on the spot immediately after the next moment. Even if someone came to his rescue, it was estimated that only his body could be recovered.

Standing in the same place, the cold sweat of the wolf continued to drip down nonstop. The opposite stall owner had been sluggish but now had seen through the situation completely. He became dumbfounded, he understood that it was definitely the wolf head that was going to be killed by Yang Chen.

“Here, what is the rule?”

Yang Chen seemed to be afraid that the wolf head did not hear him clearly. In this close range, he repeated his own words again.

Fortunately, Yang Chen did not carry out the next move. After his question, the wolf head didn't know how, but the pressure on his body had loosened, and then he found that he had the ability to speak.

“Let him go! Otherwise I will cut your head off!”

There was a sudden shout next to them, the leopard head master of the Yuanying realm had already noticed that something was wrong and rushed over. His only younger brother was in the hands of Yang Chen. He did not dare to act rashly, but threatened Yang Chen.


Yang Chen was very strange and turned back. He asked in a surprised tone, “can you kill someone here?”

His words were naturally to be explained by the wolf head. After he visited the city for a few days, he thought that it was impossible to kill people here, but the other party actually said that he wanted to cut his head off, which suddenly made Yang Chen somewhat confused. Was the rule here not so strict?

“No! You can’t kill people here!”

The wolf head was almost crying. His own life was also in the hands of Yang Chen. If he could kill, isn’t he the first one to be finished off?

“Even if you can’t kill, it’s the same to abolish you!”

The Yuanying realm master immediately realized that his younger brother’s life was in the hands of Yang Chen and suddenly changed his tone to threaten again.

“You want to abolish me?”

Yang Chen’s look was fierce and gloomy. On the face of his smile, suddenly there was a frost, “no killing, but abolishing is ok, is it?”

The Yuanying realm master saw Yang Chen's face mutation and thought that he had become scared. He coldly smiled, “of course, see that guy over there?”

He reached out to the side and again threatened, “If you don’t want to be like him, you will honestly take out all the valuables on your body.”

Along his fingers, Yang Chen saw at the edge of the market stall, a goat was curled up under the corner of the wall. Although the body was huge, it was well maintained.

It was thought that he had not practiced anything like Transformation Secret Art, but now, taking a closer look, Yang Chen suddenly became aware. The goat was simply wasted, and its cultivation base was abolished, although the spiritual wisdom was thrown in, but now it was only at the level of qi refining realm. Being thrown there, it was being used to warn others.

“It turns out like that!”

Yang Chen took a sigh of relief, if he could make people like that, it would become simple.

With a hand raised, the wolf head's body flew directly towards the Yuanying realm master. The other party saw his younger brother suddenly fly over, his hand stretched out, and the wolf head was caught in his hand.

Yang Chen turned out to be so obedient, the Yuanying realm master's face showed a sneer, "you know your limit, but my brother is not to be bullied by anyone."

He had never seen such a stupid guy. He thought that if he let people go, would they let him go?

However, his voice just fell, and he felt a heavy punch on his stomach. This fist, carrying an unrivalled force, went straight through his chest and abdomen.


The Yuanying realm master's body was struck to fly. All his internal organs and the six squats trembled under the pain, his stomach felt like a river. The Yuanying realm master had not suffered such pain in his life, even the intestines were so painful to even have convulsions. Don’t say anything about the reaction, he couldn't even find time to scream, the cramps of his lungs were extremely painful, his breathing could not continue, let alone the sound.

Everyone in the market stared dumbfounded at Yang Chen who had thrown the wolf head to the side. Then he took a step, jumped and punched the Yuanying stage ancestor. The series of actions were bold and had fallen even before they had reacted. The leopard head had been beaten to fly.

However, this was only the beginning. The Yuanying realm master was still in the air that everyone saw Yang Chen jump high and his whip like legs picking up the whistling wind. Then from top to bottom, they started pummelling the body of the Yuanying realm master.


The body of Yuanying realm master, like a shell of a scorpion, directly smashed into the ground. The hard ground was dredged, and a deep pit formed with the contours of the Yuanying realm master.

The people around them had stunned expressions, opened mouths with disbelieving eyes.

The Yuanying realm master who was unreachable in their eyes, at this moment, was like a dead fish. The whiteness of his eyes was showing, and his body was breathing heavily. There was no other movement from him. Don’t talk about counterattacks, standing up was something that couldn’t be achieved.

It was still not finished. Yang Chen fell lightly, reached out and took the Yuanying stage master out of the deep pit. Then he held him in his hand. Currently, the Yuanying stage master was on the brink of losing consciousness, his head was soft and hanged on one side, only he was breathing slowly.

“Abolishing people's cultivation base is fine, this is a very good rule!”

Yang Chen was very casual and snorted, his voice was not loud, but the people around him could hear it clearly.

When they heard the words of Yang Chen, everyone was in a bad mood. Looking at Yang Chen, was like watching a demon.


Yang Chen threw another punch, landing heavily in the lower abdomen of the Yuanying realm master.


A clear cracking sound came to everyone’s ears. As the sound was heard, the body shape of the Yuanying realm master began to change rapidly.

In a twinkling of an eye, the Yuanying realm master with the leopard head became a huge leopard, more than a dozen feet long, it was about the size of the goat on the other side.

The leopard was thrown to the side of the goat, and Yang Chen clapped as if he had to drain the dust from his hand. There was also a dissatisfied voice in his mouth, “I hate others who call themselves king, to dominate.

"Is there anyone who still dares to challenge me?”

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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