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The welcoming array had always been the core secret of the martial art sects. It could hardly be said that it was impossible to get to know about it other than for the Palace Master and a few core Elders.

To think that on the side of the Greatest Heaven Sect, a similar welcoming array was arranged. Was it that these core elders have betrayed the sect?

The Palace Master was a smart person, and there was no such doubt. Almost all these elders were masters of the Dacheng realm and were all deep in seclusion. Basically, they had not participated in worldly affairs. They were so eager to ascend, that they would not participate in this kind of matter.

Thus, everything was like a mire making them puzzled. Could it be that the other party had not arranged a welcoming array, but some other formation which resonated with the welcoming array and caused it to explode? Reminiscent of the inexplicable semi-circular black hole above the welcoming array, everyone kept on guessing.

It was beyond the control of everyone for being confused, even Yang Chen, did not know the effect of arranging two similar welcoming arrays at the same time. He just tried it hoping for success and success he achieved in one fell swoop at that. And the understanding of the array by people in the Greatest Heaven Sect did not necessarily achieve even have half of what Yang Chen had arranged. How could they figure out such a core problem?

But the suspicion was still going on. The Greatest Heaven Sect was like a mad dog, attacking everywhere. Their bloody eyes stared at all the suspects, at even the slightest possibility, they would definitely rush to kill the other.

The Greatest Heaven Sect was really anxious. For the longest time, they could not exact revenge or even find a single clue about the perpetrator. In the same year, Pure Yang Palace had suffered similar destruction, but it also nabbed 100,000 people in the mountains. And one month after, when everyone was still talking about it, they had directly brought people to the old nest of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Even if one rushed from the Pure Yang Palace to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the road would take almost a month. To say that the Pure Yang Palace was not prepared, was nonsense.

The Greatest Heaven Sect knew that for the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Pure Yang Palace had been preparing for at least a few years.

However, even the small Pure Yang Palace was able to immediately find a target to vent its pent-up rage. Even took advantage from the highly prosperous Hundred Thousand Mountains. In comparison, the Greatest Heaven Sect didn't even know the opponent, how would they not choke on their rage?

After more than a month, there were still no clues. Instead, many people had once again had a change of view about the Greatest Heaven Sect. It was only because of the special circumstances at this time, everyone dared not to anger them, but in the back, they would cheer and clap, wishing that the Greatest Heaven Sect experience a few more explosions.

However, after all, the Greatest Heaven Sect was still the Greatest Heaven Sect. Soon, dozens of small martial art sect groups united to deny this kind of destructive behaviour against the Greatest Heaven Sect. At the same time, these dozens of small sects discussed and collectively invested in the Greatest Heaven Sect, becoming one and the same.

Not only these dozens of small sects, but even a few rogue cultivator alliances, also voted over and joined the Greatest Heaven Sect. Despite the disaster making the reserve disciples suffer heavy casualties with the addition of so many new martial arts sects, they recovered some of their strength in just a few dozen days.

These joining forces were not as strong as those of the Greatest Heaven Sect's reserve forces. The addition of foreigner disciples and slaves had alleviated the urgent needs of the Greatest Heaven Sect. There was no need to worry about successors in a short time. The dilemma that could not be cultivated by disciples.

The discerning eye almost immediately knew that why these dozens of small sects had supported the Greatest Heaven Sect? They were clearly pawns on a chess board that had been inserted in by the Greatest Heaven Sect. They had been helping them to do things that were too inconvenient for themselves. This was a difficult time for the sect, naturally they would return immediately to strengthen their prestige.

This kind of action, although several big sects had done it before, none of them were as powerful as the Greatest Heaven Sect. Dozens of small, martial art sects, plus two small rogue cultivator alliances, each of which looks less eye-catching, at most, had a Yuanying realm ancestor as their head, but the combined strength was significant. Nothing worse than Pure Yang Palace at the least.

The most speechless matter was that this was still part of the concealed power of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Who knew how much power the Greatest Heaven Sect had in their control?

This move alerted many sects. What was the plan of Greatest Heaven Sect? Secretly arranging so many pieces, many of them were even around the other major sects, making their intentions almost clear.

Fortunately, this time's disaster had made the Greatest Heaven Sect expose these hidden pieces to stabilize the moral of the sect. If it had been going on like this for a long time, maybe these would become the culprits of disasters in other sects.

“The explosion was good!”

For the arrangement of the Greatest Heaven Sect, countless people had once again issued such a voice, and began to intentionally or unintentionally set up a variety of obstructions in the investigation of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

When the Greatest Heaven Sect started investigating about certain materials, Elder Zhang Feng immediately determined everything. While his heart was dark, he still urged several old elders in the Yuanying realm to quickly refine Yang Chen's materials.

With the help of the newly added eight-member Yuanying realm monsters in Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, this matter was handled quickly. It took only some short five days. All the materials were then handed to Gao Yue.

Gao Yue was currently consolidating her realm. The water attributed cultivation base had achieved almost the same level as the fire attributed cultivation base. Yang Chen also suggested her when she was leaving for secluded cultivation; If the coordination remained good, these two properties could definitely bring opponents unexpected disasters.

“What is this?”

Seeing a lot of good sword embryos sent by Elder Zheng Feng, Gao Yue could not help but be surprised.

“Let Yang Chen explain it to you!”

Elder Zheng Feng put things down, left a sentence and left.

Yang Chen was on the side of Gao Yue. It was easy to come back once, of course, to accompany his Master. It's not that he had to do anything with master's knowledge, but here at Gao Yue's side, Yang Chen could relax, and enjoy the warmth and temptation.

Since the Elder Zheng Feng said this, Yang Chen certainly couldn’t explain it all. After thinking about it, Yang Chen decided to use the words of the Palace Master to convince Gao Yue.

The Greatest Heaven Sect was facing a disaster, and Yang Chen was the reason for all of this? Gao Yue couldn’t believe her ears. Once such a thing leaks out, not only Yang Chen, but also the entire Pure Yang Palace would face a great disaster.

“How do you deal with these sword embryos?”

After listening to Yang Chen’s description, Gao Yue said nothing about picking up a sword embryo and then asked. Since these things were hidden dangers but could also be used to fight for life and to cover up Yang Chen's matter.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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