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Returning to the Pure Yang Palace from Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen finally solved the problem of being busy outside, after he greeted the Palace Master and ancestor Wang Yong, he was ready to retreat.

Before Yang Chen retired, the head of the palace sent people to send Yang Chen a batch of things, it was the fire seeds of all levels collected by the Pure Yang Palace in the past ten years.

Basically, they were all kinds of fire seed from First Grade to Third Grade Fire Seed. They were not particularly rare, but the number was quite a lot. There were already more than one hundred in this batch, plus the last time Yang Chen got it, now Yang Chen had more than two hundred kinds of First Grade to Third Grade Fire Seed on hand.

The location for the seclusion, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had already chosen it, in the middle of Bluevault Mountain Immortal’s Cave. For the time being, only the few of them could come in, and even the elders could not come in to cultivate. It was full of spirit power and safe and reliable, there was no better place for seclusion than this.

It was said that the three people would be in seclusion together, but the cultivation was still practiced by everyone separately. Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had each found a room, and they also chose a room for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen did not disrespect the good intentions of her Master and Senior sisters. Under their arrangement, they lived in the chosen place. Later, Yang Chen began to think about how to cultivate next, in order to get better results.

More than 200 kinds of low-grade flames, Yang Chen must absorb and fuse them. However, before that, it was necessary to first absorb these flames into the Profound Spirit Furnace, and once again improve the quality of the Profound Spirit Furnace.

Nowadays,when the Profound Spirit Furnace absorbs the fire seed, especially the low-grade fire seed , It was very easy. With the increase in rate of absorbing the fire seed, the grade of the Profound Spirit Furnace was getting higher and higher, and it was easier to collect the fire seed.

Almost at a speed of one a day, Yang Chen only spent about two hundred days, and all the low-level fires were absorbed into the Profound Spirit Furnace

With more than two hundred low-grade flames, the appearance of the Profound Spirit Furnace had changed again. The pale green Profound Spirit Furnace began to slowly turn into a light cyan, and at first glance, it was like a flame that burned to the extreme color.

Next, Yang Chen began to control the Profound Spirit Furnace to absorb the Earth Pole True Fire and Pure Flame True Fire. These two kinds of flames were the Fifth Grade flames of the same level as the True Sun Fire and the Moon True Fire, and could even melt the Cyan Crystal Profound Gold when it was absorbed, greatly improved the grade of the Profound Spirit Furnace.

It was estimated that the previous masters of the Profound Spirit Furnace were not like Yang Chen. When he ware still in the mortal world, they are almost unrestricted in absorbing flames. These flames add up before and after, which was enough to match the performance of his previous life.

The powerful fire control ability, coupled with the super-grade of the Profound Spirit Furnace, made Yang Chen only spend two months, and it was easy he could absorb the Earth Pole True Fire and Pure Flame True Fire into the Profound Spirit Furnace. At the same time, two small pieces of Cyan Crystal Profound Gold were added into the Profound Spirit Furnace, and finally they began to change again and became smooth and bright like ceramics.

After completing this step, it was close to one year. Next, Yang Chen did not directly absorb the flame to enhance the Third Fire Fourth Fire spirit power, but took the collected Tenth Water True Essence to begin to cultivate the Tenth Water True Secret Art.

There were merits, there was enough Tenth Water True Essence, the cultivating of the Tenth Water True Secret Art was really a matter of time for Yang Chen. Within a short period of half a year, Yang Chen would easily complete the Tenth Water True Secret Art.

Yang Chen had already cultivated the Fifth Earth True Secret Art, Seventh Metal True Secret Art. Although the Seventh Metal and Tenth Water were actually one Yin and one Yang. In fact, it did not achieve the perfect five-element effect.

However, even if it was so true, it was still easy to upgrade the Foundation Stage Fifth Layer Tenth Water spirit power, from the Foundation Stage Middle Stage to the late Foundation Stage Late Stage. At the same time, because of the amplification of other attributes and the increase in spirit power, the general improvement of a small level also entered the Foundation Stage Sixth Layer. The Seventh Metal spirit power directly rushed to the Foundation Stage Seventh Layer.

However, before the Third Fire Fourth Fire spirit power, it was several levels higher than other spiritual powers. This time, there was not much improvement. It was only raised to the peak of its original level, and there was only a small distance to enter the next level again.

At the moment of the completion of the Tenth Water True Secret Art, Yang Chen's Sea Of Consciousness began to change without a warning. The area had been directly expanded to 200 square meters. However, the original parts had not changed. What was more was a sea formed by the surrounding water, a sea completely composed of Tenth Water.

The long river of blood was also connected with the small ocean formed by the Tenth Water , but the two sides were not interfering with each other. One side was bloody, one side was light blue, and the border was very clear.

In this moment, his spiritual awareness also madly soared, and quickly broke through the level of the middle Yuanying stage, and entered the realm of the late Yuanying stage.

So far, among Yang Chen's Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art, there had been three successful completions, only seven types of which still needed to be added. Next, he should be able to absorb those fire seed and raise the level of his fire power.

After the realm was raised, Yang Chen did not rush to absorb the flame immediately, but consolidated it for a while at this level.

During this period of consolidation, Yang Chen did not waste time, but began to refine the Face Changing Pill. The Face Changing Pill was to be used by Wan Qian and his disciples. There were two other refined ones, but they were not enough. He needed to add a few.

The medicinal materials were all ready-made, and the profound spirit furnace had just been upgraded to the point where people could look up. For Yang Chen, refining and the Face Changing Pill was not difficulty at all. So that in order to test the Profound spirit furnace and his own alchemy level, Yang Chen would refine the Face Changing Pill and refine it to Three Revolutions.

Three Revolutions Face Changing Pill,would not have just the ability to change the appearance, even the body and temperament, could also change.

In order to make Blue Cloud Sect's people no longer recognize Wan Qian's apprentices, Yang Chen simply chose a completely opposite temperament. After Wan Qian's apprentices took the Three Revolutions Face Changing Pill and become six fascinating woman, their body would also become extremely hot, and completely different from the former disciples.

At first glance, it would be easy to think that Wan Qian and disciples were six Demon Sect females. Yang Chen also let Wan Qian’s five apprentices began to cultivate a Demon Path Formation called the Extreme Cheerful Beautiful Girls Formation, so that no one could recognize their true status.

After refining the medicinal pills, Yang Chen used his current cultivation base to illuminate the Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine sword and all the magic weapons that he could refine. All of them were refined according to the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend sacrificial refining. The time passed quickly.

After the consolidation of his cultivation base, Yang Chen finally began to prepare to absorb the newly collected fire seeds. As long as these fire seeds were absorbed and fused, the fire attribute spirit power would directly rush to the edge of the Solidifying Core.


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