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Chapter 282
As soon as he entered the long river of blood, the endless killing intent within behaved like the essence, invading into the avatar consciousness . It was a conscious body that was already a Great Principle Golden Immortal, but in the face of the bloody long river that merged with the Immortal Executioner stage killing intent, it was still not enough to bear .


The avatar consciousness was shocked by this killing intent . For a while, he stayed in the same place motionless .

The Immortal Executioner Stage originally was to kill immortals, even if it was a Great Principle Golden Immortal, there was a natural fear in the face of a killing intent at Immortal Executioner’s stage . When even the spirits like those of Wan Qian’s group were turned into idiots and couldn’t move again .

When the avatar consciousness was within the blood river, it suddenly saw an Immortal Beheading Blade with a scent of Immortal killing intent, its shock increased manifold .

It was just an ordinary avatar consciousness, where could it be as powerful as the real being . When the Immortal Beheading Blade directly killed the avatar consciousness, the group consciousness still had no reaction, it was directly annihilated by all the active consciousness . There was no more mentality left .

In the moment when the meaning of the avatar dissipated, Yang Chen’s mind suddenly received two very clear news . The first one, of course, was the Heavenly Court rebellion that Yang Chen had known since long ago . Profound Heaven Sect had already entered the heavenly court, even the Sect Master had started to serve as the Jade Emperor .

The second news made Yang Chen somewhat surprised . It turned out to be a secret plane opening . This secret land was not the secret plane of a sect after being destroyed . It was arranged by the predecessor of the Greatest Heaven Sect . It had been arranged for a special year . After that, it was reserved for the younger generation, but its information was kept by a rogue cultivator that had ascended recently . Profound Heaven Sect was in the Immortal World . They got the message and passed it down .

However, this secret plane was somewhat special . Although the owner of the secret land estimated the danger involved in crossing the dense ground in detail, this conscious body had forgotten most of the content . It only remembered about the location, opening method and that it was dangerous inside the secret land . He didn’t know what the danger was .

When the consciousness clone descended into the lower realm from the Immortal World, there seemed to have occurred a very painful injury . It was estimated that it affected this memory of the secret ground .

Although it was very dangerous, Yang Chen did not feel that it was an unworthy secret . Why would the Profound Heaven Sect use the conscious mind to pass the news down? Moreover, although there were many casualties in the Greatest Heaven Sect, the following was a more rapid development, which had already explained a lot .

Here, Yang Chen was still hesitating about how to deal with the secret land . The Greatest Heaven Sect had already blown up the pot .

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The burst of the array was not strong, the violent one was the channel above the array . Yang Chen had chosen a valley which was surrounded by mountains . Secondly, Yang Chen arranged several protective arrays on the surrounding mountains, so despite the explosion, he had it contained in a small area . The materials were all collected with the debris from the aftermath of the explosion, covering thousands of miles .

There weren’t any explosions of the same magnitude on the Greatest Heaven Sect’s side of the channel, but they still covered hundreds of square miles of the sect’s area .

The welcoming array was in the interior of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation . It could be said that the interior of the Greatest Heaven Sect was undefended . This time, the explosion was at least ten times stronger than the dozens of Tenth Water Yin Thunder that Liang Shaoming detonated .

The tragedy was that in the same year, there was an old tree demon in Pure Yang Palace, which swallowed all the Tenth Water Yin Thunder . Using his powerful body to block the power of it . The Greatest Heaven Sect was not so lucky .

Not to mention whether there were any masters of the Dacheng realm who were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the sect . Even if there were, they could not cover such a large-scale explosion .

The crazy explosion directly destroyed hundreds of miles into the ground . Several high-level members of the sect were stationed at the edge of the formation, while the center of the array was protected by three masters of the Dacheng realm . All of them had died and their magical weapons were directly destroyed while several other high-level body protection magic weapons were also damaged to varying degrees .

Even in the farther places, each house was destroyed . Within three hundred miles, the disciples below the Jiedan realm, within five hundred miles, disciples in the middle of the foundation stage, all perished .

