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In the past life, Yang Chen only knew the day of the incident when there was a phenomenon in the heavens and the earth. He was unclear of where in the Greatest Heaven Sect the array was being arranged. He couldn't say it, he could only find it in the entire Greatest Heaven Sect.

However, this was not a simple activity, at least Yang Chen had not yet touched the Greatest Heaven Sect Mountain Protecting Great Formation. Once he touched the ground, it would definitely cause a response from the Mountain Protecting Great Formation. Letting them raise their vigilance, it would not be worth the loss.

Carefully avoiding the great formation of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen walked around the outer perimeter of the inner sect, but still did not find out exactly where the welcoming array was.

If he wanted to enter the gates of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he would trigger the formation in any case. Yang Chen was not proficient in all formations. At least he was not good with this kind.

It was obviously impossible to enter silently. Even more impossible to break through the Mountain Protecting Great Formation. It would definitely trigger an alarm signifying an attack on the formation. Simply announcing his presence and location to the Greatest Heaven Sect. It was not easy to hide for such a long time, he did not want to fall short at the end.

Yang Chen must let the Greatest Heaven Sect eat a squandering loss. Even while suffering they must not know of the villain or find any clues. This required him to be more careful than ever, without revealing any flaws.

After he carefully wrapped around the boundary, Yang Chen had found almost no clue. If he went in through the ground, it would trigger a large defence array of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation, which was very distressing for him.

Suddenly, Yang Chen's mind flashed and then his face showed a smile. He was so obsessed with the flaws that he had gotten into the corners of the horns.

From the beginning, Yang Chen thought that he would not allow anyone to see him entering the Greatest Heaven Sect. He had been so focused on thinking from this point of view that he had forgotten the Monster Race Beast Controlling Secret Art that he had practiced.

The Monster Race Beast Controlling Secret Art could let Yang Chen communicate with the monsters with spiritual wisdom, but it was limited to that due to his past low cultivation base. Now he had already reached Solidifying Core stage. According to the description of the Beast Controlling Secret Art, he could completely control the actions of a common animal, while also being able to share vision with it.

The Mountain Protecting Great Formation would respond to all spiritual creatures unless they were recognized by a sacred token. The sect token must be squandered with blood, and others could not simply pretend having it. However, this did not include ordinary animals with no spiritual power, who would not be affected by the Mountain Protecting Great Formation.

This was the design consideration of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation. If there were animals without any spiritual power, naturally they would not have the ability to destroy the formation itself. Therefore, from the beginning of the design phase, the defence arrays within had never been aimed at ordinary animals.

Suitable animals were very easy to find, and Yang Chen grabbed few flying sparrows with ease. To deal with this kind of sparrow without any spiritual awareness, he used the Beast Controlling Secret Art once and successfully controlled one.

Subsequently, Yang Chen controlled the sparrows to flying into the sky and sway into the Greatest Heaven Sect Mountain Protecting Great Formation. The Three Purities Secret Art cultivation's formidable Spiritual Awareness only left a trace of the sparrows in the distance. The great formation didn't show any reaction to it.

Yang Chem looked in the core area of ​​the inner sect. The buildings there were densely packed, and the places where the underground Spiritual Pulse were concentrated were all good places to cultivate. Even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, they didn’t have the richness and wealth to separate a piece of the underground spiritual pulse to specifically arrange the welcoming array.

Yang Chen payed attention to areas that the welcoming array could be placed under. Controlling the sparrows, he scanned several spacious places in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

What made Yang Chen strange was that even with so many such areas, he could not find any trace of the welcome array's arrangement. This made him distressed.

Was the welcoming array of the Greatest Heaven Sect already completed? Available to be used at a moment's notice, whenever they wanted?

The unwilling Yang Chen once again controlled the sparrows to fly. It took a full two months to carefully examine each place.

The welcoming array required a huge flat land. In the Greatest Heaven Sect, there was almost no place to meet such requirements. The only place with some resemblance was in a valley but the area was a little less. It would have been impossible to completely carry out the welcoming array there.

Could it be, that the Greatest Heaven Sect's Welcoming Formation arrangement was placed underground?

This was quite possible but soon Yang Chen vetoed the idea. As the welcoming array started, apart from the consciousness carrier, everything above would be wiped out. It was not the first time for the Greatest Heaven Sect to do such a thing. How could they choose to summon the consciousness clone to the lower realm underground?

There must be something left! I must have had missed something.

Yang Chen once again controlled the sparrow, starting exploration from the intersection of the Greatest Heaven Sect and entering the mountain gate.

A large road walked in, facing the huge mountain gate archway, and then went to the square where the disciples were tested. It was also the gate of the sect mountain that received guests from all walks of life. Yang Chen was thrown here in the past life.

Then there were the hills where the outer sect disciples were located. Several roads were connected, surrounded by mountains. Going in, was the inner sect area of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Suddenly, Yang Chen's heart moved, and he went to the square where the disciples were tested. Wouldn't it be enough to get rid of the houses that hosted the guests?

The array was arranged there! Usually a strong spiritual power fluctuation was always found here, only to be misunderstood for it being from the Mountain Protecting Great Formation. The disciples would never doubt about the trick under their own eyes.

If the sect closed the area in advance and removed these houses, this place could assume its real purpose as a huge welcoming array, usable at any time. Not far from the guest room, a master of the Dacheng realm sat all year round, supposedly to protect the safety of the guests and to prevent people from messing up.

Within the few major sects, only the Greatest Heaven Sect had such a large arrangement. It seemed to serve as a respectful gesture for the guests, but a master of the Dacheng realm sitting here all the year round was overkill and too suspicious.

Isn’t he guarding the welcoming array?

The layout of the Greatest Heaven Sect was truly unique.

After discovering this, Yang Chen finally showed a smile. If he knew where the formation was, the rest of the matter was much simpler. There were only a few types of welcoming arrays. Yang Chen knew that with a simple technique, it was easy to judge which one was used by the Greatest Heaven Sect.

What made Yang Chen happy the most, was that until now, no one had noticed a common sparrow flying in the sky. This also meant that everything that he had done had still gone unnoticed.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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