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There were not many alchemist masters in the cultivation world, it was not that everyone did not want to learn alchemy. But because of talent, perception, hobbies, etc., the number of alchemist masters was not many. Therefore, it was commonplace for one to prepare their own medicinal ingredients and then ask the alchemist masters to help them in refining it.

At the invitation of Elder Wu Xiong, Yang Chen participated in the process of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill. Not only him, Deng Yiya, Zhu Peng, He Lianyun, even Fan Shan, who was not an alchemy master, had such an experience.

It was not surprising that Shi Shanshan made this request to Yang Chen. Just because of the special nature of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill was now the exclusive resource of the Pure Yang Palace. Shi Shanshan was not sure whether Yang Chen would accept. Thus, she felt very embarrassed asking for it.


Yang Chen almost did not consider the answer. Shi Shanshan, who was a frosty person all the year round, could not help but show a hint of surprise.

"However, what are you going to give me, this alchemy master?"

Yang Chen wanted Shi Shanshan to show more expressions and asked.

It was also very normal for the alchemy master to help people to refine their alchemy and receive remuneration. In fact, almost all alchemists did this, with no exceptions.

She didn't expect Yang Chen to be so refreshed. She remained in the shocked state. When she heard Yang Chen's request, she responded hurriedly, "what conditions do you want?"

"Can you give me anything?"

Yang Chen looked at Shi Shanshan with a smile.

"As long as the Green Jade Immortal Island can afford it."

Shi Shanshan did not go to Yang Chen’s side, but replied steadily.

"That’s fine."

Yang Chen smiled and continued, "when the Island Master and Palace Master finish their discussion, I will consider what I want!"

This was very normal. Yang Chen was still a person of the Pure Yang Palace. Such a big thing, of course, must be verified by the Palace Master. This point Shi Shanshan also understood, in fact, Yang Chen's approach was just like what she told the Island Master.

"Actually, the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, which was auctioned by the Pure Yang Palace a few years ago, was bought by my sect."

After Shi Shanshan sat silent for a while, she said suddenly without caring whether Yang Chen was listening. But she knew that Yang Chen would certainly hear it.

"Has it cost a lot of money?"

Yang Chen didn't know the grand occasion of the auction, and didn't know what the final price was, but it must have been costly.

"Connected to the one, the best alchemist in the sect, the Hall Masters, shared three to study, each one was broken into powder."

Shi Shanshan did not know what psychology she had, always felt that she had to tell Yang Chen everything. Then she got the point and slowly said, "they found out the medicinal ingredients in it but the refining techniques you used could not be deciphered."

Sure enough, they were the masters of the big sects. Knowing the preciousness of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, that could be used by a master of the Dacheng realm, they still resolutely took out three pills to study and try replicating it. The refining technique could not be ordinary but unfortunately, they still underestimated the Questioning Inner Heart Pill.

The reason why the Questioning Inner Heart Pill could have that effect was 30% due to the use of the medicinal herbs and the remaining 70% was due to the refining technique. To produce the Questioning Inner Heart Pill was like knowing the refining technique. Unless a Seventh Grade Alchemist Master existed, it was impossible.

Seventh Grade Alchemist Master, it was not so easy for one to appear in the Immortal world, not to mention in the mortal world. Even if all the alchemy divisions in the mortal world were added up, it was impossible to get through the refining techniques of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill.

It took the price of a fortune, but in the end, they had to find Yang Chen again. It could be said that Green Jade Immortal Island was also very helpless. However, it was obvious to all that the Questioning Inner Heart Pill was strong. The Island Master and the elders have witnessed it and said that they must also make greater benefits of the Pure Yang Palace in exchange for a batch of Questioning Inner Heart Pill.

Compared with resources, the most important thing in the martial art sects was people. If the masters of Green Jade Immortal Island emerge in an endless stream, it would last forever, and they would be able to do whatever they wanted.

Just as Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen still had such a relationship, the sect must of course would use it. Shi Shanshan was also under the inquiry of the sect. After hesitating for a long time, she said that she had gone out with Yang Chen and exchanged a batch of spiritual medicines.

Since there was this source, then everything was easy to do. The Island Master asked Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen to go out alone. They also hoped that Shi Shanshan could persuade Yang Chen to make a move. She, Elder Guan and Elder Min were persuading the Palace Master.

Shi Shanshan was very worried that Yang Chen would be in conflict about it. Therefore, she did not mention this matter at the beginning, but she did not think that Yang Chen did not have any reservations at all. It was just a normal proposal in exchange of payment, it was a hundred times smoother than the imagination of Shi Shanshan and the Island Master.

The more this was the case, Shi Shanshan felt that there seems to be a place in her heart that was slowly loosening and softening. She and Yang Chen were together originally because of a misunderstanding. Of course, the initiator was herself. She did not know what the Sect Master and elders thought, but she felt they were a strong match.

However, after several contacts, Shi Shanshan became more and more understanding of Yang Chen, and was also scared of their two silent tacit understandings.

Yang Chen never asked for any further contact, which was exactly what Shi Shanshan wanted. However, the feeling of more and more tacit understanding made Shi Shanshan fearful; she was afraid that one day she would not be able to put on her frosty face in front of Yang Chen.

"If, I mean, if."

Shi Shanshan hesitated for a long time and still carefully asked, "if you agree to the Island Master, what are you going to ask for as the payment?"

"Fire Seeds!"

Yang Chen almost did not hesitate to blurt out, "I will specify Third and Fourth Grade Fire Seeds."

"How many?"

When she heard that Yang Chen only wanted Fire Seeds, her heart was even more relieved. For a big sect like Green Jade Immortal Island, third and fourth grade fire seeds were not so unimaginable.

"That depends on how many Questioning Inner Heart Pills you want."

Yang Chen smiled and said very casually, "your share is enough to ask for two complete furnaces of Questioning Inner Heart Pill. With my current ability, it would produce at least twenty pills. One Fifth, ten Fourth and forty Third Grade Fire Seeds, wouldn't be excessive right?"

A Questioning Inner Heart Pill could be of help to the master of the Dacheng realm. To put it bluntly, if Green Jade Immortal Island was willing, each one could make a Yuanying realm master upgrade to the Dacheng realm. If there were really 20 masters of the Dacheng realm, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Elements Sect, it would necessitate giving face to the Green Jade Immortal Island.

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