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Soon, Yang Chen had to quickly enter the state of cultivation. His master had already begun to work. If Yang Chen was half-hearted, it would only hurt the two people.

Gao Yue's heart was full of shock, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was so powerful that she could hardly believe it. The feeling of shock, with the work of Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra passed to her sea of consciousness, the feeling of embarrassment, almost made Gao Yue unable to concentrate.

How could Yang Chen's spiritual awareness be so powerful? This was a doubt that always haunts the heart of Gao Yue, but since the double cultivation with Yang Chen, Gao Yue understood that Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra was so strong, Yang Chen’s performance does not seem that surprising. After all, although this cultivation method was a double cultivation, it could be usually practiced by one person.

Usually Gao Yue would also practice this Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra to exercise her spiritual awareness, at this moment during the double cultivation, it was a little familiar and easy. Soon the two entered a mysterious realm.

Yang Chen's spiritual awareness that was skyrocketing in his sea of consciousness seemed to suddenly find a place to vent, madly rushed toward the sea of consciousness of ​​Gao Yue, and under the concerted efforts of the two, he quickly found a balance and started to calm down.

The unspeakable pleasure soon reappeared, this time the two together, this feeling seemed even more unstoppable. The two were immersed in the kind of silent joy, and they had been working hard. No one could bear to accept the work first, and soon entered a realm in which the two forgot everything.

It was not known how long it took. When the two people woke up at the same time, they had stopped cultivating with tacit understanding, Yang Chen realized that this time the double cultivation of the spiritual awareness had ended.

Reluctantly the two people together separated their forehead, Yang Chen also had an unforgettable aftertaste. Gao Yue opposite him was even more red, and her beautiful face was almost like dripping blood. She had such a shameful feeling with her own disciple, and it really made Gao Yue feel uncomfortable.

However, the troubles faced by Yang Chen soon made Gao Yue immediately start to care about Yang Chen “How do you feel now?” In the process of Gao Yue and Yang Chen double cultivation, it seemed that Gao Yue did not feel the big reduction of the spiritual awareness of Yang Chen. How big was the reduction, was completely different from the last time.

“It’s okay!” Yang Chen laughed, but there was a bit of bitterness in the laughter.

This time,during the dual cultivation of the spiritual awareness the improvement of Gao Yue Spiritual Awareness was once again risen to the peak of Jiedan stage. This time, it directly broke through the realm of Yuanying stage and arrived at the early Yuanying stage.

However, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness did not decrease much, but he returned to the peak of the middle Yuanying stage. Although for the time being, the problem was solved, but as long as Yang Chen absorbs a certain amount of fire seed, he would face the same problem immediately.

Gao Yue's thoughts were clear, especially when facing Yang Chen, who she was concerned about. At first glance, she saw the bitterness of Yang Chen, She couldn't help but frown and asked: "Is the effect of double cultivation not as good as the first time so obvious?”

Yang Chen nodded slightly and did not say anything. It seemed that they could only maintain this kind of spiritual power promotion for the first time. However, even if the spiritual power was improved, it would inevitably lead to the growth of the spiritual awareness. Was this seclusion to fail like this?

Gao Yue looked at Yang Chen's face and noticed that he had some discouragement. She frowned slightly again, but did not say a word, she did not know what he was pondering.

“Master’s spiritual awareness, has it already reached the realm of Yuanying?” After Yang Chen and Gao Yue double cultivation,he basically could feel the intensity of Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness, and asked in a loud voice.

“Well!” Gao Yue had just checked it. She was already in the early stages of the Yuanying realm, but she didn’t know what Yang Chen meant.

“There is a cultivation method. Master can try to cultivate it.” As he said, Yang Chen handed over a jade slip, and at the same time he sent it, there was also a jade bottle full of Talisman.

“Tenth Water True Secret Art?” Gao Yue was very casual to take a look at the jade with her spiritual awareness, and it gave her a big scare. This level of cultivation method, Gao Yue had of course heard of it, but there had never been a chance to actually see it. Yang Chen actually gave it to her, didn’t Yang Chen know that it was necessary to cultivate the Tenth Water True Secret Art with the Tenth Water True Essence?

Could it be that among the jade bottles, was the Tenth Water True Essence? As soon as this thought came out, Gao Yue's heart began to jump suddenly. If it was really a Tenth Water True Essence, then does it mean that she could already cultivate the Tenth Water True Secret Art?

The advantages of cultivating the Tenth Water True Secret Art, How can it be unclear? But she still couldn’t believed that she actually had such an opportunity.

“Master’s spiritual awareness has reached the realm of Yuanying, and naturally it is possible to control this Tenth Water True Secret Art.” Yang Chen did not have so much concealment, but continued to say: “As long as you cultivate this Tenth Water True Secret Art, Master is absolutely sure of reaching Solidifying Core in twenty years.”

The reason why it was given at this time was naturally because the spiritual awareness of Gao Yue before was too low to control the Tenth Water True Essence. Now that she had reached the realm of Yuanying, these were no longer problems. Yang Chen certainly had to give the best things to Master.

Unfortunately,he still does not know where to look for the  Ninth Water True Essence ,if Yang Chen just wanted to give it to his Master, it was impossible. Otherwise, the Ninth Water and Tenth Water Simultaneous Cultivation, the yin and yang were the same, and the power was higher.

Gao Yue nodded and knew that Yang Chen was telling the truth. Far beyond the current spiritual level of the spiritual awareness, and in addition to the Tenth Water True Essence and Tenth Water True Secret Art, the spiritual power here was sufficient, the achievements of Jiedan in 20 years was by no means empty talk.

Although her cultivation was no longer a problem, Gao Yue was still worried about Yang Chen's troubles. The second time,during the double cultivation of the spiritual awareness, the effect was not as good as the first time. In this way, Yang Chen would soon face the same trouble.

She wanted to solve this big trouble for Yang Chen. It seemed that there was no other way. She could only make the same idea as Gongsun Ling and retreat.

Thinking of this, Gao Yue's face suddenly appeared a smile. Gong Sunling also had a good impression on Yang Chen. She could also have a double cultivation with Yang Chen. The first double cultivation would definitely solve this trouble for Yang Chen. Although she don’t know if Yang Chen would encounter the same problem in the future, it seemed that Gao Yue has a kind of hunch. As long as Yang Chen was in the realm of Jiedan, all problems would be solved.

She made up her mind, and Gao Yue didn’t say much about it. She just planned how to go and say this thing to Gong Sunling.

It was strange to say that Gao Yue's own plan for this matter did not make her feel sorrowful in her heart. It seemed that as long as it was for Yang Chen,no matter how it made Gao Yue feel uncomfortable,she could also tolerate it.

She didn’t even know when she had such a mentality. Just knew that as long as Yang Chen was safe, everything was fine.

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