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"You have all of them?”

When Mao Qi heard the words of Elder Zheng Feng, he became even more spirited. Even the Elder Ming who had partly closed eyes, now have been leaning forward from his seat. He stared at the Palace Master with widened eyes. They seemed to be waiting for the confirmation from the Palace Master.

“Elder Zheng had overseen my sect's warehouse for many years. So, if Elder Zheng says that we have them, then we do.”

The Palace Master gave a slight smile, ignoring the performance of the Greatest Heaven Sect's delegates. He seemed very certain.

“We also ask Elder Zheng Feng to move these materials out and let us see them.”

Since Palace Master had confirmed, Mao Qi was no longer polite and made a request directly.

“Take it out and let you have a look?”

The Elders of the Pure Yang Palace, including the Palace Master, all had a blank expression on their faces. It was difficult to cover the surprise on the face of the Palace Master. He asked, “But why?”

“It would be good that I explain to the Palace Master, so he knows.”

In the eyes of Mao Qi, there was a faint trace of a threat, "my Greatest Heaven Sect was destroyed, and countless disciples were killed. It was due to a kind of an array. The materials needed for the arrangement of such a formation are among those. Anyone who has these materials is a suspect.”

“If we have the materials then we are judged as suspects?”

The Palace Master did not speak, but Elder Gao Shiyan standing behind him, had already interjected, he then continued, “isn’t this too much?”

“The enmity for the destruction of my sect, is absolutely irreconcilable!”

Mao Qi’s face was now replaced by another kind of coldness, “If you have everything in the Pure Yang Palace, then everything is easy to suspect. If not, I ask the Palace Master to personally travel to my Greatest Heaven Sect to give an explanation to my Sect Master!”

When this sentence was spoken, the faces of all the Pure Yang Palace elders and disciples flashed with a lot of anger. For this reason, it was obvious that the dozen or so Yuanying realm ancestors came along with a master of the Dacheng realm. This was simply an explicit provocation. Once something incriminating was found, they would surely resolve it then and there.

“If you have it all worked out, why ask us?”

Elder Gao Shiyan continued in place of the Palace Master. If the Palace Master started to talk, there would be no room for a change, but if Elder Gao acts, even if it was unsuitable, it could be glossed over by the Palace Master.

The delegates of the Greatest Heaven Sect also had this idea. Mao Qi discussed while Ming Guangruo stayed quiet in the back. If the situation turned for the worse, he would come forward like a great elder.

“How many things had been received by the Pure Yang Palace in recent years, your sect has probably counted the number.”

Mao Qi also knew that this time, this couldn't be forced too much. After all, the Pure Yang Palace was now not the same as it used to be. Then he said, “if the number is similar, then there would not be any problems.”

Seemingly his intentions were good, but they only hid grave problems. The exact income of the Pure Yang Palace of a few decades would be known to the other party. The issues that could arise in part of this were simply shocking to one's heart.

“What if my sect did not allow you to look into our warehouse?”

Elder Gao Shiyan asked again.

“All the sects possessing these materials will be regarded as suspects. All must be examined one by one.”

Mao Qi waved a hand and did not give Elder Gao any face while continuing, “if you do not let us examine them, then I am afraid that will be considered as holding a guilty conscience. Thus, the Palace Master will have to return to my sect with us!”

“What big words!”

The people in the Pure Yang Palace had not answered to these words. Someone had already taken the chance to reply, “you want to check out our sect's warehouse, then take this old me to go to your Greatest Heaven Sect to check yours!”

The voice belonged to a girl, the Green Jade Immortal Island Master. Naturally, followed by the two Elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island, Shi Shanshan also followed.


Mao Qi screamed and was about to become violent, when he suddenly saw the figure of the Island Master. Shocked, his arrogant look disappeared without a trace and was replaced by a pair of panicked eyes.

For those who were from the Pure Yang Palace, the Greatest Heaven Sect would dare to swear at. After all, the strength of the two sides was too far apart, but in the face of the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, let alone Mao Qi, even if the Sect Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect came over, he would be afraid to be scornful. It was already a big offense for Mao Qi just to dare to scream at the Island Master.

“Slap yourself with your hand!”

The voice of the Island Master was not loud, but it was not a polite command at all.


Greatest Heaven Sect Foreign Affairs Hall Master Mao Qi, even with the Elder Ming who was in the Dacheng realm on his side, he still did not dare to refute one sentence. Directly reached out and strongly slapped his own face. Then immediately said, “is the island master, satisfied with this?”

“What wrong? So, if we also have such material, then are we the enemy who attacked you?”

The reason why the Island Master appeared was because of the words from Mao Qi. He had to slap himself when he dared to berate the Island Master, and now this was the topic.

“I don’t dare! It’s just that my sect is suffering, and tens of thousands of disciples are dying. I have to find justice for them!”

Mao Qi was a Foreign Affairs Master. He still had skill in his mouth, even though he said so himself. But he must still clarify his own reason, “the Green Jade Immortal Island is of course not suspected, but other sects, I am allowed to check them one by one.”

Since the other side said that the Green Jade Immortal Island was not suspected, and slapped himself in the face, he gave face to the Green Jade Immortal Island. It was not appropriate to pursue the idea again.

“It is necessary to clear suspicion, my Pure Yang Palace did not do such, and I am not afraid of knocking at the door in the middle of the night.”

The Palace Master finally came out to play a round, “since the friends from the Greatest Heaven Sect want to examine them. Then let them look at it.” .”

Although the words were polite, the grievances in his tone were heard by everyone. Of course, the Pure Yang Palace did not have the arrogance of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Naturally, it couldn't be like the Sect Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island and he couldn’t dare to make the other party slap himself.

“Palace Master He has great understanding, I offended you!”

Mao Qi saw that Palace Master was finally accepting, naturally he was no longer arrogant, and immediately changed his tone. Then looked at elder Zheng Feng, waiting for him to make the arrangement.

Elder Zheng Feng frowned. Some of his words and thoughts were seen through by everyone from the Greatest Heaven Sect. They felt that there was something wrong with this.

“What’s wrong?”

The Palace Master stared at him and asked very strangely, “are you not going to get them?”

“Lord of the Palace, these materials…”

Elder Zheng Feng looked at the Palace Master and then looked at the people present. His face shown a reluctant expression for a long time. Then he opened his mouth and said, “These materials can’t be taken out immediately.”


Everyone’s eyes were now concentrated on the body of Elder Zheng. The Greatest Heaven Sect's delegates' eyes also contained open hostility.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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