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Chapter 265
In order to be on the safe side, on this trip they even went with the body of the old tree demon, to ensure that when collecting the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave, they would never be disturbed and obstructed, if necessary, the Pure Yang Palace does not mind once again showing the determination of the Pure Yang Palace .

Everyone was riding Yang Chen’s shuttle, and knew that Yang Chen’s shuttle was very fast, but no one had ever ex­pe­ri­enced this flying magic weapon that was faster than everyone’s flying sword . Fortunately, Yang Chen’s shuttle was big enough to hold many of them .

When they were approaching the Blue Vault Mountain, the eight Yuanying stage praying mantis puppets and the eight peak Yuanying stage masters directly exterminated the monsters above the Jindan period in the surrounding thousand li waters .

The masters of the Pure Yang Palace, regardless of the indulgence, as long as the more than the level of the monsters appeared in this range, they were all considered to be enemies obstructing the Im­mor­tal’s Cave,and all were killed, none could escape . At the same time, it was also a process in which the elders and their respective monsters should be properly trained .

Until all the surrounding climate monsters were wiped out, the people were concentrated on the island where the Blue Vault Moun­tain was located, waiting for Yang Chen to open the Im­mor­tal’s Cave .

Although he had already heard about the situation of the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave, Yang Chen was completely shocked by this complete cave when the people actually entered the dwelling place of Bud­dhist im­mor­tals .

There was sufficient spiritual power, large space, strict grading, enough monsters to support around, clear safety zone, full-featured sect architecture, everything showed that this was a perfect sect dwelling place of Buddhist immortals .

The scale was ten times larger compared with the scope of the present Meiqing Moun­tain range, and it still had a separate area . If added up, it was enough to add up to dozens of Meiqing Moun­tains .

There was such a dwelling places of Bud­dhist im­mor­tals, even if the scale of the current Pure Yang Palace was ten times larger, it was still more than enough .

The powerful protective array formation around the Im­mor­tal’s Cave, it was not knwon how many times it was stronger compared to the mountain guarding formation of the Meishan Mountain . The spiritual power expenditure of the protective array formation, was enough to match the current spiritual power expenditure of the entire Meiqing Mountain . The two sides were not at all on the same level .

Even if there were dozens of Tenth Water Yin Thun­der explosions like what Liang Shaoming did, it would never hurt the cave . In order to test, before entering, Yang Chen even let Gui Shanyou attack the outside of the Im­mor­tal’s Cave once with full power, and the Im­mor­tal’s Cave did not change at all . The strength of the protection was evident .

This time the old tree demon was there, and finally some peo­ple entered the sect of the dacheng stage masters . What surprised everyone was that a large number of jade slips were also found in the palaces of the dacheng stage masters .

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The jade slips obtained were directly handed over to Yang Chen, and after he had read it first, he would classify into other categories and classify it into the Pure Yang Palace Hid­den Pavil­ion . Some important cul­ti­va­tion method, similar to the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique, even must be­long to Se­cret Pavil­ion .

After a simple visit to the Im­mor­tal’s Cave, apart from Yang Chen and the old tree demon, headed by the head of the palace, the people began to collect the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave according to the method described Yang Chen on the jade slips .

The Im­mor­tal’s Cave was originally a magic weapon of the heavenly level . As long as they had strong strength and correct methods, it could be gathered . Even so, the process of gathering would continue for a full three months before it was finalized .

It was only this process of collecting, and when it was all completed, the hands-on eight Yuanying stage masters, were invariably aware of the improvement of their cultivation base .

A dwelling place of Bud­dhist im­mor­tals level magic weapon was collected and distributed to the body of eight Yuanying stage masters . If it was for a person, it may be possible to directly upgrade Zhu Chentao, who had the shortest time to enter the Yuanying stage, to the peak Yuanying stage .

This was an upgrade, and the collective level of the Pure Yang Palace was once again raised to a small level . Wang Yong, who was the strongest, had even reached the limit of the peak stage . As long as the time was right, he could enter the dacheng stage .

The group of people once again happily returned to the Meiqing Mountain by Yang Chen’s shuttle, but this time, except for the Yuanying stage masters and the old tree demon of the Pure Yang Palace, the younger disciples all returned, namely Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, these people who have been to the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave .

Although there was no exclusive place of cultivation for the time being, for Gao Yue and Gong Sunling, it seemed that being with Yang Chen was enough . Moreover, some of them were still able to ask the Palace Mas­ter to allow them to enter the Im­mor­tal’s Cave to cultivate at any time, without hindering them .

Yang Chen also said to the head of the palace, all the pieces of magic weapons found in the Im­mor­tal’s Cave would all be given to him . Those were the most suitable food sources for Xiao Tian(heavenly roar) .

