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Du Qian, Shangguan Feng, Wang Yuan and the four former slaves all drank the four seas mysterious coral liquid, and should have woken up at this time.

This time, Yang Chen did not visit them one by one, but let people invite them to his small courtyard.

After drinking the four seas mysterious coral liquid, everyone had found the changes in their body, to Yang Chen, everyone was even more grateful. It seemed that apart from Shangguan Feng and Ho Lin, others were not very clear about what they were drinking.

“Yang Chen, what was it that we drunk?” Du Qian and Yang Chen’s relationship was established when they entered the division. He was also Yang Chen’s Senior brother, and with Yang Chen he did not have so much politeness, after he saw Yang Chen, he just asked directly.

“A little bit of four seas mysterious coral liquid only.” Yang Chen replied with an understatement.

Despite guessing the answer, Shangguan Feng and Ho Lin still exclaimed. The Other had insufficient knowledge in this area. They didn’t feel how it was. When they heard the exclamation of the two people, it didn't feel right. They rushed to ask the two people what it was.

After hearing Ho Lin's answer, the group of people were directly stunned. These precious things, whether used for alchemy or refining, were the best products that made people shake their heads. They were actually drunk by them.

“These have some small benefits for the body, and they are also helpful for everyone’s future cultivation.” Yang Chen’s face still had a superficial smile, as if it was just a trivial matter: “My friends are not many, what are these benefits?Of course, I have to think about everyone.”

The few in front of him, when dealing with the Luo family, were the most powerful ones, Yang Chen certainly would not overlook it.

Even if Yang Chen said this, everyone thought that the gift was too heavy, and everyone wanted to thank him, but they were stopped by Yang Chen.

“You all wanted justice for me, what can this things be considered as?” Yang Chen directly waved his hand “No matter what, everyone will have to improve their cultivation first. Senior brother Du, will you soon reach Solidifying Core?”

“Well.” Du Qian nodded. “I did not have much confidence originally. Now that you have this, it is definitely no problem.”

Simple meeting, Yang Chen did not reveal much, just let everyone cultivate more in the near future. Everyone understood everything, so no one asked. After bidding farewell to Yang Chen, they return to their residences and started seclusion.

Next, Yang Chen went to Qiao Ming, the Fierce Yang Hall master. The Fierce Yang Hall was now in a decline form, and Qiao Ming did not support Yang Chen on many things, but he also gave a lot of care. There were benefits, Yang Chen would not forget to give some to his own Hall Master.

Qiao Ming also got a praying mantis corpse, and this actually surprised Qiao Ming. In particular, Yang Chen directly sent Qiao Ming two Thunderbolt Pomegranate, so that when Qiao Ming was crossing his thunder tribulation one day, if he was not sure, he could use it to absorb the tribulation, it made Qiao Ming delighted.

These two gifts, no matter which one, made him very surprised. Qiao Ming, who was not very good among the hall masters, had an indescribable confidence almost instantly. Confidence with foundation was a precursor to the rapid advancement.

Fifteen praying mantis corpses,the Yuanying stage masters refined eight, and Yu Kui and Xie Sha ate two, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling took two, Qiao Ming here took one,now there were two left.

Xu Chengxin, the head of the Foreign Affairs Hall, was also one of the people who was a strong support for Yang Chen. Yang Chen also would treat the same person importantly, and then went directly to Hall Master Xu,he also sent a praying mantis corpse and Thunderbolt Pomegranate. At the same time that Xu Chengxin was overjoyed, he was naturally grateful to Yang Chen, and at the same time, his confidence was multiplied.

The rest of the praying mantis corpse, Yang Chen thought about it, decided to keep it first. When he went to see Shi Shanshan,he would see if she wanted it.

The movement of the Palace Master and several elders was quick, and it took only one month to complete the process of refining the puppets. After all, Yuanying stage master was a master of the Yuanying stage , and they had a natural advantage over the foundation stage and the Jiedan stage.

"Palace Master, this disciple has something he forgot to report.” After calling Yang Chen, everyone was ready to go, Yang Chen seemed to be very embarrassed and said to the Palace Master.

The Palace Master had already raised his eyes and stared, and several other elders were like a laughing but had a stunned look. It was true that Yang Chen's performance was too frustrating.

"The disciple accidentally got some distiller’s yeasts and prepared some fine wines and called it jade dragon wine." Yang Chen from the Qiankun bag, suddenly pulled out hundreds of wine jars and placed them in the discussion hall.

On the way during Luo Yuan's chase, Yang Chen did not dare to cultivate, but sitting in the shuttle, and there was nothing else to do, naturally using the wine-making equipment and raw materials bought from the blue cloud sect, and using that vein of spiritual spring he began to brew some auxiliary wine.

During the process of making the wine, he was not afraid of being interrupted by Luo Yuan. It was better than not cultivating. Yang Chen had brewed tens of thousands of pounds along the way. Up to now, there were almost seven or eight years of maturity, and the worst was five or six years. If he drank it alone, he would definitely have it for numerous years, but he would still have more than enough wine to spare.

Next, Yang Chen said the agreement between himself and Jiu Xian. While talking about it, he was still thinking about it, he knew that Jiu Xian only had a few hundred pounds of the jade dragon wine. It had been more than ten years, it was estimated that he had already consumed all of it. If it was addictive, he really don't know how to solve it.

The news of the Wine Immortal House, the master of the palace and the elders were of course clear about it. However, the timely news of Wine Immortal House was not cheap, and it was not a small price to pay. Now they heard that Yang Chen only used some wines to reach an agreement with the wine immortal. Several high-level executives couldn't help but be surprised with an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

It was of course beneficial to cooperate with the Wine Immortal House, and there was no doubt about this. This matter was a small surprise for everyone.

It's just that Yang Chen's Heaven Defying luck made everyone had some feelings of not knowing what to say. When he casually got something, it was a Sect Immortal’s Cave, a secret key, or a peerless wine that made the wine immortal covet it, what else could they say?

Of course, no one was jealous. The key to the secret plane, the wine immortal had it for many years, but he did not know that it was the key to the secret plane,when it arrived in the hands of Yang Chen,he immediately recognized it, this was not luck, this was a super knowledge. The reputation of Yang Chen's love of books was already thoroughly heard. Almost everything could be explained with this.

This opportunity the palace master would certainly not waste it, and immediately found the Foreign Affairs Hall Master Xu Chengxin and him responsible for this matter.

Pure Yang Palace moved up and down, because of Yang Chen’s return,which was a thriving scene. The high-ranking Yuanying stage masters had finished their preparation and were ready, they were planning to go out to gather the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave.


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