The Mountain Protecting Great Formation was directly destroyed from the inside . Before getting it re-arranged, it could no longer be launched . The entire Greatest Heaven Sect was now under no protection .

The high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect, under the guard of the three Dacheng realm masters with the strength of their own protective magic weapons, did not suffer any harm . But the three masters who guarded them on the outside had different degrees of injuries . In a short time, it was almost impossible to fight with others .

Seeing the hell like scenery in the sect, several high-level leaders, including the Sect Master, wanted to cry but simply had no tears . Who would have thought that there would be problems with the operation of the welcoming array that had been going on for thousands of years?

The high-level members of the sect currently remaining were not fools; they knew the importance of the master of the Dacheng realm who had rushed out to find the spiritual fluctuations that all others also felt . If the elder could find evidence that someone was also arranging a similar welcoming array, then this was all a conspiracy against the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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No matter who the perpetrator was, no matter how big the backing he had, the Sect Master and the Elders had vowed in their hearts that they must pay the price of this conspiracy against their Greatest Heaven Sect .

But now, everyone’s energy was still concentrated on rushing to clean up the mess . Moreover, the destruction of the mountain gate always required an external account, whether it was true or not, it was always necessary . Such an enormous matter though hard to conceal, needed to be brushed under the rug from prying eyes .

Last time, the Pure Yang Palace pushed the boat directly to the water and planted it on the head of the Hundred Thousand Mountains . There would always be someone in the area . In fact, it was only used to play along Yang Chen’s idea, but it also served the Pure Yang Palace . A perfect excuse . Others didn’t know of it, but the Greatest Heaven Sect top management was clear that Pure Yang Palace had long wanted to occupy Hundred Thousand Mountains .

But for now, it seemed that there were not enough opponents to let the Greatest Heaven Sect borrow a weight and pull everyone’s hatred over there . To let the Greatest Heaven Sect, admit that they were disturbed when they took the celestial consciousness into this lower realm, they could not afford to lose this person . For a time, to render appropriate external explanation, several high-level officials broke their brains .

However, this external explanation was secondary . What was important was that this time the sect was not only destroyed, but the disciples in the sect were also seriously injured . More disciples were still lying around injured . If they are not rescued in time, the sect could maybe lose more .

Within a hundred miles there was no need to carry out treatment, except for a few big shots, there were no more living beings left . Afterwards, the surviving Jiedan realm disciples had started to receive treatment . Furthermore, people had begun to get spontaneously rescued .

Several of the big shots appeared and everyone’s panic calmed . There were several Dacheng realm elders who had been in seclusion and almost never appeared . It also brought calmness to the Greatest Heaven Sect . Regardless of the big wind and rain, if these ancestors were okay, then the Greatest Heaven Sect could remain safe and sound .

The Greatest Heaven Sect was like a conglomerate family . Due to the large scale of the explosion radiating from the original mountain gate hospitality, to hundreds of miles outside, even the square was directly destroyed . At least thousands of innocent rogue cultivators and other martial art disciples in the city were also affected .

For the Greatest Heaven Sect, this explosion was simply a terrible terrorist attack . When several elders settled the fears of the disciples in the sect, they were scheduled to start to save the wounded and dying . A day had already passed .

The preparation of statistics and operations regarding the saved people lasted for a whole month . The result of counting statistics made a few high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect directly spit out blood .

Because the explosion had occurred at the reception area of the sect, the original mountain gate, not far, there was the residence of the outer sect disciples . Going further was the residences of the inner sect disciples .

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Within five hundred miles of the explosion, the whole army of disciples and slaves below the foundation stage did not leave a mouthful of breathable light . This number had already reached tens of thousands .

Although the figures were large, they were all below the foundation stage, which did not seem to have much impact on the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect . However, this meant that the backup force of the sect had been completely annihilated . Fortunately, the Greatest Heaven Sect lost tens of thousands of disciples with qualifications for practicing overnight . For at least a hundred years, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not be able to accept it .