The existence of the Im­mor­tal’s Cave was the highest secret of the Pure Yang Palace for the time being . The entrance was in the hands of the master of the palace . If the master of the palace was in trouble, it was Wang Yong who would be in charge of the control .

Next, the Pure Yang Palace would establish a set of rules to discern the loyalty of the disciples . Only those loyal disciples would have the opportunity to enter the Im­mor­tal’s Cave to cultivate .

Of course, they would declare to the outside that this was a branch of the Pure Yang Palace’s Se­cret Pavil­ion, and other sects would never see the flaws . After all, a secret pavilion of a sect was their highest secret . Except for the suc­ces­sive Palace Masters, other people couldn’t know the whole picture .

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When returning to the Meiqing Mountain, Hall Master Xu Chengxin had already contacted the wine immortal . To his surprise, when he only said to the wine immortal that the Pure Yang Palace had prepared the Jade Dragon Wine, less than half a month later, Senior Jiu Xian rushed over with with light­ning speed,he personally arrive at the Meishan Mountain with dust all over him .

The wine immortal almost without thinking provided the news of another kind of fire seed that Yang Chen wanted, directly changed to four hundred pounds of jade dragon wine, and then sipped some on the spot . The fascinating taste was simply unbelievable, making peo­ple un­able to be­lieve sim­ply that this was a Yuanying stage ancestor .

The cooperation was very smooth . After drinking the jade dragon wine ,Yang Chen’s personally brewed auxiliary wine, Senior Jiu Xian could no longer bear the inferior wines that he used to drink . He was tied to the pirate ship by Yang Chen . The scene made Xu Chengxin For­eign Af­fairs Hall Hall Mas­ter feel very sad and pitiful .

The cooperation between the wine immortal and other Sect aris­to­cratic fam­i­lies had never been so cheap, so that Xu Chengxin, the master who knew the rules of Senior Jiu Xian, couldn’t even believe that the conditions of cooperation were so simple, using the news to exchange for the Jade Dragon Wine . ? If he had not previously dealt with the wine immortal, he might suspect that Senior Jiu Xian was fake .

Finally, Hall Mas­ter Xu knew the depths, and did not dare to take the initiative to try the jade dragon wine, otherwise if he were to be addicted like the wine immortal, it would be a bit troublesome .

At this point, for the time being, Yang Chen could do little for the Pure Yang Palace . Yang Chen also reported his recent plan to the head of the palace, and after visiting Fairy Shi and Fairy Xue, he would go into seclusion with his master and senior sister .

The high-level members of the Pure Yang Palace’s current attitude toward Yang Chen was that as long as it does not involve the safety of Yang Chen, it would be accurate and would not be asked .

They heard that Yang Chen would visit Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect, when he told the palace master . He only said “Take Yu Kui and Xie Sha with you and come back early!”making the people flabbergasted

Yang Chen returned from overseas, it was necessary to explain the misunderstanding with Blue Cloud Sect, so as to avoid any unnecessary associations between Blue Cloud Sect . Therefore, Yang Chen’s first stop was Blue Cloud Sect .

Because the secrets of the gathering of the Immortal’s Cave, the news of Yang Chen’s return was strictly blocked inside the Pure Yang Palace . After removing Liang Shaoming the traitor, in the recent period, the sect’s control of their disciples reached a new height . In the sect, all the disciples that saw Yang Chen,almost all of them were told to block the news of Yang Chen’s return .

The Blue Cloud Sect naturally couldn’t know too much detailed news . When Yang Chen appeared at the Blue Cloud Sect’s entrance, the new guarding disciple who had seen Yang Chen had a ghostly expression . Still under the reminder of Yang Chen, he just remembered to report to the sect .

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Yang Chen was an esteemed guest of the Blue Cloud Sect, and naturally he could enter the sect without notice . Yang Chen was also not polite and went straight to Sun Qingxue’s residence . When Sun Qingxue received the news, Yang Chen had already appeared in front of her .

“Yang Da Ge!” When she saw Yang Chen’s appearance, Sun Qingxue couldn’t control her emotions . She didn’t know want to do, she rushed to Yang Chen’s arms and burst into tears . Her performance was exactly like that of Gongsun Ling .

Sun Qingxue, who was covered in veil and dressed in white mourning clothes, had also lost weight in recent years . She made a of ruthlessness of the man who harassed him, giving her the name of a snow fairy . Who thought it was this little girl who felt that she was dragging down Yang Chen, and she worked hard, and got involved in killing, so she would be so powerful .

However, the situation at the time did not have anything to do with Sun Qingxue . It’s just that the little girl thought that the sect couldn’t stop the chasing of the dacheng stage Luo Yuan, so the little girl blamed herself . In fact, Sun Qingxue was stunned by Yang Chen, was there was nothing that could stop Yang Chen . ?

