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Searching for the monsters in the Ten-thousand Trees Forest, Yang Chen directly covered the ground with his spiritual awareness but missed the sky. Now that he thought about it, there were some powerful monsters who could fly in the air.

His spiritual awareness threads eagerly popped up, and Yang Chen determined the position of the other party almost instantly. The reason why Yang Chen did not release all his spiritual awareness, was because he was also afraid that his own Dacheng realm spiritual awareness would cause the other party’s fear and they would run away.

It was a huge golden eagle, flying so high that his huge body looked very small and distant. However, the golden eagle was very fast. In the high sky, he flown in circles, his eyes also were staring vigorously at Yang Chen.

Accompanied by the spiritual awareness threads, Yang Chen also sent out the Beast Controlling Secret Art. As soon as it touched the other’s body, his thoughts was passed on.

“Fellow Daoist, I want to ask about a way, I will thank you if you can show me.”

Yang Chen sent his thoughts.

The other party did not seem to expect Yang Chen to pass on his thoughts from so far, so that the figure that was so far in the air, then began to slowly decline. The Golden Eagle did not have such a strong spiritual awareness as Yang Chen. After falling to a certain distance, Yang Chen felt the thoughts passed by Golden Eagle.

“Where do you want to go? What will be the rewards?”

This golden eagle of the peak Jiedan realm had the size of a hundred feet. Just in the eyes of Yang Chen, this guy was weak and pitiful. Even if Yang Chen did not use a magic weapon, it was estimated that his power could also be a matched with the other party.

“I am looking for a huge old banyan tree, in the south of the Ten-thousand Trees Forest.”

It was not easy for Yang Chen to meet a monster who could communicate, and the Golden Eagle was suitable for his request, “as for the reward, what does Fellow Daoist want?”

Although its cultivation base was not very strong, but the Golden Eagle flew in the air, its domain was more extensive than the monsters on the ground. The eyes of the Golden Eagle could also see very far, from top to bottom, very few things could be missed through his eyes.

“Old Banyan?”

The Golden eagle flew closer, the more it understood about Yang Chen's problem, “are you an outsider?”


Yang Chen did not understand what the Golden Eagle meant but admitted that he was an outsider and did not have much to do with it. The generous answer was an affirmative.

“No wonder!”

The golden eagle flanked the wings, hovering over the sky above Yang Chen, and passed on an idea, “Little calf, what do you want to find the old banyan tree for?”

The question asked was really strange. Yang Chen couldn't figure it out quickly enough. After a sigh of relief, he said with his spiritual awareness, “I need to go beneath the tree…”

“Do you know that place?”

The Golden Eagle's thoughts were sent again, and the sudden interruption of Yang Chen's hesitation was followed by another question, "how do you know that place?"

That place? Yang Chen was really stunned this time. He thought about it before he came. Maybe the Immortal’s Cave would have been discovered by some monsters. Now it seemed that his fear had become true.

The Golden Eagle knew the Immortal’s Cave and asked Yang Chen how he knew about it. It seemed that it was a well-known fact around here. It also seemed that monsters here knew how this cave was like and these monsters didn't want outsiders to know this.

“It was a predecessor who told of it.”

Yang Chen still didn’t lie, just regarded it as a predecessor's saying. He said that it was true, whether it was according to age or according to seniority, the immortal who was killed by himself was enough to be a predecessor.

“Is it the black crane old man? I told him not to tell the outsiders casually.”

The thoughts of the Golden Eagle reflected a complaint. As for the guy in the Golden Eagle mouth, Yang Chen simply didn’t know off.

“Since someone told you, then you come with me!”

Golden Eagle did not say anything more this time, flew directly in a certain direction, and left Yang Chen with a sentence, “I take you to pass, see some acquaintances. For the sake of it, only accept fifty jin of your low-grade spirit stones. If you disagree, then forget it!”

How could lowly fifty jin of low-grade spirit stones be placed in the eyes of Yang Chen. He directly threw a jin of middle grade spirit stones towards the Golden Eagle, more than twice his asking price.

This golden eagle seemed to have a love for money. Seeing that Yang Chen was so generous, he flew down and offered, “you come to me, I am carrying you to pass!”

Yang Chen was overjoyed. He couldn't think that his generous hand could result in such a convenience. He jumped up on the wide back of the Golden Eagle and sat down. It only felt like a second with the sound of the surrounding wind screaming, and they had flown a hundred miles away.

Whether it was the control of the flying sword, flying in general or driving the shuttle, the monsters could recognize his Dao Sect disciple status. This Golden Eagle did not know because he had not seen him driving a shuttle. He had regarded Yang Chen as a calf, thinking that he was Monster Race Fellow Daoist.

“Fellow Daoist, how can you need spirit stones?”

Sitting on the back of the Golden Eagle, Yang Chen also curiously conveyed a thought and asked, this was a question he always could not understand, when did the monster beast also began to use spirit stones?

“How can you not want spirit stones? The spiritual power in the Immortal’s cave is overflowing. If you want to go in and practice, you must hand in the spirit stones on time.”

The Golden eagle quickly replied, “your one jin middle grade spirit stones are enough for me to practice inside for a month’s time.”

Listening to the answer of Golden Eagle, Yang Chen was shocked again, “why, is there still someone in charge of this Immortal’s Cave?”

If someone wanted to take charge and Yang Chen wanted to collect the First Wood True Essence. Wasn’t it an idiotic dream?

“The Immortal’s Cave, naturally needs someone to take charge, otherwise anyone can go in. Does it not need a lot of money to replenish an Immortal Cave's spiritual aura?”

The Golden Eagle was very surprised how Yang Chen would ask such a question, but immediately realized it himself and gave an explanation, “the place where Fellow Daoist practiceshas a cultivation method buried, everyone else is vying for it. Who would be able to grab it? What kind of realm could it be cultivated to? If you must tackle Fellow Daoist, you must have a ferocious looking body or an advanced secret technique!”

“Also ask your Fellow Daoist to solve your doubts.”

A few words have already made Yang Chen completely stunned. In this Immortal’s Cave, there was actually a cultivation method Secret Art that could not be cultivated? Yes, the predecessor of the monster race, before ascending, may have left something.

“The Immortal’s Cave is now run by two Dacheng realm seniors. Daoists of the Monster Race and some acquaintances come, they can cultivate in the Immortal’s Cave.”

Golden Eagle quickly explained, “if you have enough spirit stones, you could stay inside. During the visit, one can even buy high-level secret techniques and all kinds of materials for medicinal pills. Most fellow Daoists in the Ten-thousand Trees Forest have practiced in this Immortal’s Cave.”

This explanation made Yang Chen finally understand that because of the existence of the Immortal’s Cave, the Monster Race in this area was completely different from other places. No wonder Yang Chen had not found a monster cultivator before. It turned out that they were concentrated in the Immortal’s Cave.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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