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On the way to Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen carefully selected a batch of tea trees from the last year, and then picked the most tender young leaves, carefully fried in the Profound Spirit Furnace, made a Jade pot and stored it in it.

This was what Shi Shanshan liked, and Yang Chen did it without thinking.

Their reaction was exactly the same as the Blue Cloud Sect. After hearing the name of Yang Chen, the disciples guarding the entrance had a ghostly expression, which made Yang Chen feel funny.

Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan had a open Dao Companion relationships. Therefore, Yang Chen could also go greet Shi Shanshan without Shi Shanshan coming out of her residence.

Relatively speaking, Shi Shanshan who was in the Jiedan realm was able to control her emotions more than Gongsun Ling and Sun Qingxue who were in the foundation stage.

Seeing Yang Chen’s appearance, Shi Shanshan eyes just shined rays fiercely, and then it seemed like nothing. She was very casual to take off the veil on her face, and then calmly ushered Yang Chen into her living room.

Although Shi Shanshan's covered her emotions perfectly, Yang Chen found clues from the flash of her eyes. However, Yang Chen did not say anything about it, but he just calmly followed Shi Shanshan into the room and sat down.

Shi Shanshan was equally curious about Yang Chen's ability to survive, but her performance was not as urgent as Sun Qingxue's. But when Yang Chen talked about the thrilling events, Shi Shanshan couldn’t help but hold her breath. When he said that he finally escaped, Shi Shanshan suddenly took a sigh of relief.

“I found some things in the sea area and want to give you some to taste.” Yang Chen wouldn’t be so thick skinned, and he took out a large cup of the four seas mysterious coral liquid and sent it to Shi Shanshan.

“What is this? Four seas mysterious coral liquid?” Shi Shanshan, a Jiedan stage master, was obviously more knowledgeable than Sun Qingxue, and at a glance she recognized the thing in the jade cup.

The bonus was that Shi Shanshan yang qi was proficient, watching this big cup of four seas mysterious coral liquid, she could not help but be greatly shocked. The cup in front of her could be the net spend of some small martial art sect, it was very precious.

“The things outside of you don’t have to care about.” Yang Chen smiled and said “This is for you to drink, not to let you honour your master’s sect. You must know that some things are more troublesome.”

The trouble that Yang Chen said last time Shi Shanshan said that he was nothing more than a spear boat of the sect and personal opinion. Once the possession was too precious, causing the sect to covet it, it will lead to more incidents. Up to now, Shi Shanshan's ten thousand years spirit elixir has been planted in Yang Chen's medicinal garden.

At this point, Shi Shanshan herself was also very clear about it. Looking at Yang Chen's eager eyes, Shi Shanshan's heart became moved. Nothing was said and just she nodded and she said, "I will find time to drink."

With Shi Shanshan’s character, Yang Chen still knew that she would definitely keep her promise, otherwise it would not be because of a sentence at the time, that she was Yang Chen’s companion. Since Shi Shanshan said that she would drink it, Yang Chen of course believed her. Now the two were talking, and it seemed inappropriate to drink the four seas mysterious coral liquid now.

“This is a complete body of a Yuanying stage beast from a secret plane.” Yang Chen said,and took the last big body of the praying mantis out “Refining it into a puppet is good for self-defense. "

Looking at the body of this powerful Yuanying stage Yao beast, Shi Shanshan did not show a surprised look, but turned and asked “was it discovered together with Little Xue?”

“Yes!” Yang Chen did not hide it, nodded directly and admitted. This things were so popular, Yang Chen couldn’t hide it. Moreover, Yang Chen didn’t think about cheating on Shi Shanshan.

“You are giving it to me? Don’t you want to give it to your sect?” Shi Shanshan looked at Yang Chen unexpectedly, and seemed to be surprised at his attitude toward his sect.

“I have left enough for the sect, this is for you.” Yang Chen smiled and did not explain too much,and just simply said.

“Thank you!” Shi Shanshan’s feeling at the moment had always been faint, Even the thank you, it was also very friendly.

Although the words were not so enthusiastic, but still accepted the good intentions of Yang Chen. Yang Chen did not care too much about this.

Finally, Yang Chen took out the tea that he had carefully baked on the road and sent it to Shi Shanshan: “This should be the taste you like, but it is more refined than the last time.”

This time, Shi Shanshan’s performance was no longer so dull, and her face clearly shows a happy look. It seemed that this pot of tea was more moving to her than the jade cup of the four seas mysterious coral liquid and the body of the Yuanying stage beast.

Yang Chen began to think that it was Shi Shanshan’s preference, so it would be like this. But he soon understood that this was not because Shi Shanshan liked this tea so she was happy, but because Yang Chen remembered her preference and specially prepared something suitable for her taste. This kind of heartfelt gesture was the key to making her happy.

Remembering what Shi Shanshan wanted,made Shi Shanshan happier more than giving her those precious things. After understand this, Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He still saw Shi Shanshan’s simplicity. His previous life Shi Shanshan who was well-known as the Three Realms Cold Plum Fairy Maiden,where was that vulgar person.

Yang Chen was happy, and directly asked to Shi Shanshan “Is there a suitable instrument, I accidentally got a good Spirit Spring, try it for the tea?”

Shi Shanshan really shined in front of his eyes, quickly took out her full set of tea sets, and also took out a wooden barrel. Yang Chen put the Spirit Spring water in a shallow bucket. Then, just like in the shuttle in the past, he sat quietly and watched Shi Shanshan start to boil the water.

After a while, Yang Chen had a cup of fragrant tea in his hand. After sniffing the smelly cup, Yang Chen took the teacup and took a sip.

This time, the tea was more delicious than in the shuttle. The tea leaves was also hot, Yang Chen also carefully baked it, the Spirit Spring was more suitable than steamed sea spring water. The taste of the tea was even more wonderful.

During the process of enjoying the tea, the action of the two seemed to be a more tacit understanding, the atmosphere was also a lot more harmonious, there was no smalltalk.

Although the two just tasted the fragrant tea silently, it was better than having conversation for a long time. Without a word, it was worth a thousand words.

No one wanted to speak, for fear of destroying this rare atmosphere. After Yang Chen finished the small cup, Shi Shanshan was very diligent to give Yang Chen another cup.

However, when the tea was finished, there was no way for two people to sit together and drink tea.

“I am going to go back to seclusion.” Putting down the teacup, Yang Chen finally said “My cultivation base is too bad, this time without reaching Solidifying Core, i am not going to come out.”

“I will be waiting for you!” Shi Shanshan seems to be indifferent to Yang Chen’s words. But the words she said were sufficient to show her attitude.

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