Disciples who had been under the foundation realm had also suffered a lot of casualties . After the statistical count, the casualties of disciples in the foundation realm numbered more than 2,000 .

This figure, although not a big number for a big sect like the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was still close to more than a quarter of all the foundation realm disciples of the Pure Yang Palace . In perspective of Pure Yang Palace, such loss would definitely be devastating .

Strictly speaking, the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect was not based on the disciples of the foundation realm, but the masters above the Jiedan realm .

In the ordinary times, within the gates of the sect, there would be no masters other than the masters of the Dacheng realm .

The problem was that to ensure that the welcoming array and formation would not be affected by mistakes, several of the big shots were sent out together . Four Yuanying realm ancestors had been sent with 20 Jiedan masters each to take care of alerting surrounding areas .

Even if it was the Yuanying realm ancestors, under the protection of several masters of the Dacheng realm, the distance was still not very much, it was impossible to resist the power of the explosion . At that time, the four Yuanying ancestors and eighty Jiedan realm masters directly turned into ash .

Take the Pure Yang Palace as an example . The four Yuanying ancestors were already half of the Yuanying ancestors in the sect . The eighty Jiedan realm masters, were at least one-fifth of their amount . At this time, these served as half the power of Pure Yang Palace .

Even the Greatest Heaven Sect was distressed over their lose . When was a Yuanying realm ancestor so easy to cultivate? Their loss numbered four, which was not counting the 80 Jiedan realm masters . Who could be assigned responsibility on this occasion, which one was not the core disciple of the sect’s absolute trust? All of them were folded in at once .

This was only the loss of personnel . The number of destroyed houses was not less than 100,000, even the foundation of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation had been destroyed by more than half .

When the loss of these properties was so devastating for the Greatest Heaven Sect, then the loss of some ancient books would make them even more painful .

The branch housing the jade slips of basic knowledge related to alchemy for the quasi-outer and outer disciples was destroyed with the explosion . Even a Hidden Pavilion of scriptures for inner disciples was destroyed with all the jade slips .

Although the ruin was only a few low-level cultivation methods and various basic knowledge, those methods could still be rewritten by memory . But not everyone had the abnormal memory like Yang Chen’s which could also restore some of the cultivation and miscellaneous other books that were referenced in the past .

And there were some cultivation methods, obviously no one had practiced, which meant that they were lost for good .

Less than half of Greatest Heaven Sect’s basic cultivation methods remained . These were painstakingly collected from various places in various ways by the disciples of the sect . Still most had been destroyed . The inheritance of the foundation directly lost more than half of its total knowledge .

Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect started recruiting outer sect disciples, due to the loss of the many disciples and ancient books, they had to extract some from the servants who had not been damaged to cultivate them . How could they let the inner-sect disciples of the foundation realm to take over the outer sect disciples?

Even without inheritance, the new outer sect disciples may even face the embarrassment of having to do some chores themselves, because there were not enough slaves to help them .

However, even if all these issues were resolved, the Greatest Heaven Sect still must face another problem . Because of this explosion, almost all the outer sect disciples were killed . Would anyone now dare to join the Greatest Heaven Sect, a martial art sect that could not protect their own outer sect disciples? Despite the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was still the leader among the first-class sects .

These losses had not yet calculated another issue, the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect . When the Pure Yang Palace Gate was destroyed, it was almost immediately pulled up by the means of Thunder and Thousand Miles . The reputation was not reduced, but it was even more prosperous . What kind of means does the Greatest Heaven Sect need to use now to save their lost reputation?

Such a huge loss, even if it was a sect as strong as the Greatest Heaven Sect, it would definitely hurt . During the statistical process of this period, several senior executives faced the reports of losses accumulated every day . They could only use a metaphor to describe their feelings, and that was that they wanted to cry but couldn’t find any tears .

In the high-level collective of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the hatred of the perpetrator who broke the consciousness clone had reached its maximum . The news that the Greatest Heaven Sect’s gate was destroyed by a crazy explosion had spread throughout the world of cultivation .

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