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Chapter 274
This time, the seclusion had been for fifteen years . Yang Chen had said that he would never leave, unless he reached Solidifying Core stage .

For Yang Chen’s decision, several elders of the Pure Yang Palace, including the head of the palace, agreed . Yang Chen was now their star of hope, and everyone had the meaning of letting him take over the post of Pure Yang Palace Sect Master . He went into seclusion in the Pure Yang Palace, and his safety was absolutely guaranteed . At least not a few big shots had to worry about it .

The retreat of the three people this time was not like that of ordinary people . For others to retreat, they could not always be in the state of cultivation with warmth and a nourished spiritual power, then break through their shackles and enter a higher realm .

But for Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gong Sunling, the retreat was not so boring . They didn’t only follow the normal cultivation . The consolidation will continue, and the two women could even go outside the security line to fight monsters . This kind of retreat made many people who saw it, feel profound unfairness .

Yang Chen counted on his fingers that the previous time he said he would refine a Ask Inner Heart Pill was forty years ago . Yang Chen said long ago that he had to refine a furnace after thirty years, that now had to be delayed for ten more years .

Just like the pill success, Yang Chen still needed to consolidate his realm, and Gao Yue was still at the last step; it would take a period of consolidation to continue to impact the Solidifying Core stage . He simply did not need to go out, he just needed to refine a Ask Inner Heart Pill in the middle of the Immortal’s Cave .

This time, the three people were concentrated in the portal of the Golden Dan period . It was the first time that Yang Chen came in . It was not much different from the foundation stage, but the spiritual power was much richer .

Surprisingly, among the caves, there were several alchemy rooms in the portal of the Golden Dan period, which was suitable for Yang Chen’s Alchemy .

In the pill rooms, it was unknown where some of the underground fire veins were located . Although it was not like a heart fire, it was the most suitable for some kinds of medicinal refining .

Yang Chen did not need these fire veins . He had an alchemy furnace and various kinds of fire seeds . All he wanted was this place .

The two women knew that he would not be in danger within the safety line, so there was no need to protect him . Once again, they would fight out with the puppets and monsters . While accumulating experience, they also wanted to consolidate their own cultivation base .

Especially Gao Yue, although her fire attribute spiritual power had already achieved Solidifying Core, but her water attribute spiritual power was still stuck at the peak of the foundation stage . The water attributed spiritual power used here to fight, presented an almost leapfrog challenge . Every victory over a monster, for Gao Yue, was a new process of knowing herself .

Both his spiritual power and spiritual awareness was much higher than when the last time he refined the Ask Inner Heart Pill . In addition, the spiritual power here was abundant, making the Ask Inner Heart Pill refining experience more comfortable .

Not only that, the grade of the Profound Spirit Furnace had been improved by at least several grades compared to the last refining; the efficiency of refining had almost increased several times .

Since it was necessary to refine the Ask Inner Heart Pill, Yang Chen simply intended to refine some of them . In addition to handing some over to the sect, he intended to save some . For others, the Ask Inner Heart Pill was an incredible pill . For him, it was just the time to reinforce his cultivation base and keep the snack supplements for himself .

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The medicinal materials that were put into the profound spirit furnace at least were twice as much as the last refining of the Ask Inner Heart Pill, Yang Chen now had the confidence to control more herbs .

The four seas Mysterious Coral Liquid could ensure that there would be no big leaks during the process of the alchemy . However, Yang Chen did not add it, and there was no benefit to his skill in this challenging alchemy process . As long as Yang Chen was ready, just in case .

This process of refining was far more relaxed than the last time . At the same time, the amount of medicinal materials was three times more, it was still successfully completed without any twists and turns .

However, Yang Chen did not stop there but continued to start the refining of the second revolution . Ask Inner Heart Pill was one of the medicinal pills that Yang Chen knew . There were a few high-grade medicinal pills that were suitable for mortal cultivators to use to challenge the Two Revolutions refining system .

If someone else knew that Yang Chen was actually refining the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill at this time, it was estimated that he would immediately stop it . Not to mention anything else, it’s just a round of resurgence of the medicinal materials that have been maturing for thousands of years . Once the Two Revolutions system fails, what kind of loss would it be?

Usually, even if some senior alchemist masters had this mentality to challenge the Two Revolutions and even turn higher, the distress of the raw materials in their hands would make them discouraged . Just like the last time, Deng Yiya and Zhu Peng, even He Lianyun, wanted to refine the Two Revolutions Heaven Seizing Pill, but it still wasn’t an option . The medicinal materials available were only enough for one such pill which were already used up, where was the opportunity to risk carrying out Two Revolutions refining?

