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Turning around a corner, a huge city, suddenly appeared in front of Yang Chen.

The Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave was already very strong, but compared with the current Immortal’s Cave, there difference was simply of heaven and earth. Yang Chen also finally understood why the old Banyan tree had not opened its spirit wisdom and become a tree demon.

The city was built on the trunk of the huge banyan tree. The outside was obviously only a form, the real essence was still here, and the defendants had made a huge city.

He didn’t know how many generations of sacrificial refining had passed before and after, and the city had become such a giant. It occupied hundreds of miles and was much larger than any human city that he had seen yet. Even more than a few large sects did not match up.

In his previous life, Yang Chen did not deal with the monster cultivators. Naturally, this was also related to his birth. He occasionally encountered some powerful monster cultivators in the spiritual world and traded with some. Such as the Transformation Secret Art, but never asked the other their origins.

For their own origins, the monster cultivators regarded it as much more important than the human cultivators. Once people knew their origins, they may even retaliate. Thus, monster cultivators of the spiritual world rarely revealed their origins.

As for the ascending to the Immortal World, the Monster Race of the Ten-thousand Trees Forest may also know that their ancestors were beheaded by the current Jade Emperor, and could be even more afraid to expose their origins, so Yang Chen never heard of it or the Ten Thousand Trees Forest.

Standing here, Yang Chen discovered that he still underestimated the monster beasts. He always thought that the monster cultivators relied on instinct to practice but did not expect that there would be such a huge systematic structure behind monster cultivators.

It was obviously a space opened in the body of the big banyan tree. Countless monster cultivators were in this huge city, just like human beings, and bustling.

There were all kinds of monster cultivators of the various monster races. Occasionally, there would be several humans who walked by. It was no wonder that the Golden Eagle was unsurprised about the appearance of Yang Chen, it turned out to be commonplace.

As for the Golden Eagle, he had no idea where it has gone, but he estimated that it must have returned to his home in this city.

Standing in the same place for a while, Yang Chen was no longer so much surprised nor so sluggish. He soon walked along the road and entered the city.

After coming in, Yang Chen did not directly think about looking for the First Wood True Essence, but slowly followed the main road, observing and becoming familiar with the whole city.

Although the Immortal’s Cave was a city, soon Yang Chen discovered that the spiritual distribution in the city was uneven. The higher the height, the more intense the distribution of spiritual power, and most of the monster cultivators seemed to live in the lowest parts of the city.

The spirit stones paid by the archway was only the cost of entering the city and staying in it. To practice here, one needed to pay another spiritual stone to rent a room.

The most common, was naturally the lowest floor room. The higher the level, the higher the cost. The cost of the lowest level for the day was one or two low grade spirit stones, it did not seem to be a lot. For each level, the spiritual power was several times thicker, but the cost also increased. It costed ten times more than the next layer, and the highest level was said to consume one jin of middle grade spirit stones a day.

After a day of exploration, Yang Chen discovered the big market in the city that the Golden Eagle talked about. It was indeed a huge market, even bigger than the market of the Pure Yang Palace. There were hundreds of shops, and there were still many people who stood alone. A wide variety of materials, medicinal herbs, and even cultivation methods could be found here.

At a glance, many rare materials for human cultivators were everywhere here. It was no wonder that the cultivators had always said that the monsters in the plains were rich. They were placed in the stalls in such a way that a large sect's disciple could be ashamed to death, not to mention the goods in the bigger stores.

Unfortunately, without the introduction of the Monster Race, the cultivators could never enter this cave. And these things could never be properly circulated within the cultivators.

Yang Chen was very curious. In his previous life, no one was arrogant in the plains of the beasts. Even Yang Chen, who was in this life, pointed Scarface here. Although he also got a lot of materials, no one really entered the core world of the monsters. Except now, only the current Yang Chen had.

In his previous life, the monsters of the beast plain had not produced any outstanding powers. Yang Chen did not have any masters in his memory. On the contrary, there were endless generations of powerful masters on the demon continent. Could it be that the monster cultivators who had been cultivated to a certain extent, would instead go to the demon continent?

These were unsolved mysteries, and Yang Chen had no answer about them. Now that he could stand in this city, maybe he could find these answers, or maybe not.

Originally when he came here, Yang Chen was looking for the First Wood True Essence that the predecessor left behind, but he now had changed his mind.

He would still have to continue to search for the First Wood True Essence, but, with so many cherished materials and various cultivation methods just lying around, how could he not take benefit of them. Yang Chen simply was not such a person. He must search for any good things here and make a fortune alongside.

For the Golden Eagle, he had long known that it had gone to somewhere he didn’t know. As for the cow head that Yang Chen met in the archway he did not want to go looking for it. After finding the city, Yang Chen did not plan to do anything for the time being. No matter what his plan was, he must go and explore the city.

Just taking a trip around the city, he spent about five days. This was only when he was curiously looking around. He hadn't investigated any points of interest yet.

Five days later, Yang Chen seemed to be familiar with some rules in the city. Although it was filled with monsters, no one could kill anyone here. They could compete privately, fights could also be indulged in, but the no kill rule still applied. Once such an incident was detected, the involved people would be killed by the city’s management masters. This was an iron law and must not be violated. If they wanted to kill, they must do it outside the city.

After gaining some understanding of the rules, Yang Chen also paid the spirit stones in the management office like the ordinary monster cultivators and rented a room at the bottom of the city. He received a Jade Key to enter the room and first settled himself.

Now Yang Chen looked like a newcomer who had just arrived. After understanding the rules of the city, he began to practice. Not surprisingly at all, the experience was unremarkable. But no one payed attention to Yang Chen.

After he got settled, Yang Chen sat in his room and began to ponder. There was a restriction on the room to disallow entry with a jade key. No one dared to break open the door either. Relatively speaking, it was safe.

Next, Yang Chen began to worry about the First Wood True Essence, was it still here?

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Editor: Skizlock

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