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The Immortal’s cave under the banyan tree, was filled with spiritual power resulting in cultivation being many times better than outside. The monsters were not stupid. After their Spiritual Wisdom opened and they reached the foundation realm, they were brought here by their predecessors.

This Ten-thousand Trees Forest was rich in resources and has many rare materials. Among the mountainous areas not far from the forest, there were several spirit stones mines. Some of the monsters that drilled the grounds were mining spirit stone and gaining the qualification to enter the Immortal’s Cave.

Of course, materials could also be exchanged for spirit stones, and all transactions were like markets in the human world. Even the Golden Eagle told Yang Chen that there was a large square market in the Immortal’s Cave, and there were many shops where you could buy anything one wanted.

When the Golden Eagle came out this time, he planned to find some materials in exchange for spirit stones. On the way back, he met Yang Chen. At first, he thought that Yang Chen was a human being, so it broke out with hostility. Later, discovered that Yang Chen was a calf, and thus was relieved.

Yang Chen couldn't help but smile bitterly, in addition to having a pair of horns in the sea of consciousness, where did he look like a monster? However, this was also good, it also saved him a lot of trouble.

Along the way, Yang Chen exchanged ideas with the Golden Eagle and learned everything about the Immortal’s Cave. The more he knew, the more surprised Yang Chen became.

The banyan tree's Immortal’s Cave had almost developed into an organization that was generally the same as the human sects. The only difference was that all the disciples were demon cultivators, and there was no clear indication that everyone was from the same sect. But when it came to the outside world, everyone admitted that it was a vein of the Ten-thousand Trees Forest.

The two Dacheng realm predecessors oversaw the Immortal’s Cave’s rules and resources, many Yuanying realm predecessors also managed all other aspects.

In the Immortal’s Cave, there were the secret techniques left by their predecessors, which were simply tailor-made cultivation Secret Arts for the sorcerers. There were cultivation methods for the five elements, and there were various kinds of alchemy refining techniques also. Although it was not as strict as the big sects, it was already a small demon martial arts sect.

From this point of view, the monster cultivators of the Ten-thousand Trees Forest had obviously a higher starting point than that of other monster cultivators. One must know that She Kui and Xie Sha had no systematic secret techniques to practice, their cultivation was all in accordance with their instinct. Later, after meeting Yang Chen, they got some practice instructions.

The monster cultivators here, after the opening of the spirit wisdom, had systematic secret techniques, their overall strength was more powerful than the monsters elsewhere in the plain.

During the exchange, Yang Chen also discovered that the Golden Eagle unsurprised by Yang Chen's human form. It seemed that there were many humanoid monster cultivators in the Immortal’s Cave. He didn’t know if they practiced Yang Chen’s transformation secret arts from the spirit world, or another inheritance.

With a lot of doubts, Yang Chen wanted to know, especially the one that was the most important thing. However, this time obviously was not the time to ask, Yang Chen held back his curiosity. Soon he would arrive at the Immortal’s Cave to see for himself, thus, he decided to wait a little longer.

However, what surprised Yang Chen was that though he thought that he would arrive soon. The Golden Eagle had been flying for two days and had traversed a full thousand miles. They began to slowly descend.

Yang Chen found a huge banyan tree in his vision. This tree, he did not know how to describe. If he knew that the banyan tree had always had the characteristics of a single tree, he would definitely think that he had come to a vast banyan forest.

A banyan tree with numerous pillar-like roots occupied the strictness of hundreds of miles. Not to mention the trunk, the light was the root of the air, the finest could also have the thickness equal to more than a dozen people. As for the main centre, it was a huge circular castle that directly occupied a few miles.

Yang Chen didn’t know how many years this big banyan tree had grown, and he was even more unclear why this big banyan tree had not opened its spirit wisdom to become a tree demon after so many years. Anyway, the predecessor said that the Immortal’s Cave was under the banyan tree, and it must be said that this must be the one.

The golden eagle’s wings were collected, flying fast from above the canopy, the huge figure was so small against the huge banyan tree. As for Yang Chen on his back, he was like a drop in the ocean.

As soon as he approached the canopy, the Golden Eagle's eyes flashed a gold colour, and Yang Chen discovered that he and the Golden Eagle had come to a huge archway. The golden body of the Golden Eagle, in such an instant, became quite like Yang Chen. However, his body was of a human's, but his head was the same as before.

Under the archway, there were actually two Monster Cultivators sitting. They also had human bodies, one with a tiger’s head and one with a bull’s head both in the Jiedan realm. In front of the two, there were two tables, as if they were in an office.

“There are new people coming, having same ancestry as yours.”

The Golden Eagle looked at the cow headed monster and yelled, “It was introduced by the black crane outside.” The eagle mouth made a voice which felt very weird.


The bull-headed monster screamed. After glimpsing at Yang Chen's divine sense, he immediately noticed his horns, and the corners of his mouth cracked. The cow's face showed a strange smile.

“This time I have to practice for a year.”

The Golden Eagle had already done many formalities, and directly took out a lot of low-grade spirit stones and several middle grade spirit stones. It handed them to the tiger head.

After the tiger head weighed them, it gave a Jade card to the Golden Eagle. Golden Eagle reached out and took it. Then turned and explained to Yang Chen, “this brand is the identity token of the Immortal’s Cave. Without this brand, you can’t get in. The time is recorded on the sign. When the time is up, it will be recalled automatically.”

Yang Chen also took out a lot of low-grade spirit stones, but he was not so stingy like the Golden Eagle and directly booked for a decade.

“I have been listening to the mysterious crane who have said this before, so after l especially prepared a lot of spirit stones and came over to cultivate.” While paying the spirit stones, Yang Chen explained.

It sounded like the reason was impeccable. The tiger head and the bull’s head didn’t think too much about it. Just followed the rules and gave Yang Chen a piece of the same jade card.

“You are new to come here, it is best to find out whether there is a suitable cultivation method for you.” The ox head was conscious that the same clan predecessor brought him here and very enthusiastically pointed out, “when I finish my duty, you can come to me when you have something to ask, I will take you around.”

This kind of enthusiasm, Yang Chen was of course very grateful. After giving his thanks, Yang Chen followed the Golden Eagle into the archway, along the road.

“This is your first time coming here so you will be surprised, I will not say anything, so as not to break your interest.” After Golden Eagle said a warm sentence, he followed a few steps and ran to the front “Look at it yourself, I will go ahead.”

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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