The practice of mourning made Yang Chen particularly moved . Therefore, Yang Chen also actively hugged Sun Qingxue’s waist and softly comforted her . After a long time, Sun Qingxue calmed down .

After Sun Qingxue stabilized her emotions, she suddenly realized that her master and the Sovereign had already arrived at her courtyard , and they were smiling at her and Yang Chen from not far away . The little girl could no longer suppress her shyness when she saw that they arrived, and turned and fled back to the house .

Blue Cloud Sect Sect Master Lu received the news and came over . It was a shock to him how Yang Chen escaped from Luo Yuan’s hands . Secondly, he wanted to completely eliminate the misunderstandings of the Blue Cloud Sect, Yang Chen and Pure Yang Palace .

At that time, Yang Chen just flew over and let Sun Qingxue down . There was nothing said at all . The Blue Cloud Sect and others did not know what happened .

Luo Yuan broke two big guardian formations, but left a name . When Yang Chen escaped, he immediately chased after him, and the speed was fast and unparalleled . Even if the Blue Cloud Sect wanted to do something, at that time, the speed of the several masters who were present could not catch up . It was not the inaction of the Blue Cloud Sect .

Yang Chen certainly knew the situation at the time . In fact, if Sun Qingxue was not there, Yang Chen would not lead Luo Yuan to the Blue Cloud Sect . His original intention at the time was the safety of Sun Qingxue, instead of bringing the strong enemy to the Blue Cloud Sect to kill him .

Moreover, in the position of the Blue Cloud Sect, there was no obligation to take the cause and effect for Yang Chen in that situation . After all, he was not a disciple of this sect .

Neither side had the idea of ​​taking the opportunity to course troubles, and the natural communication was very harmonious . Moreover, the Blue Cloud Sect’s practice of compensating the Pure Yang Palace was also very appropriate, and they fully realized that they could not hold the apology of Yang Chen under the circumstances . Soon, Yang Chen reached an understanding on behalf of the Pure Yang Palace and the Blue Cloud Sect .

Next, naturally, Sun Qingxue asked Yang Chen about the situation at the time . Sect Master Lu and Elder Hua Wanting were equally curious . How did a junior who was in the foundation stage escape under the chase of a master of the late dacheng stage? When they thought about it, there seemed to be only one possibility, that was, Yang Chen surrendered, and Luo Yuan was mag­nan­i­mous so he let him go, nothin more .

When Yang Chen told his own situation at the time, it made everyone stunned . Yang Chen actually relied on a flying magic weapon . It was hard to bring a master of the late dacheng stage to a monster beast that was going to face tribulation, causing the two sides to fight and then he quietly fled . This was simply unbelievable .

Of course, Yang Chen did not say things that were too much related to Lan Ying . He only said that after the two sides fought, they did not pay attention to a little shrimp like him and he escaped smoothly . But even so, it was enough to cause the shock of Sect Mas­ter Lu and Elder Hua . Their sect disciples in the foundation stage were not as heaven de­fy­ing as Yang Chen .

Since Yang Chen returned safely, Sun Qingxue also removed the veil and no longer appeared in white . Yang Chen was in front of Sect Mas­ter Lu and Elder Hua, he did not conceal his own plans . He told them that he would go into seclusion after going back and attack the Jiedan stage .

“Yang Da Ge, when you reach the Jiedan stage, I will also achieve Jiedan!” After more than ten years of tempering, coupled with the effect of the four seas mysterious coral liquid, Sun Qingxue’s cultivation base grew as­ton­ish­ingly . When she heard that Yang Chen wanted to retreat . Now, she immediately expressed her willingness to follow Yang Chen’s cultivation base growth .

Sect Mas­ter Lu and Elder Hua looked at Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue’s cultivation base which were quite similar, and they even go along with each other . Even Elder Hua said that this time she would also give strong guidance to Sun Qingxue .

This meeting completely wiped out the possible cracks in the relationship of the Pure Yang Palace and Blue Cloud Sect, and both sides were happy . The sect was happy, Yang Chen was happy, Sun Qingxue was more happy, there was no more perfect result than this .

“Have you looked for elder sister Shanshan!” When Yang Chen planned to leave, it was very unexpected that Sun Qingxue actually urged Yang Chen to look for Shi Shanshan “Sis­ter Shan­shan was very sad after hearing about your issues . She was covered with a veil to mourn for you . It was the first time I saw Sis­ter Shan­shan crying . ”

Dod Shi Shanshan actually cry for him? Yang Chen’s heart had mixed feelings,and did not know how to express this feelings . However, he was going to look for Shi Shanshan,this was not a problem .

Whether it was Sun Qingxue or Shi Shanshan, even Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen found that he could not be cruel-hearted and reject them, which made Yang Chen very confused, he did not know what to do .

The figure in his mind that brewed tea on the shuttle became suddenly clear and seemed to be lingering .

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