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The explosion of the welcoming array was too wide. Even if Yang Chen escaped in time, he was still swept away by the aftermath of the explosion. The shuttle swayed.

Fortunately, although the shuttle was not a pure protection magic weapon, it still had a certain protective ability. It was swept away unscathed by the aftermath of the explosion, but it caused a shock.

Yang Chen was in the shuttle and endured that kind of crazy shock. After a while, everything disappeared and calmed down.

How could this level of explosion and spiritual disturbance, not attract attention? However, when Yang Chen chose a location, it was an inaccessible place for most. For a moment, he was not afraid of someone coming over. As for the Greatest Heaven Sect? It was a long way from it, even if its the strongest master, it would take at least a month for him to come over.

Driving the shuttle, Yang Chen returned to the location where the layout was. Then with an action, he quickly summoned the five women and carefully collected the scattered materials. These were some rare materials, even if they have been damaged once, the material itself would not change.

Moreover, leaving these things in place would give people a lot of clues, and Yang Chen would not be so careless. The materials that blasted into the distance had been bound by a larger circle of law within a small circle and the spiritual disturbance was so fierce that it was not easy to find.

At that moment when the two sides exploded at the same time, no one noticed at the Greatest Heavens Sect side that the carrier cultivator trembled. Then, a black gas slammed out of him and instantly returned to the black hole above the formation.

Yang Chen's array of black holes at that moment of the explosion suddenly became a complete circle.

A glimpse of the black gas that was so incomprehensible drilled into a corner of the array. With the explosion, the piece of hidden black gas was thrown high and then fell in a certain area.

Very casually, the five women collected all the materials scattered around them. One of them unsuspectingly tried to take a part of the hidden black gas. The black gas suddenly pounced on her and disappeared into her seven orifices.

The eyes of the female disciple shown a burst of light that was different from the earlier one. It flashed but immediately recovered the same wooden look again. According to Yang Chen's order, the fragments of the array in the field of vision were naturally packed up. Then all of them arrived at the side of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen then ordered them to return. Now in the dome of the temple, in addition to a mess, there was nothing to be found. With a satisfied smile, he called out the shuttle and quickly flew towards the direction of the Pure Yang Palace.

After two days of continuous flight, Yang Chen took the shuttle back, and then found a hidden place to arrange the Illusionary Array. He then flashed inside.

The dome appeared quickly, and Yang Chen didn’t think more and went inside. Among the halls, the five women were occupying a corner, sitting on the ground and doing their work silently.

This was their normal state. If there were no other instructions from Yang Chen, they would do their work here and increase their cultivation. This speed of their cultivation was comparable to those of genius disciples.

“You don’t have to pretend.”

Yang Chen looked at the female disciple who was attacked by the black gas. He then suddenly said, “they are all my puppets. Oh, they are all under my control. You think that you can’t make me see through your tricks?”

The strength of the Three Purities Secret Art was such that even this guy who was a Great Principle Golden Immortal, could not hope to guess. Naturally, he did not know that his every move had already been clearly understood by Yang Chen.


The reaction of the female disciple was not slow, she stood up immediately. However, she seemed to know that the forty-nine flying swords flying above the dome were very powerful, so she still stood and did not make a provocative move. If her flesh was to die again, his consciousness would have no other chance against death.

“Who… dare… move… I… divide… body!"

It was not known if he couldn’t get acquainted with this body, or because the consciousness was too seriously damaged while the avatar was descending, the original female disciple spoke intermittently, one word at a time, it was very awkward.

“Well, it is not good to be blessed in your Immortal World. Do you have to suffer this sin?”

Yang Chen snorted, "You are loyal to your ancestral sect. Unfortunately, you met me!”

The other party seemed to realize that it was not good. He didn’t know what technique was being used. The two female disciples on both sides of her side stood up and faced her. The spiritual awareness suddenly let go and seemed to be sending power to this female disciple.

These two days were enough to refine and consume her body's original and these two other female disciples' consciousness completely. The two other female disciples were now enhancing her consciousness too. Although her consciousness had been almost completely refined, the remaining instinct was still able to greatly enhance its strength.

It was a pity that it was originally a conscious body that was weakened by 10,000 times. Even so, there was still the strength of the Dacheng realm.

It was only through the toss of Yang Chen's formation, that the consciousness was divided into six parts. The other five were already refined, leaving only one which had also fallen from the Dacheng realm to Yuanying realm.

Originally, if she was to be left alone to quietly absorb all the consciousnesses and that only the instinct remained, it was still expected that she would recover to the Dacheng realm. At that time, controlling the bodies of these five females, would still present a challenge. But she only had absorbed two yet had been discovered by Yang Chen.

The memories had been lost a lot, and most of the rest was only instinct. It was not very clear that this consciousness was even someone. It was only instinctively aware that the Sword Formation at the top of her head was dangerous. The instinct knew that Yang Chen was an enemy and must be destroyed, apart from that she did not know anything.

According to the usual practice, the lower realm descent of the consciousness entering the body of the consciousness carrier cultivator involved strong resistance from the carrier. The force of the initiative consciousness would be weakened rapidly, so usually after the descent it only lasted for a few days. After that time, it would dissipate.

However, the five women did not have an active consciousness, they were more suitable than any consciousness carrier that the Greatest Heaven Sect had arranged. There was no active sense of resistance and were primed for a conscious mind. This allowed the initiative consciousness to easily possess this body.

In this case, it was not a question of how long it could survive. It was entirely possible to practice again through this body. When the realm was raised, the memories would be restored one by one, and it may become a formidable master in the future.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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