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“From the Blue Cloud Sect auction?”

Shi Shanshan turned her head and suddenly asked, "You bought it with Little Xue?”


Yang Chen did not expect that Shi Shanshan knew of the matters in the Blue Cloud Sect so clearly. But he did not feel surprised and just nodded, “At that time, I was buying it for alchemy. I've tasted it myself. The best thing to use it for is wine and tea brewing."

Seeing that Yang Chen admitted to it, the frost on Shi Shanshan’s face visibly reduced. Yang Chen laid out a complete tea set with a sway of his hands.

Yang Chen's movements were not slow. The profound spirit furnace quickly appeared in his hands, and the sprouts of the old tea trees that used the spiritual powers were also picked up in a short time. Then they were hung in the profound spirit furnace.

If anyone knew that Yang Chen actually used the Profound Spirit Furnace to match the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire just to fry tea leaves, it would definitely exacerbate Yang Chen's wasteful temperament.

But Shi Shanshan did not blame him at all but rather had a look of anticipation. She had no other good food, but she could brew delicious tea. It was rare for Yang Chen to have a common interest with her and his temaking technique was not unusual. It let her look forward to his better-looking tea.

The effect of the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire was not generally good, and Yang Chen had slightly added some Seventh Metal spiritual power to take care of Shi Shanshan’s taste. Even the process of frying was adapted to Shi Shanshan’s metal attributed spirit root. After tasting, one would feel an endless aftertaste.

The water was of course the spirit spring that Yang Chen bought from the Blue Cloud Sect auction site. As for the work of cooking tea, he made Shi Shanshan do it herself. Looking at the elegant and incomparably beautiful woman's movements while skilfully brewing tea; every move exuding fresh and refined beauty, being alluring at every instance. The tea had not yet been tasted, still it felt like he had already tasted its deliciousness.

“Taste my craft!”

Although Shi Shanshan was cold and proud, but in front of Yang Chen whether it was action or language, a feeling of a wife serving her husband was shown. She even served the tea to Yang Chen with both hands. Though her face did not carry a too intimate expression.

The hot tea would make any person feel the warmth in the whole body. With the exclusively mixed Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire and Seventh Metal spirit power made a person to forget everything.

Even Yang Chen, the initiator of this event, felt such enjoyment, not to mention that even Shi Shanshan was intoxicated. This time, the tea leaves brewing process clearly showed that Yang Chen's control after his cultivation base had improved. The seventh metal was good, and the fire was unbelievable.

The hard feeling thing hidden in the tea was like a metal, it was the infamous skill of Shi Shanshan. While drinking the tea, the spiritual power of the whole body became stimulated and started moving feverishly. The short moment of enjoyment could almost match the effect of One Heavenly Circulation.

The beauty of Shi Shanshan suddenly lit up. She did not expect that Yang Chen's tea was so different than before. It was just delicious before, but now it was even affecting her cultivation. It did not have just the delicious taste anymore.

Looking at Shi Shanshan’s amazed eyes, Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. The reason why he prepared all those things was that he wanted to force such a reaction from Shi Shanshan. Sure enough, the purpose of surprising Shi Shanshan had been achieved, Yang Chen was no longer restrained and laughed out.

“How has my craft improved?”

Yang Chen had a mind to show off and asked with a smile.

Looking at Yang Chen’s proud face, Shi Shanshan only gave him a smile, which was the reward. Soon she recovered her frosty expression. If Yang Chen didn’t know from his several contacts with her that Shi Shanshan did give him a high praise. Maybe he would have misunderstood that she was not satisfied.

It happened to be the sunset, watching the dying sun slowly falling, neither of them had any interest in talking. One person, a Jade cup, a small mouthful of taste, untasted by all others, it seemed that even the mood was tranquil.

“These are well collected. When you have time, you can drink more.”

Yang Chen cooked more than just for this tea, much more, then he directly sealed them in a Jade box, sealed it with a symbol seal and gave it to Shi Shanshan.

“Thank you!”

Shi Shanshan was not polite at all and collected it.

“Why should you say such a word between us.”

Yang Chen said very casually. But immediately realized that he said something wrong, then want to take it back, only to miss the timing.

“Also, between you and me, I don’t have to thank you.”

Shi Shanshan took it seriously and her mouth shown a happy expression.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but sigh again. When he faced this beautiful female, he would always be so unsettled and careless with his words causing such misunderstandings. Could it be that he couldn’t resist the beauty of this female? Or was it because of the prestige of Shi Shanshan’s later generation that he must pay attention to? He could not think it clearly.

However, there was a point that Yang Chen couldn’t deny it. He liked to sit in a place like this with Shi Shanshan very casually. He didn’t talk much, just watching the surrounding scenery and drinking delicious tea.

He didn’t know how, whether it was fighting or leisure, it seemed that both Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan had a silent tacit understanding.

Shi Shanshan also enjoyed this atmosphere. She hadn't talked for a long time. Until the night's colour was drooping, she sighed and said, "Yang Chen, I told the island master of the matter last time."


Yang Chen gave a cry but did not say anything. Shi Shanshan was originally a person from the Green Jade Immortal Island. If she told the island master of her own whereabouts, what was the fuss?

“That batch of ten thousand years Spirit Medicine, Island Master also knew.”

Shi Shanshan said another thing.

“Well, that is yours.”

Yang Chen said this sentence, but it was a little more, once again acknowledging the ownership of Shi Shanshan. This sentence said so much more, answering all the questions Shi Shanshan imagined.

She thought that Yang Chen would be a little surprised and even uneasy, but she didn’t think that he would have no reaction at all. Shi Shanshan understood that he really regarded those things as hers and never thought about taking them back. This feeling of being trusted seemed to be different from the sect.

“This time, I want to ask you something.”

Shi Shanshan said slightly in a whisper.


Yang Chen still asked in a calm tone.

“The Questioning Inner Heart Pill's raw materials are actually those ten thousand years Spirit Medicine.”

Shi Shanshan’s eyes stared at the ground and didn't look at his side, carefully masked, she continued, “Can you help out? Use my medicinal ingredients to refine a batch of Questioning Inner Heart Pills?"

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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