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No one knew what happened except Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect. However, Ming Guangruo and Mao Qi, a group of fifteen people, now lived in extreme fear.

The life magic weapons had lost contact with their owners, for the time being, it seemed that they had not been refined. This could only explain that the culprits did not know what method to use, they could cut off the relationship between the life source magic weapon and the master’s heart but had not yet the ability to refine it.

If it was refined, then their performance would have been directly like those who had lost their lives, their sea of consciousness would be severely damaged.

They were worried, but there was hope. The other party could cut off their contact with the magic weapon, but they couldn’t refine it. It showed that it may be only because of a strange magic weapon that they could achieve this, and it was not because their cultivation base was formidable. If they could find it in time, then the loss of the ‘Greatest Heaven Sect’ would not be too great.

The situation of other people was the same. This could only show that the other party couldn’t sacrificially refine the Life Source magic weapons of the Yuanying realm ancestors. Their cultivation base must even be limited to the same realm.

Hope was right in front of them, they just had to find the other party. According to the situation that night, the distance of the other party was not far away, and a group of people in the Greatest Heaven Sect remained vigilant in continued surveillance of the area. It was a pity that even after digging three feet under, they still had not found any clues of the perpetrator.

If they have hope, they just must use it. In the Greatest Heaven Sect, everyone concentrated on the area, and the search lasted for almost a month. When everyone had almost lost all their hopes, suddenly something happened.

Originally, they thought that the other party did not have the ability to refine the Life Source magic weapons but elder Ming Guangruo, suddenly started spurting blood, his whole person instantly fainted.

Everyone was shocked by the event and hurriedly stayed as the guardians of elder Ming. After emergency aid, Elder Ming woke up. The first sentence he screamed after waking up was, “my flying sword!”.

The person who knew the inside story understood that the life source magic weapon of elder Ming, had been refined, the spiritual awareness connection between him and the Life Source magic weapon has been forcefully broken.

Under the serious injury of spiritual awareness, the backlash of his body was provoked, resulting in him vomiting blood. However, this kind of injury still couldn’t make him faint, but the reason was the shock his mind received and the resulting intense heartache. The flying sword that had been sacrificially refined by him for thousands of years had been taken away by another person, it had caused his cultivation base to get seriously damaged. It would be strange, if he was not distressed.

The Elder Ming had an accident, and everyone else was even more shocked. It turned out that the other party was not incapable of refining their magic weapons. The magic weapon of the former, a Dacheng realm master, was being refined. That also means that the fourteen pieces of the magic weapon of ‘Mao Qi and the others were equally difficult to escape the fate of being robbed.

Mao Qi and others face colour changed dramatically. Finally, they also felt the taste of being stripped of their own magic weapons. Although it was not their turn, the kind of silent fear had still hit their hearts.

No one would have thought that the current retribution would come so quickly. The fifteen who had forcefully made the seventeen descendants of the Pure Yang Palace to hand over their Life Source magic weapon, would have to spend decades recuperating from it. Within a month, they had tasted the very same disaster. Though yet only one of them, the Dacheng realm master had paid the price.

The people immediately began to doubt, Liang Shaoming blew up the mountain gate of the Pure Yang Palace. After a few decades, the mountain gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect was also destroyed, and it also took tens of thousands of lives. Ming Guangruo and the others wanted the Pure Yang Palace to abolish the magic weapons and cultivation of seventeen of their core disciples. In the blink of an eye, they themselves would suffer the same fate. Could it be that all this was the karma plot of the Pure Yang Palace?

Suspicion was doubtful, but no one really asked the Pure Yang Palace. It was really the strength disparity of Pure Yang Palace with Greatest Heaven Sect, impossible to be compared. Even if the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island was present, they would still bear the burden of letting the disciples follow the requirements of the Greatest Heaven Sect. If the Pure Yang Palace really had the strength to retaliate, they wouldn’t be living in a shack like that.

Cultivation had to be promoted with a happy state of mind. Vexing ideas and understanding could be no good for cultivation. Moreover, with that ability, maybe they already would have been killed by the Greatest Heaven Sect. Could gather the flying swords controlled by their masters of the Dacheng realm? They would be invincible even in battle! What else would make the sect act?

The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect were all going crazy, but Yang Chen was appreciating the sword of Ming Guangruo. Ming Guangruo was an earth attributed cultivator, this flying sword was also of the same earth attribute, moreover Fifth Earth attribute.

The material used turned out to be a very high-grade spine of an Earth Dragon, which was mixed with a touch of rare earth material and then replenished with countless rare materials. After the constant tempering of Ming Guangruo for thousands of years, it was almost the perfect flying sword.

That was to say, only the filthy rich Greatest Heaven Sect could find this kind of living soil. The extraordinary magic weapon was used in the legendary art of water control. This flying sword could never wear, even if slightly damaged, it would always recover slowly, thus, making it powerful and unbeatable.

Such a good thing, Yang Chen could not help but to directly take it with a laugh. Among the Yin Yang Five Elements flying swords, the Fifth Earth flying sword had not yet been refined, and this flying sword was enough to be used in its place.

Xiao Tian digested the unformed tool spirit in the flying sword, and even the spiritual awareness of Elder Ming Guangruo was digested and cleaned. The ability of swallowing the tool spirit had erupted a fearful effect.

If he wanted to use this Fifth Earth flying sword, Yang Chen, of course, could not use it with its original appearance. However, the change of visual appearance was not a big problem for Yang Chen.

Although the current Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire was still very low-level, but there were several kinds of fifth grade fire seeds in the profound spirit furnace, taking turns, in a few months, the Fifth Earth flying sword soon changed its appearance. Even if it was put in front of Ming Guangruo’s eyes, if he did not carefully explore it by his spiritual awareness, he would not recognize that this was his own flying sword.

The Fifth Earth flying sword level was already high enough. For the time being, Yang Chen would not be able to continue the sacrificial refining. Therefore, Yang Chen directly collected the Fifth Earth flying sword into his sea of consciousness, buried it deep in the fifth earth layer, just like a Life Source magic sword while being tempered.

During this time, when Yang Chen changed the visual appearance of the Fifth Earth flying sword, the fourteen magic weapons that Mao Qi and others left behind also had their tool spirit and spiritual awareness digested by Xiao Tian.

The fourteen Yuanying realm masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect almost lined up. Every ten days, they had to endure serious blood vomiting and injuries. No exception was made. Under such tremendous pressure, those who were behind were almost desperate, counting their days till they bear the same consequences.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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