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"My Greatest Heaven Sect’s compensation has also been put here, does Palace Master He also express his sincerity?"

Ming Guangruo, this time, finally turned his eyes to the Pure Yang Palace, Palace Master.

At this point, the Palace Master could certainly not hesitate any more, he directed the seventeen Jiedan realm disciples to show their Life Source Magic Weapons that they were refining.

Although there were many unwilling expressions on their faces, these disciples did not oppose the instructions of the Palace Master. Each disciple took out his magic weapon out of his sea of consciousness.

The pain due to taking out the life source magic weapon in the middle of refining could be imagined. Even if they were at the Jiedan realm, they were still considered masters. A painful expression could be seen on these disciples' faces.

After a while, all the disciples were sweating, soon some began to pull out their own magic weapons. Of course, the fastest one was the one who had spent the shortest time refining. Basically, they were taken out according to the time spent on refining them, from shortest to longest.

After extracting the magic weapons, all the 17 disciples vomited blood. They looked at the Palace Master and asked others to help carry and heal them. This scene let the people of the Pure Yang Palace glare at the Greatest Heaven Sect. However, everyone in the Greatest Heaven Sect did not care about their gazes, they just stared at those magic weapons.

Seventeen magical treasures that had been tempered for a short time were placed opposite magic weapons of the Greatest Heaven Sect. This time, Mao Qi did not wait for Elder Ming to direct the two refiners to check before he did it.

The two masters did the same as before, picking up each one by one, examining them thoroughly. This time though they were even more careful.

It took almost twice as long as the previous inspection, and both traits were checked. After the inspection, no one said anything, just looked at each other and nodded.

This confirmed that the materials used in these things were the same as those shown by the Pure Yang Palace. That was to say, the materials of the Pure Yang Palace were not short, all of them were here.

Those were used in various degrees in these flying swords, some were also partially refined by now but now all of them have become waste. Forcibly interrupting after a weapon reaches partial refinement would render the weapon useless. Basically, these weapons will now be completely scrapped.

"Elder Ming, Hall Master Mao, the materials mentioned by your sect are all here. What further advices, do you wish to impart?"

The tone of the Palace Master was unceremonious. There was also a thick intent of warning in his words. As if saying that, if they have no further demands, they should quickly leave.

Ming Guangruo would not say anything at this time, the facts had proven that all the materials of the Pure Yang Palace were there, and they were not the culprits. Of course, he would not speak.

"This time, it was really harassment of the hospitality of Palace Master He."

Greatest Heaven Sect Foreign Affairs, Hall Master, Mao Qi brought a smile on his face, "Palace Master He rest assured, I will go back to report to the Sect Master that Pure Yang Palace had nothing to do with this matter. For the arrogance before, please forgive me. I will leave immediately!"

The group of people stood up and rushed to cup their hands to the Pure Yang Palace's Master, and then directed the same to the side of the Green Jade Immortal Island Master. Ming Guangruo seemed to have thought of something general and curiously asked, "I didn’t know why the Island Master personally visited the Pure Yang Palace. Could I ask, what had happened?"

"This old person came to talk with Palace Master He about the marriage of my sect's Shi Shanshan with Yang Chen."

The leader of the Green Jade Immortal Island said very casually, "why? Does Elder Ming's words mean that we must have first gone to the Greatest Heaven Sect to report this, before we came here?"

It was a secret that they came to the Pure Yang Palace to negotiate about the Questioning Inner Heart Pill. Of course, they couldn’t let the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect know that and the Island Master directly pulled out this very plausible reason. Just like Shi Shanshan was also there, and there had been a rumour about Yang Chen's affairs, no one could find any fault with this reasoning.

Shi Shanshan was a well-known cultivation genius and Yang Chen’s affairs were not so secret as well. It was quite normal for the two to form a tie. Everyone understood this clearly that the Green Jade Immortal Island wanted to pull Yang Chen through Shi Shanshan. Since Yang Chen could refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, it was not surprising that the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island had personally made this trip.

With this explanation, it was a perfect cover for the personal visit of the Island Master. There was nothing more for Ming Guangruo to discuss, he could only cup his hands towards the Island Master, and quickly leave the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace.

Xu Chengxin immediately cleared the hall and showed the delegation out as soon as his eyes met the gaze of the Palace Master. He then himself left to resume taking care of his responsibilities.

The people in the group of the Greatest Heaven Sect walked simply, and no one mentioned the magic weapons left behind. Everyone knew that out of these seventeen magic weapons, only the last two that Ming Guangruo took out, were the gifts for the Pure Yang Palace. The other fifteen pieces are their magic weapons. It was just a trivial loss for them.

"Thank you for the help of the Island Master!"

The Palace Master did not accompany the Greatest Heaven Sect's delegation but took the lead to cup his hand to the Island Master. Several other elders also expressed their gratitude to the several elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

This time it was really thanks to the master of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Otherwise, the Pure Yang Palace could only bear with the enemy weakly according to the predetermined plan. Which was formulated by him, elder Zheng Feng and Yang Chen, culminating with letting the other party leave rampantly. It was with the appearance of the Island Master, not only did they survive the crisis, but they also won two magic weapons as compensation.

"It is only a slight effort on my part, why must you mention it."

The Island Master smiled and waved, "it was such a spectacle, and it was really important to handle Shan'er and Yang Chen's actions, so as to avoid Greatest Heaven Sect's suspicions."

The Palace Master could only nod. The Island Master said that on the one hand, it was the solution, on the other hand, it was to take the opportunity of the two people to finalize it.

The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect actually acted as notaries in unintentional ways.

In any case, the Palace Master bit his teeth. Extraordinarily Yang Chen was surrounded by beautiful women. What if he married Sun Qingxue? Gong Sunling of his own sect was no exception!

When Yang Chen heard the people leave, he also came to the hall. His spiritual awareness was recovered, and he could not hear the last words of the Island Master.

Yang Chen entered through the door and saw the seventeen magic weapons left by the Greatest Heaven Sect's delegation on the table. His eyes were bright, "Good things, let us see if these things can stay!"

He did not wait for everyone to react. What was the meaning of Yang Chen? Yang Chen collected the seventeen magic weapons and threw them into the medicine garden. Xiao Tian had long been ordered by Yang Chen to consume these weapons' spiritual imprints and refine them. He had been lying in wait. As soon as they were thrown, he swallowed them all.

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Editor: Skizlock

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