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Many of the cultivators have Spirit pets which were birds, could too share their vision. However, no one could share the vision with animals without the slightest spiritual power.

A spiritual pet, unless with the appearance of its master, could absolutely not escape the exploration of a Dacheng realm master.

It was estimated that the sitting Dacheng realm master wouldn’t think to even dream that an ordinary sparrow would spell demise for the Greatest Heaven Sect!

According to the calculation of bearing of the welcoming array, Yang Chen easily controlled the sparrow to fly to a known key point. If it was not for the virtue of it being an ordinary sparrow, it wouldn't have been safe and sound. Otherwise, it must have been attacked by spiritual power here by the formations.

The first type of formation wasn't the one, the second type also. When Yang Chen tried the key point of the third array method, the sparrow just flew past and caused the ground to stir, when it landed, with a spiritual power. It hit the body of the sparrow, instantly turning the sparrow into ash, disappearing without a trace.

It seems that it was the third type of welcoming array.

To be on the safe side, Yang Chen took control of another sparrow and flew to another key point. The same result reappeared. Afterwards, he sent a third one to the third key point, resulting in the same conclusion.

At this point, Yang Chen had been able to completely determine that the Greatest Heaven Sect used the third method of welcoming array construction that he knew. After confirming, he did not alarm anyone, quietly bypassing the Mountain Protecting Great Formation here, to a faraway area from the Greatest Heaven Sect.

After determining the formation method, Yang Chen had a solution. When the consciousness clone descended into the lower realm, it was impossible to accurately locate the appropriate carrier. Because the consciousness clone had to cross three realms; the Immortal, Spirit and finally the Mortal World. The method of the welcoming array was used to tell the consciousness clone of the position of the carrier.

For the consciousness clone to possess a body, there were three different conditions which needed to be met. One was the exact time, the other was the accuracy of the welcoming array, and the other was the appropriate carrier. This time, Yang Chen knew that the location of the carrier was determined by the method of the array itself.

The simplest method of destroying the formation was to attack violently when the welcoming array started, resulting in the formation not working smoothly. If it happened to be at the key moment of the body possession, the formation would collapse completely.

However, this method was not so simple, he needed to face all the masters present at that time. Since Yang Chen wanted to be unknown as the perpetrator to the Greatest Heaven Sect, he would not use this blatant method.

Yang Chen planned to use another relatively gentle method. Usually, there was only one method to run the welcoming array, which also allowed the consciousness clone to find the carrier accurately. However, if another method was introduced in the welcoming array, when the consciousness clone descended, what kind of situation would that be?

Either the consciousness would not be able to possess a body due to not being able to judge the correct carrier or mistakenly possess some other body.

The carrier must be able to withstand the consciousness of the Great Principle Golden Immortal who was weakened by many thousand times. Generally speaking, the carrier was a cultivator, at least in the Jiedan realm. Otherwise it would not be able to bear such a terrifying consciousness, exploding and dying immediately.

The carrier was destined to be sacrificed. To allow the consciousness to possess the body smoothly, the usual method was to use medicine to let the cultivator acting as the carrier fall into a sleep, and then subject consciousness could successfully possess without any resistance.

Generally speaking, if the carrier was not cultivated with great enthusiasm, and conditioned from birth that his fate was to sacrifice himself for the consciousness from the Immortal World, few cultivators would contribute so generously with their own life.

Even if he was brainwashed by religion, he was a creature; his instinct would have a sense of survival. He must be handled accordingly and not be eliminated. That was the decisive factor in the descent of the consciousness.

For Yang Chen, it was not difficulty to arrange a similar array. The most troublesome was the carrier, the cultivator of the Jiedan realm, who was willing to be a sacrifice for the consciousness clone from the Immortal World. He had five Jiedan realm masters in his medicine garden.

Each of Wan Qian's five apprentices was a living puppet that had lost its active consciousness. This also meant that their situation was alike the carrier who had chosen to sacrifice himself for the consciousness clone. Thus, any of them could be successfully possessed.

In this way, if Yang Chen chooses another suitable location, he could arrange an identical welcoming array. There would be five bodies, ready to be possessed in the array. It would spell disaster, if started simultaneously with the array of the Greatest Heaven Sect and the consciousness clone deciding to enter his array.

The welcoming array method was not so simple. Even if it was Yang Chen, it took him time for the arrangement. When he calculated, there was less than five years left for the consciousness of the Profound Heaven Sect to start its descent. This much time was enough for him to successfully arrange another welcoming array to trap it.

There were a lot of materials needed for it, but a pity that Yang Chen didn't have that many. Some required things were special, a bit scarce. Once Yang Chen bought them, it would inevitably invite Greatest Heaven Sect’s suspicion afterwards.

However, even if no one helped, the Pure Yang Palace had mastered Hundred Thousand Mountains region with other sects. The materials for this array are all produced there.

As the behind-the-scenes owner, a lot of these materials were naturally hoarded. After Yang Chen drove in a big circle, he quickly rushed back to the Pure Yang Palace. The Palace Master even did not even ask Yang Chen what these things were needed for, and immediately let Elder Zheng Feng, who oversaw the resources of the sect to provide him the materials.

Elder Zheng Feng did a more thorough job, bringing Yang Chen to the sect warehouse, opening the door, and then throwing him into it. Regardless of what he took, people would not care, they have long had a consensus on this matter. Yang Chen was to be cultivated as a future Palace Master. Strictly speaking, he was now a Young Palace Master.

As for what Yang Chen wanted to take, no one would care or keep an account. In these years, his contributions to the sect had surpassed the sum of the sect's would be income of a thousand years. What else could the elders care about?

Everything seemed to be in Yang Chen’s calculations. The hoarded materials from the Hundred Thousand Mountains were enough for his endeavour.

What Yang Chen was going to do now was to find another suitable place and arrange the same welcoming array. Waiting for the moment of the consciousness' descent and then launching the formation.

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Editor: Skizlock

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