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The strength of the Green Jade Immortal Island could be no worse than that of the Greatest Heaven Sect. The current Greatest Heaven Sect was in great difficulty. Under the circumstance, even if there were secret forces to supplement them, they dare not say that they would win, not to mention that the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect had common interests. It was equivalent to offending both at the same time.

If you wanted to add the Pure Yang Palace and the Beast Taming Sect, it would be even more troublesome. Although the strength of the two small sects was not very good, but each sect had a master of the Dacheng realm, the strength of both in unity was also extraordinary.

If Ming Guangruo was arrogant again, he must also consider the consequences inquiring the anger of the Island Master at this time. Although Mao Qi and the others were Yuanying realm masters, this time they were all staring nervously at the old elder. Only when Elder Ming uttered those words could they finally be relieved.

This breath was really unbearable. It was obviously aimed at the Pure Yang Palace. They thought that this time Elder Ming had come strong with 14 Yuanying realm masters and could suppress the Pure Yang Palace. Who would have expected that the Island Lord appeared this time, and even stood side by side with Pure Yang Palace.

However, the discontentment was not enough. The master of the Dacheng realm also had to compromise in front of the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island. This was the shocking power of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Even the Elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect must consider it.

"The ears are imaginary, seeing is believing."

The Island Master seemed to be trying hard to crack down on Ming Guangruo's face and said bluntly, "this is just Elder Ming's' own words, not to take out the things you want to compensate. Why would the Pure Yang Palace believe that you will give compensation? In lieu of this, could the Dacheng realm master Elder Ming be not so playful?"

If this was the case, the Pure Yang Palace couldn't get angry with the casual talk of Elder Ming. But now it was from the mouth of the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Even if it was not good, it must be considered.

"Can’t take it out? Then change the way."

The Island Master did not give Ming Guangruo the chance to reply and said directly, "there are all people who have a vow to swear, how? Pure Yang Palace disciple can swear, I'm sure that many of your disciples can also swear?"

This was another army. Since the Greatest Heaven Sect had the idea to destroy a group of reserve core disciples in the Pure Yang Palace, then they must also have the mental preparation for the destruction of a group of Yuanying realm ancestors. Who didn’t know what Ming Guangruo planned? Who had not seen such before? Who wasn't part of the same world?

It was more difficult for Ming Guangruo to swear than to let him directly compensate for the loss. Losing a magic weapon was just a magic weapon. Let him swear by his heart and risk his inability to improve his cultivation base. He was a prime master at the Dacheng realm. How could he and the Pure Yang Palace’s Jiedan realm disciples swear together.

Moreover, swears on hearts and souls were not so easy to give away. Such a swear with even a little bit of violation could result in countless demons. How could Ming Guangruo say that he had no idea of damaging the Pure Yang Palace core disciples?

It was just that when they set off, they had thought to coerce and lure the Pure Yang Palace to examine their material possessions. Determine whether they were the real murderers behind the scenes or use this opportunity to completely suppress the Pure Yang Palace. Who would have thought that they would encounter such a matter that they would be forced to compensate with medicinal pills and magic weapon on the spot? Now, how could they ever hope to accomplish that?

However, Ming Guangruo was Ming Guangruo, the elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect were not stupid, they immediately thought of countermeasures. On one of his hands, a muddy brown ordinary flying sword instantly appeared.

"This is the old man’s Life Source Flying Sword. If their own flying sword is destroyed, the old man will use his own flying sword to pay for it. Is that enough?"

Ming Guangruo’s sharp gaze stared straight at the Island Master, as if shooting flames.

The Life Source Flying Sword of a great Dacheng realm master was definitely more precious than the Jiedan realm disciples' Life Source Flying Swords.

If Ming Guangruo actually felt attachment with his own flying sword, obviously he had already reached an extreme.

"Against the seventeen Life Source Flying Swords of the disciples, aren't you being a big bully?"

The Island Master would not be able to say that Ming Guangruo's flying sword was not much better than these Jiedan realm disciples and could only talk about the quantity.


Ming Guangruo was extremely angry, but could only say one word, and no more.

Mao Qi and the other dozens of Yuanying realm ancestors who followed him looked at each other. Everyone brushed their hands and summoned their own Life Source Magic Weapons. Fourteen Yuanying realm ancestor's Life Source Magic Weapons, all were put out in the front. Elder Ming took out his own Life Source Magic Weapon, how could his followers not follow suit?

This showed that the difference between the Greatest Heaven Sect and other sects. Disciples capable of reaching the Yuanying realm were provided the best flying swords by the sect from the beginning, so that these disciples would temper them as their own Life Source Magic Weapons. Even less talented disciples with outstanding potential in the Jiedan realm would deliberately be cultivated.

Other sects would also love to do the same, but they fell short of resources in comparison to the Greatest Heaven Sect. Before in the Pure Yang Palace, there were eight Yuanying realm masters, but none of them had a Life Source Flying Sword. There were no suitable materials available at all, only low-grade materials were used to make Life Source Flying Swords. Such weapons would break after only few uses, they were not worth holding a candle to.

Fifteen Life Source Magic Weapons were placed in front of everyone. Everyone in the Greatest Heaven Sect's delegation was angry, the subject of the anger was not Pure Yang Palace but the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

In this regard, the Green Jade Immortal Island Master did not care, the secret competition between the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island was not something new. This small matter would not generate any waves in the hearts of the Green Jade Immortal Island's people?

Everyone knew that these masters' Life Source Magic Weapons were impossible for the Pure Yang Palace to acquire otherwise. If it was so simple to get a cultivator’s magic weapon, then it would be too easy to cultivate. If they were in the mood, these magic weapons could fly back to their side at any time.

At this point, people in the Greatest Heaven Sect group knew that the people of the Green Jade Immortal Island were with the people of the Pure Yang Palace and were manoeuvring this matter together. The Greatest Heaven Sect had to put up with this farce; there wouldn't be much loss, at most they would lose some face. However, to attain such an outcome, they still had to satisfy the people of the Pure Yang Palace.

"You only have fifteen swords, the others have seventeen, two are missing!"

Of course, the Island Master could not let the Pure Yang Palace miss out on even a little benefit from it. Since everyone was now in an alliance, it was natural to consider such.

This time, even Ming Guangruo was generous, and he did not hesitate to take two more magic weapons from his body and put them in front. Although these two magic weapons were not his own, they were not the same as the other small ones. They were appropriate to be used as Life Source Magic Weapons.

"Are these enough?"

Ming Guangruo asked and looked at the Green Jade Immortal Island Master.

"Well, now you have shown a bit of sincerity."

The Island Master was satisfied with the compensation measures and withdrew.

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