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Yang Chen didn't have time to deal with Xiao Tian for the time being. However, he still attached him to a weapon. Xiao Tian's incarnation would always be the appropriate size and shape that best suits his hand, enabling him to use him whenever he pleases.

Gui Shanyou also found many high-level magic weapon fragments from the portal of the Dacheng realm. These pieces were favourite foods for Xiao Tian, every piece of broken skin could give it enjoyment for a long time.

Looking at Xiao Tian bursting with energy, Yang Chen's heart moved again. There were still a few things in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace that have not been collected. Now Yang Chen's cultivation base had also improved, and Xiao Tian had completely absorbed the dragon qi. Was it possible to consider going to the Dragon Palace again to collect the rest of the things?

However, for the time being, Yang Chen still suppressed this idea. The first few things in the hands of Yang Chen had not been completely collected until now. Secondly, Yang Chen knew in his heart that he always let Xiao Tian exceed his own limits to absorb the dragon qi, his growth had not been so good, this must stop.

Even so, the growth of Xiao Tian gave Yang Chen a small surprise. The magic treasure pieces he absorbed spiritual power from were thrown away because they had no recycling value. Although the materials were still there, they had been mixed and sacrificial refined in various ways. It was now more difficult to track them than trying to go to heaven.

However, the strength of Xiao Tian made Yang Chen somewhat stunned. After Xiao Tian used the magic weapon fragments, there was a miraculous general change in their appearances. The materials were still mixed, but the trace of sacrificial refining had been completely eliminated, as if swallowed by Xiao Tian itself.

There were no magic fragments with even a trace of sacrificial refining, thus, these materials could be refined and separated in many ways and become the top materials that could be used. It should be known that this part of the material was basically produced in the portal of the Yuanying and the Dacheng realm, its level was not low.

Of course, this advantage, Yang Chen had not yet intended to tell anyone, but he did to let Shangguan Feng pay attention and collect some magic weapon fragments from the Yuanying and the Dacheng realm portals. In the long history of cultivators, he didn't know how many such things have been piled up in various unknown places so far. If someone has the heart for it, they could collect countless such things.

For Yang Chen, these countless magic weapon pieces meant countless high-grade refining materials. Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang five elements flying swords were just lacking all kinds of top materials for their sacrificial refining. That was simply like getting cheap raw material delivered to his door step.

Speaking of it, this time Xiao Tian also had an upgrade. Yang Chen was happy, he had piled a lot of magic weapon pieces around Xiao Tian. Of course, the most important ones were flying swords; Blood Phantom Vine flying sword and First Wood sword embryo. Xiao Tian's body was now on the First Wood sword embryo. On the top, it was playing with the Blood Demon Vine flying sword in its mouth.

Yang Chen wanted to leave, but some people didn’t let him. After making up his mind to go to the Monster Race's domain, he tried to report the matter of his departure to the Palace Master, but he told him that the Green Jade Immortal Island Master had come to visit the Pure Yang Palace. Specifically indicating that Yang Chen must accompany her, there was some business matter to discuss.

The arrival of Green Jade Immortal Island Master was a grand matter and the distinguished guest was to be received in a similarly grand manner at the Pure Yang Palace. Not to mention the Pure Yang Palace, even among the top two sects in the rankings, which one had a history of receiving a distinguished guest with a similar rank as of the Island Master?

However, what surprised Yang Chen was that the Palace Master had told him that the Island Master's visit was this time, a secret one. Thus, it did not involve fanciful reception. Also, Yang Chen should not divulge this information.

The other party pointed out that Yang Chen should accompany her, there was some business to deal in. He could only obey the instructions. However, what made Yang Chen strange was that, in addition to the two elders of Green Jade Immortal Island, there was another companion, Shi Shanshan.

Yang Chen knew the two elders. One was Yan Huafeng, a master of the Dacheng realm, and the leader of the Great Calamity of Demonic Art. The other was Guan Yuanying, a Yuanying realm ancestor. In the past, he chased Yang Chen for a month in the sea, and later turned to a friend from an enemy.

The Island Master's appearance was like a thirty years old woman. The smile on her face seemed very bright. If one didn't know her identity, anyone would take her as a woman full of optimism about life. You wouldn’t think that she was one of the leaders of the several major Dao sects.

Except for the Island Master, the people who came were acquaintances, who tended to be favourable towards the Pure Yang Palace. The secretive nature of this was a bit strange. However, since the other party had something to do with business, of course, it was necessary to bring people who will not cause misunderstanding with the Pure Yang Palace. From this point of view, it was quite normal.

“This old person is going to have something to discuss with the Palace Master. You, young people still have a lot to exchange.”

Unexpectedly, after seeing Yang Chen, the Island Master only looked at Yang Chen carefully and pushed Shi Shanshan out to let her get along with Yang Chen alone.

This gesture seemed to support Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen in their own capacity, but the whole hidden action was a bit strange. Making Yang Chen very confused. He didn’t understand the motive behind it.

Shi Shanshan was frosty in front of outsiders, but in front of these several seniors, she still had a respectful look. Listening to the Island Master's tease, her face shown a rare blush. The glamorous face with a shyness to boot, compared to the Island Master and several elders was higher by many points.

“Yang Chen, you take Fairy Shi to go to the Meishan Mountain, keep her entertained.”

The Palace Master also commanded. The meaning behind the smile on his face couldn't be seen through clearly. Whether it was just for mere etiquette or was it optimism about Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan's relationship.

What could Yang Chen say, he could only leave with Shi Shanshan after a greeting. It was also funny to think about it. He and Shi Shanshan were already over 100-years-old but were still young people in the eyes of their elders.

Shi Shanshan's face was restored to her usual frostiness. Because the Palace Master had iterated that this was a secret matter and any information about the Island Master was not broadcasted, so Yang Chen directly put Shi Shanshan into the shuttle, and soon flew to a high cliff. After arriving above it, they came out.

“I haven’t tasted the tea you cooked since a long time. It just happened to be so that my tea leaves had matured, becoming much better. Would you like to try them?”

Yang Chen looked at Shi Shanshan, who stood on the cliff. Then looked at the mountains under the cliff. Then laughed and told, “I got a nice Spirit Spring.”

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