Only a rich and powerful person like Yang Chen in the whole wide world would do such a thing . Of course, only Yang Chen would have this kind of temperament and mentality that was not afraid of refinement failure, even if he loses a lot .

This was very important . The more one didn’t care about these Spirit Medicines, the less one could be influenced by their value, and thus, could display own proficiency to its highest extent or even surpass it .

Yang Chen really did not care about this Spirit Medicine . Naturally, there was not much pressure on him . Under this mentality, the process of refining was extremely smooth . Occasional mistakes in the middle of the road caused a loss of a few Ask Inner Heart Pills but he remained perfectly precise in controlling the whole process .

The Two Revolutions system directly consumed the entire two years of Yang Chen’s time, resulting in an even longer refining period . It was something that everyone could understand . After all, Yang Chen’s refining system was already familiar and easy to him, while the Two Revolutions refining system was challenging and the difficulty was even higher . For this level of the medicinal pill, whether it was spiritual power or the maturity, it had to be at least twice as high as the One Revolution refinement .

After the Two Revolutions refining was successfully applied, dozens of round Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pills could be found in the pill furnace . Yang Chen began to hesitate, should he bite his teeth and spend some Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pills to challenge the Three Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill?

The Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill was the limit that Yang Chen’s present cultivation base could challenge . When this hesitation came into his heart, he knew that it was time to give up . He didn’t have such mentality even with alchemy to risk certain failure .

Moreover, if he sent the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill out, it would enough to shock the world . If he really wanted to come up with the Three Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, it would definitely make some sects feel restless .


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Yang Chen took a relieved breath .

In the «Elderly Lord Pill Scripture», the methods of collecting the pills had been described one by one . The cover on the mouth of the profound spirit furnace flew and Yang Chen began the process of collecting the pills .

This time, ample spiritual power ripples, centred on the profound spirit furnace, slammed into the surroundings, and filled the entire space with a swift momentum .

This spiritual power, carried a momentum that allowed people to calm down . Wherever they went, no matter what kind of monster, they stood directly in the same place dumbfounded . At that moment, all the monsters’ minds were empty and elusive, and there was nothing to fight for .

Gao Yue and Gong Sunling of course immediately noticed this aura . When the spiritual power swept over, the monsters who fought with them slammed down and suddenly stopped fighting and became calm .

The same was true for the two women themselves, but their understanding of the spiritual awareness was still stronger than all the Jiedan realm monsters here . Yang Chen’s alchemy did not elude them . They immediately realized that Yang Chen’s alchemy was completed .

Hurrying back to Yang Chen’s alchemy room, the two women saw Yang Chen sitting on the side of the stone table in the yard, laughing while drinking the jade dragon wine while waiting for them . On the table, there was also a plate of peeled Profound Yang Fruit that served as a side dish for the wine, he looked very laid-back .

“Did you refine the Ask Inner Heart Pill?”

Gong Sunling asked as they met .

Yang Chen smiled and nodded but did not talk much . He only indicated that the two women sat around the table and found two jade cups from his Qiankun bag to fill up for them .

It seemed that a thousand years Profound Yang Fruit was not enough for three people to taste the wine . In the hands of Yang Chen, there was a ginseng and a sealwort of more than a thousand years . In his hand, the sword light flashed a few times, and there were two more slices of ginseng and sealwort on the table .

“Unfortunately, there is nothing good to condiment, otherwise it could be made more delicious . ”

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Yang Chen slightly regretted with a sigh, then picked up the glass, “master, sister, let’s celebrate!”

Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the two women were speechless . A few thousand years old ginseng, a millennium old sealwort, a few thousand years old Profound Yang Fruit, the things which he just took out so casually; extraordinary things that could make people break their heads for . Here, they had become a morning wine dish for Yang Chen, but he still sighed that the taste was still not very good?

If some people knew that Yang Chen was ruining precious things like this, they would rush up to beat Yang Chen . At least Gao Yue and Gong Sunling had such an impulse .

Yang Chen was actually not showing off, it was really like this when he knew that there was another gateway in the medicine garden, many other such millennial elixirs being on the other side was not so unimaginable . So, due to the quantity available, for Yang Chen, they had turned ordinary, be it for eating or drinking, he didn’t feel any hindrance for the contrary .

