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The secret land was very dangerous, no doubt about it. Even in his previous life, with the power of the Greatest Heaven Sect, they still lost much manpower there. If the Pure Yang Palace wanted to swallow this secret land, he was afraid that it would never pay less than the price of what Greatest Heaven Sect paid.

Another point was that the intelligence report of this secret land was acquired from a rogue cultivator in the Immortal World. Although this time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was not able to possess it but who could guarantee that the next time when another consciousness clone descended, they would not be informed about it? At that time, the sect or individual who had gone to the secret plane would definitely be the object of their vehement violent revenge.

Speaking of it, this secret plane was really dangerous. Compared with the abundant resources inside, the safety of the sect and its disciples was more important.

However, to let Yang Chen give up the wealth of this secret land to the Greatest Heaven Sect, such expectation was absolutely impossible. Since he couldn’t take it himself, he wouldn't let the Greatest Heaven Sect to get the benefit either. If several large sects were involved, maybe the Pure Yang Palace could still get a piece of it.

And as for the explanation for the Palace Master? Yang Chen couldn't explain where he got the news, as it would definitely cause suspicion!

In his heart, he made up his mind, and Yang Chen didn't have any burden, and he was able to enjoy the jade dragon wine with the enjoyment of the Palace Master. Today’s master of the palace was very high-spirited. It may be the first indulgence after he was promoted to Yuanying ancestors. He turned out to be drunk and unconscious, and even forgot to put Yang Chen out of the “medicine” garden.

The Pure Yang Palace was celebrating happily, but there was raging anger on the Greatest Heaven Sect's side. The Dacheng realm elder who rushed out to find the spiritual fluctuations similar to their welcoming array had returned, bringing back a message that made the Greatest Heaven Sect's upper echelon shocked.

The place to develop the layout of the formation had been found. In fact, it was such large in scope that it was impossible to cover it completely, its detection was inevitable.

However, the discovery only found a trace of the explosion, any other spiritual powers did not even leave a smell. When he arrived, because of the unusual spiritual power, many heavy rains were ongoing. It was impossible to find any other clue other than the site of the explosion.

In the inaccessible area, there were remnants of many other explosions spread over hundreds of miles. However, clues of an explosion bursting from the centre were evident and like that of their large array, which explained much.

What was dazzling was that such a large scope did not leave a significant clue of its existence or trace of the perpetrator. Even the rubble from the explosion was cleaned up for investigation. Though tracing in this way was simply a joke.

The only certainty was that some people had arranged the same kind of array as their welcoming array, and then detonated the formation. Leading to the instability of the Greatest Heaven Sect's consciousness once again, and in turn leading to the disaster.

All the high-ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect were like red-eyed bulls that had been slapped on their faces, all looked like murderers. Tens of thousands of servants' life, they had to catch the murderer, they had to pay them for this slap in the face.

In fact, all the younger brothers of Jiedan realm and above in the Greatest Heaven Sect had all been sent out to look for any possible clues. The top level had already issued the pattern of the array and the materials used. Any master of the array, who had touched these materials would become a suspect.

The anger of the Greatest Heaven Sect was the joy of many sects. Even though the Greatest Heaven Sect was in a high position in the cultivation world, many would be happy in their misfortunes. All the sects were similarly in high spirits like the Pure Yang Palace; secretly celebrating and drinking. Their happiness even brought advances in their cultivation and refining. A happy and open mind was always beneficial.

As for certain Demon Sect disciples and Monster Cultivators, they openly celebrated. Everyone was already at life and death hostility. Some people gave them such a prize, it was not too late to celebrate.

The arrogance of the Greatest Heaven Sect in these years had indeed made many people dissatisfied. Due to the strength disparity and face of the Greatest Heaven Sect that no one had retaliated yet. Even the attitudes of several other large-scale sects were the same. It could be seen how much unpopular the Greatest Heaven Sect had become to people in these years.

The first object of doubt in the Greatest Heaven Sect was the several large gates that were almost identical to them. Everyone was competing to return to the position of the leader of the Dao sect, and sometimes would work behind the scenes. The previous Desolate Valley Five Elements Sect was one of them. However, currently, the Greatest Heaven Sect, whose strength was greatly damaged, could not bear the consequences of being an enemy with several major sects. Despite doubts, they did not dare to show it.

The second object of doubt was certain large Demon Sects and some extremely powerful Monster Cultivator alliances. It was only normal that they were the life and death enemies that the Greatest Heaven Sect had been in conflict with since a long time. It was normal for them to do such a thing.

At the third level, there were some rogue cultivator alliances. Dao Sects governed by the Greatest Heaven Sect were the most prosperous areas on the land. These rogue cultivators could only be forcefully evicted overseas. Although sometimes there was no opportunity for spiritual power progress overseas, consequently they had to compete with some powerful guys for it. For the Greatest Heaven Sect, if they said that they did not hate it would be fake. The Greatest Heaven Sect just had an accident, they were looking forward to dispelling this anger on others.

The last doubt was the smaller sects in the cultivation world. Among them, the most suspicious was the Pure Yang Palace which was relatively large. A few decades ago, the gates of Pure Yang Palace were destroyed. Though there was no loss of people. Who knew whether it was the Pure Yang Palace exacting revenge?

However, the Greatest Heaven Sect executives were still not sure about this. Whether the Pure Yang Palace knew of their complicity was doubtful. After all, the Pure Yang Palace had claimed the Hundred Thousand Mountains for many years. Anger from that disaster had already been swept under the rug due to the Hundred Thousand Mountains matter. At the same time, their attitude towards the Greatest Heaven Sect had not changed from beginning to end, so the seniors of the Greatest Heaven Sect were doubtful.

As for other small sects and rogue cultivators, they were the most unquestionable. Of course, this did not mean that all of them were unsuspected. Anyone who had a reputation for formation research was a suspect.

The people in the Greatest Heaven Sect had almost gone insane to check each cultivator. It caused havoc and panic among the cultivators.

Someone raised an objection, feeling their attitude being too much. The next day, people from the sect went and cut his head off. Since then, no one dared to say anything. They let the Greatest Heaven Sect act as they pleased.

Of course, these were rogue cultivators. Towards the real cultivation world giants, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not dare to use such an attitude. It was just such a big matter. If they got cornered by several large sects at this time, they would not be able to bear the consequences…

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Editor: Skizlock

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