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Even if there were a few cultivators who didn’t know what the Ask Inner Heart Pill was, they were sure of its value with due to the publicity. They would eventually understand what the Ask Inner Heart Pill was.

From the foundation realm to all the way to the masters of the Dacheng realm could use such a precious thing, a medicinal pill once let a master of the middle Dacheng stage to directly breakthrough the bottleneck, such a possibility could make countless people go crazy.

In this world, there were many cultivators who were trapped in a bottleneck and could not breakthrough. When they heard that there were good things like Ask Inner Heart Pills, they immediately realized how important these were to their cultivation.

Some masters of the big sects, who had few friends and relatives, may have a few poorly qualified juniors trapped in a certain realm. If they could get a Ask Inner Heart Pill, couldn’t they breakthrough their bottleneck and improve their cultivation base?

Countless people had begun to plan, and at what cost could they get a Ask Inner Heart Pill. However, everyone understood that the for a moment it would interest the masters of the Dacheng realm. At that time, even if they had more spirit stones, the pressure of these masters would reign supreme. If they wanted to grab these Ask Inner Heart Pills from these masters, they would need to think of other methods.

These had nothing to do with Yang Chen. The Pure Yang Palace auctioning the Ask Inner Heart Pill, at the first-hand delivery of the transaction, did not care who buys it. The only thing that should be of concern to the Pure Yang Palace was that the influence of its own sect was getting bigger and bigger.

There was another advantage to the spreading of this news. Everyone had stopped suspecting that Yang Chen was coveting the Xiang Family Heaven Seizing Pill formula. Since Yang Chen could refine the Ask Inner Heart Pill meant that the other's level had already exceeded the Xiang Family by many times, why would he care about the Heaven Seizing Pill.

Although the Heaven Seizing Pill was precious, but for two thousand years, there had only been two. Although it seemed that with it, people crossed tribulations and ascended, but in the eyes of the masters, it was not as good as the Ask Inner Heart Pill.

Everyone understood that the cultivation base that they have acquired by themselves was the most stable and most fundamental strength. By relying on external forces, it would be slightly inferior. The Heaven Seizing Pill was the external force, while the Ask Inner Heart Pill improved one’s own strength. Which one would benefit the best, everyone knew clearly.

Yang Chen's reputation had also become more resounding with the news of the Ask Inner Heart Pill. And this also made more people clenched their teeth more and more.

The news of the auction was frantically blistering, but Yang Chen was taken to the Immortal’s Cave by the palace master and several elders.

“Yang Chen, during these days of your seclusion, I have made some changes in the Pure Yang Palace. You should know fairly well on the line.”

The Palace Master told Yang Chen these bewildered words, so that Yang Chen was very puzzled.

What changes?

The master of the palace did not say that the other people did not intervene, but everyone’s face was filled with a burst of joy, it seemed that this was a good thing, not some trouble.

After waiting for a while in the hall, Yang Chen's three friends; Hall Master Gui Shanyou, She Kui and Xie Sha, who had not seen him since his seclusion, quickly came out from a portal.

Behind them, eight strangers followed, men and women. The eight people were all at the Yuanying realm. Their progress fluctuated between the late and early Yuanying stage.

Yang Chen almost immediately noticed the demon qi of the eight strangers, and suddenly understood. These eight guys should be the Yuanying stage monsters that were originally trapped in the Immortal’s Cave. It was estimated that they were convinced by the old tree demon and promised a large profit to draw them to the Hall of Eccentrics.

If he didn't look at anything else, just seeing that they could be transformed into human figures, meant that the old tree demon had already passed on the Transformation Secret Art to them. To assure the sect of their disposition, it must be that these guys have already vowed an oath of loyalty on their monster souls.

There were more than eight Yuanying realm masters at once, thus, the strength of the Yang Palace could almost be said to have been multiplied. It must be known that every elder had a praying mantis puppet of the peak Yuanying stage. These combat forces were comprehensive and definitely not lower than the upper levels of the original Pure Yang Palace.

These masters were secret forces, and the Pure Yang Palace would hide them for the time being. It was the kingly way to accumulate strength in the dark.

Gui Shanyou introduced these different people to Yang Chen one by one. It seemed that everyone had heard of his name and was being very polite.

After becoming familiar with each other, Gui Shanyou once again entered the portal with the Yuanying realm masters of the Hall of Eccentrics to impart some guidance on cultivation.

“There are still a few people who have achieved peak Yuanying stage cultivation base, but for the time being, I am afraid that it is not good to suppress them, so I have not wooed them.”

When the Palace Master saw the people of the Hall of Eccentrics leave, he explained to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen did not know what was in the Yuanying realm portal, so the Palace Master made it clear to him. Then added another sentence: “In the portal of the Dacheng realm, it is said that there is also a master of the realm in there. However, we cannot control it for now so do not make other arrangements for the time being. Wait until the sect has enough strength, then we'll see if we can pull it up.”

This was a safe plan. It was not good to rush to draw a master of the Dacheng stage that no one could control. This was not to give the sect more strength, but to give trouble to the sect.

It seemed that this could wait till at least two of the elders get to be promoted to the Dacheng realm. Then both could join the strength with the old tree demon, perhaps then they would be able to suppress it.

Yang Chen couldn't help but look at the Master Ancestor Wang Yong, his cultivation base had already reached the peak of the Yuanying realm and now he was accumulating. Maybe after a few more years, with the help of the Ask Inner Heart Pill, the Master Ancestor could step into the level of the Dacheng stage.

Next, the Palace Master seemed to be going to explain the changes made in the Pure Yang Palace, to Yang Chen one by one. He personally took Yang Chen and turned around towards the Pure Yang Palace to show him the surface of the Pure Yang Palace. After the change was shown, he brought Yang Chen back to the room where he taught others.

“Pure Yang Palace has developed rapidly in the past forty years.”

The Palace Master was sitting on his own, and after Yang Chen sat down, he slowly said.

“Yes, Palace master!”

Yang Chen also nodded, compared to the original Pure Yang Palace, the current Pure Yang Palace could almost be described as earth-shaking.

“But, while my pure Yang Palace is so developed, Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect have developed even more.”

The Palace Master quickly said his own concern: “Now, for the time being, because of the combination of interests, the alliance, who knows what will happen in the future?”

The more these martial arts sects developed and grew, the more they would threaten the Pure Yang Palace and they would have prepare beforehand.

“Actually, the Palace Master does not have to worry so much.”

Yang Chen understood the concerns of the Palace Master and immediately said with comfort “Pure Yang Palace is not their biggest enemy.”

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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