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These materials were necessary to construct the Welcoming Array. The intelligence of the Greatest Heaven Sect said that they had enough materials to build a complete array with their materials. Now Elder Zheng actually said that these materials could not be taken out. Didn’t it mean that the Pure Yang Palace had the biggest suspicion?

Originally, there was once a sinister ruin in Pure Yang Palace. The key to this was that the high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect were certainly in doubt whether the Pure Yang Palace knew it. Now, with the performance of the Pure Yang Palace, were they the culprits?

Of course, they were correct in such a fine test. Pure Yang Palace had already known all the secrets, and Yang Chen was the one who detonated the formation in their sect. However, who would admit it?

“How can you not get it?”

The anger on the face of the Palace Master was apparent.

“Lord of the Palace, these materials were all good materials for refining flying swords.”

Zheng Feng hurriedly explained, “you forgot, thirty years ago, you told the sect disciple, Gao Yue, to refine a number of good flying sword embryos for the sect. To use them as a re Life Source Magic Weapons for a group of outstanding disciples. In the past 30 years, Gao Yue has successively refined these materials into swords, most of them have been given out. How could they be taken out?"

The reminder of Elder Zheng Feng was what Yang Chen and the Palace Master had discussed as countermeasures. Yang Chen listened in the distance and smiled in his heart. This time, the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island came out, how could they just let these delegates of the Greatest Heaven Sect not eat back their words and leave peacefully.

Listening to this, the Palace Master acted as if he suddenly realized what had happened and slapped his head, “I really forgot!”

After that, he turned to the Greatest Heaven Sect's delegation like he was very sorry to say, “we have really made fellow Daoists laugh at us, we have already made them into sword embryos. They really can't be taken out."

The masters from the Greatest Heaven Sect, headed by Elder Ming, all had a pale facial expression, and looked at the Palace Master without saying a word. Mao Qi was staring at the people of the Pure Yang Palace with an extremely skeptical look. After a while, he said, “they have already been given out, they couldn't go far, why not let these disciples come. Bring them out, making me and the others see them?”

“That is a good suggestion!”

The Palace Master waved without demur, “the disciples who have won them as rewards are to be called out, the remaining swords are also to be brought out.”

This time, Elder Zheng Feng no longer said anything more, he turned and left. After a while, he came back to the hall with a lot of sword embryos and at least a dozen flying swords.

“I have already told people to call the disciples here, they will arrive in a minute.”

Elder Zheng Feng was very simple this time. When he came back, he returned to the Palace Master and continued, “these are the sword embryos that have not yet been rewarded.”

This scene made the people of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Greatest Heaven Sect a little confused. However, the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island sat and watched quietly. Mao Qi and the several of the masters he brought, turned their heads and signaled them to look forward.

The two Yuanying realm ancestors were also well-versed in refining, everyone in the field knew. The two walked up unceremoniously, picked up one slippery sword embryo each, looked at their handles very carefully, as if afraid of missing out on the minutest clue.

After a while, the two talents took turns to look at the handles of more than a dozen flying swords. Then turned back to their original seats.

One of the Yuanying realm ancestors smiled and said, “sure enough, Palace Master has an outstanding disciple, Fairy Gao's refining technique's essence is as deep as Elder Wang's. With her Jiedan realm cultivation base, in comparison to all the refining that this old man has seen, her swords are the best.”

His opening words were of recognition of the supreme grade of these flying swords. It was indeed made from the materials in the provided list of materials, but it was not so obvious.

These words provoked Yang Chen's far-sighted laughter, these sword embryos were all made by Yuanying realm ancestors, even if the level of the refiner was worse, they could make up for it with their cultivation base. Moreover, they let Gao Yue finally process it, not really use spiritual awareness. How could they possibly detect this trick?

Although it was acknowledged that these swords were made of those materials, and the materials were very high grade, the quality of flying swords was equally good. But these materials were only a small part of the quantity, more than half of the quantity was still missing, the same was still enough to arrange a Welcoming Array.

“Reporting to the Palace Master, those disciples have brought them.”

The people waited for a while in the main hall. After less than half an hour, some people came in and reported to the Palace Master.

“Let them all come in, the seniors of the Greatest Heaven Sect want to see them.”

The Palace Master said to him directly.

Soon, a total of seventeen Jiedan realm disciples, walked in a line. There were men and women, standing in the open space, among the crowds. They stood in two rows and quickly greeted the Palace Master as well as all the others in the hall;

“Greetings to the Palace Master! Greetings to the Elders! Greetings to the predecessors!”

Quenching the Life Source Magic Weapon was usually after the Jiedan realm. These disciples were the younger generation disciples who had great potential. They were clearly the backbone of the Pure Yang Palace, but they would not let them temper their Life Source Magic Weapon at this time.

“The seventeen disciples, one of whom has a magic weapon with a golden seal, which consumes the most materials.”

Elder Zheng Feng introduced and even took out a list and handed it to Mao Qi.

Above the list, these disciples were recorded with their merits and when they obtained the sword embryo of the flying swords as a reward making everything clear. What were the names of the rewarded swords, the characteristics, the materials used and their number, the size and weights were also clearly written.

According to the records on the list, the materials that the Greatest Heaven Sect's report said were basically in it. The numbers and the quoted number of the Greatest Heaven Sect was about the same, the maximum difference was about ten jin. Ten jin of difference in materials was impossible to be enough to completely arrange a large Welcoming Array.

“Hall Master Mao, my Pure Yang Palace is not afraid of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but I feel that the relationship between the two sides that was established with great difficulty, should not be destroyed by the actions of a despicable villain.”

Elder Zheng Feng had everything in hand, naturally he was not afraid to talk, “what words currently does Hall Master Mao have to say?”

After Mao Qi finished reading the list, it was not good to say anything. He only gave the list to the Elder Ming Guangruo who did not say anything and ignored the words of Elder Zheng Feng.

After seeing the list one by one, the Elder Ming had no expressions on his face. Then he finally said slowly: "Speaking of it, it's all on paper. Where are the products of these materials? It would be good to know that these numbers are also true in reality."

When the words came out, the faces of the people suddenly changed.

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