“Do you like delicious food?”

Gao Yue couldn’t ignore Yang Chen’s behavior and said . He had such an extravagant hobby that she couldn’t help but ask with her eyes shining brightly .

“Of course, I like it!”

Yang Chen nodded . He used to be in a situation of urgent cultivation . There was not much time to ponder these things . But now that the solidification of the core had been successful, there was a lot of time to squander around, and naturally he would do so .

During his previous life he also tasted some of the best of delicacies in the Heavenly Court, to be honest, those masters did not exclude such enjoyment . Blind cultivation was sometimes not the key to becoming a master . On the contrary, the right way was to balance relaxation with it .

Due to Yang Chen’s kindness, of course, the two women would not waste such an opportunity . Not long ago, the two women fought for a long time and these precious things could just restore their losses . What’s more, his alchemy’s success was naturally worth the celebration .

The wine had been drunk for a few cups, and both women were somewhat overwhelmed . Yang Chen later secretly swapped Four Seas Mysterious Coral Liquid with the wine distiller’s yeast, for the women, giving them another service .

When the two women woke up from the deep sleep, they did not know what had happened, but soon they realized . Such a precious thing as the Four Seas Mysterious Coral Liquid was brought to them by Yang Chen, such a luxury inevitably made the two women a little distressed .

Yang Chen took two small jade boxes and pushed one to each woman .

“This medicinal pill should be taken immediately, it is good . ”

The two women opened the jade box and immediately saw the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill wrapped by a Talisman in the jade box . The two women knew that he was refining an Ask Inner Heart Pill, but never knew how the pill looked like . He did not say what it was . Although the two women were somewhat suspicious, they did not link the medicinal pills to the Ask Inner Heart Pill .

Since Yang Chen said that it would benefit them, the two women naturally would not doubt it . Yang Chen would not harm them anyway . The two women even drank the four seas Mysterious Coral Liquid, thus, naturally they were not afraid to accept Yang Chen’s small medicinal pill . No one was polite, they took it up, removed the talisman, then swallowed it .

The effect of the pill quickly appeared, and the two women immediately noticed the abnormality, then quickly entered the state of cultivation .

Gong Sunling was okay, her core solidification was successful, and she was consolidating her cultivation base . The Ask Inner Heart Pill let her enter the deepest level of meditation . Working in this way was only advantageous for her, with no harm .

Gao Yue was a step away from her breakthrough . Because of the cultivation of the Tenth Water True Essence, her cultivation base had been upgraded to the peak of the foundation stage, and the core solidification was also underway .

This Ask Inner Heart Pill, let Gao Yue vaguely decipher the direction of the Jiedan realm . The spiritual power of her whole body, ran in an unprecedented concentration, and the environmental spiritual power to resonate with her .

The Ask Inner Heart Pill was worthy of being named so, it was indeed possible to let people handle their own cultivation in the most rational way . Gao Yue knew that her consolidation time had not been long, and her foundation stage was still not completely stable . Therefore, the idea of ​​upgrading was hardened by this hardship, the spiritual power of this resonance was used to start a steady cultivation .

Yang Chen’s face also showed a smile . This kind of Ask Inner Heart Pill could at least reduce the time for Gao Yue to consolidate her realm by half, which was enough .

Both women were caught in cultivation, and Yang Chen naturally wanted to protect them . There would be no danger here, but Yang Chen was also there just in case, and once again took out the sword embryo of the First Wood flying sword to further engrave his imprint in it .

This kind of carving was not directly operated on the flying sword with the tools, but Yang Chen used the purest First Wood spirit power, which condensed into a single Secret Technique . He kept it on the sword embryo, so that it would follow its own need and transform its appearance .

Yang Chen was very focused . He, who had a big rise in his cultivation base, had not been as strenuous as this time when making a secret technique before . Soon, the sword embryo of the First Wood under his control began to appear on the sword tip, edge, ridge, hilt, blade, soon a well-behaved flying sword began to slowly form .

After the formation of the complete flying sword, Yang Chen began to lay down his spiritual awareness imprints . Then began to use the Heavenly Refining Treasures Secret Art and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret Art . When he started the sacrificial refining, on each sacrificial refining First Layer, he used the Universe Treasure Raising Secret Art to maintain it .

At this point, the Penglai Divine Wood sword finally had the appearance of a flying sword and became an initial grade flying sword .

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